Standing by or waiting at your back door

All this time how could you not know baby

You belong with me

You belong with me

Jame's POV

When I turn around, I can't help but ask myself if I have gone to heaven. I then realize I haven't since Sirius is still standing next to me.

There in front of me stands Lily Evans, my best friend, the girl I mistook for an angel.

Her usual wavy hair is curlier then usual. She has on a cream colored dress that reaches the ground. She looks like a goddess. She looks beautiful. Her emerald green eyes are brought out by some makeup she is wearing. Her lips look more full and kissable.

The only thing I can manage to do is nod when she tells me it's time. I hold out my hand for her to take. When I touch her hand, I can't help but feel this kind of tingly feeling going through my arm to all my body. I wonder if she felt it too.

We walk into the middle of the dance floor and get ready. I put my hand on her waist while she puts her arm on my shoulder and I hold her other hand. The music begins and we begin to dance. The only thing we aren't doing is staring at each other. Well, at least, she isn't.

While we dance I can't help but think how stupid I am and have always been. I wonder if my glasses have been working these past months because I feel like I've been blind too long and only now have I regained my sight. How could I have never noticed her before? How could I have missed it? But then I think back and know that I never missed anything. I just lied to myself because I wanted to feel better. But now I know.

I think back to all those shared moments and I realize I never stopped liking her. I deluded myself into thinking I liked her as a friend because I thought that was all we could be. But no. We could have started earlier. We just lost time. And all because I was a coward. I'm starting to question the sorting hat. I remember all the times I knew she was there but chose to ignore them. For example…


When she witnessed one of my arguments with Meagan... I saw how worried she was. I could have stayed with her and not gone after Meagan. But instead I went after Meagan because I was afraid that if I was single, I would start to think about Lily again and I would have hated to ruin our friendship.

Or the time when I went into her room and found her working on homework… She welcomed me in and made me feel comfortable in my own skin; something that Meagan never was able to do. We talked and joked. And when she looked me in the eyes, I could have lost myself in her green depths. But I broke contact because I was afraid. And tried to change the topic only to get more confused about my feelings towards her. Why? Because I found many things we have in common like the same taste in music. And I found another thing I liked about her, other then her eyes, was her laugh.

Or the time of our first quidditch game of the year… She was wearing a huge shirt, jeans, and face paint. I loved her enthusiasm and her pride. Another thing I found we had in common was our Gryffindor pride. And Meagan was behind her. I can't help but say Meagan did look hot (after all, I am a boy) but Lily looked beautiful. Now imagine if she were to wear what Meagan was wearing. I know. WOW.

When Meagan kissed me, in my mind it was not Meagan who I was kissing passionately but Lily. After the kiss ended, when I went to the pitch, I couldn't help but feel confused as to why I was thinking about Lily when I kissed Meagan. I tried to make myself feel better by blowing kisses to Meagan but all the while I couldn't stop looking at Lily.

And when we won and Meagan ran and kissed me, I felt something. Meagan kissed me, not with passion, but with possessiveness. This confused me.

At the party, I did all things a boyfriend should do but I couldn't help but feel like something was missing.

Or the time when I saw Lily sitting under a tree by the lake reading… Her hair caught the sunlight showing all the different shades of red that combined, make that unique hair color only she possesses. I sat with her and joked with her a while. She said something I had to strain my ears to hear but when I did, I couldn't help but agree. This sure was easy. Too bad I couldn't take the hint of how good being with her was and instead I went back to Meagan.

Or the time when she tried to make me smile after another fight with Meagan… Unfortunately, she knows me too well and asked me what was wrong. I knew she worried about me so I lied and told her it was just quidditch. She started joking with me again but meanwhile I was thinking back to my argument with Meagan. Meagan said she didn't trust me with Lily. I didn't even trust myself with her. And to top it all off, when I was about to enter my room I heard her whisper and question why I was with Meagan. All night, I asked myself that same question until I realized I was with her to forget Lily.

Or the time when I was about to leave on a date with Meagan… Meagan looked very good. But Lily looked better with her baggy clothes and messed up bun. She looked sexy. She looked disheveled making me want to jump her. But I didn't and instead turned my attention to Meagan because I remembered the topic of our last argument. Instead I forced myself to prove her wrong about Lily and gave Meagan my full attention.

Or right after my date with Meagan… I remember my date not turning out so well. It ended early because of our argument. I went to my old dormitory to talk to the guys. After I talked with them, I went back to my dorm room but somehow ended knocking on her door. When she opened the door, her hair was all tangled and she was wearing the most innocent pajamas making me wonder for a moment what she was hiding. I shook my head and instead went in and proceeded to tell her about what happened with Meagan and I. She listened and volunteered to help clear thing up. I thanked her for her help. When she replied back, I noticed her voice crack as if she was forcing herself to say something but dismissed it as something due to our lack of sleep. We stayed up late talking and having fun. When we were both about to fall dead asleep, I stupidly asked if I could sleep with her because I was too lazy to move. Good thing she said no because who knows what would have happened.

~~~~Flashback Over~~~~

And I am now back to this moment. I am dancing with Lily Evans and she still hasn't looked up at me.

I never stopped liking her. Instead, by becoming her friend, I got to know her very well. My attraction for her grew because of that. I am kind of glad though because if we hadn't become friends, I wouldn't have known her at all and just assumed things about her. So now I've made my choice because I have this feeling that she feels the same way I feel and that I should act on it.

The song just ended changing to a new one in which couples begin to join in filling up the dance floor. All of a sudden, Lily lets go and runs out of the Great Hall, leaving me there standing frozen on the spot until I regain my senses and follow after her. I look for her everywhere inside and start to panic because I can't find her. But then I realize I haven't looked outside.

I find her outside in the courtyard sitting on a bench. She is trembling and her cheeks are pink because of the cold while her hair flails in the wind. I go up to her and put my coat around her shoulders to warm her up. She looks up at me with her beautiful eyes.

"What are you doing out here?" she asks.

"I was looking for you. The party is not complete without the head girl."

"Oh" is the only thing she can reply before turning away.

I sit close to her to warm myself up and begin talking.

"Lily, I need to apologize to you… I should apologize for being with Meagan."

At this point she is looking at me.

"I shouldn't have been with her because all this time, I didn't want to be with her but with someone else. Over this period of time, I got to know you and realized that the person I only wanted to be with was you. And I was wondering if you wanted to be with me too."

When I turn to make sure she is still listening, I am caught by surprise by her lips. She kissed me. Hmmm heaven. Her lips are soft, full, and taste like strawberries. I feel a sense of euphoria while kissing her. I feel like home. The kiss is slow yet full of love. We kiss for who knows how long but I don't think it's long enough.

She is smiling when we part and reaches her hand to touch my lips. She rubs her thumb over them. "You have lip-gloss all over you lips."

While she concentrates on cleaning my lips I look at her and notice things I've never noticed before. I notice a few freckles she has on her nose, her eyes are shining with happiness, and her lips are parted. But instead of kissing her like I want to, I tell her "you never answered my question."

"You never asked a question." She has this sparkle in her eyes and I know she knows what I am talking about. She just wants me to say it again. I can't help but laugh.

"You are right. Ok then… Would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?"

"Yes. It would be my pleasure."

I lean in to capture her lips once more. This time we kiss with more passion. I put a hand on her waist to hold her close and another at her hair. I move my head to the side to get a better access at her lips. My hands are on her waist bringing her closer to me while her hands are in my hair. As soon as she touches my hair with her fingers, she sends waves of pleasure from my head to all my body. We devour each other for many minutes before having to pause for air and that is when she notices we are still outside.

"Oh James. You must be freezing. Here have your coat."

I stand up and pull her up with me. "I have a better idea. Why don't we both wear it." I put my coat over the both of us while wrapping my arms around her. "Let's go inside and celebrate."

"Ok but won't Lindsey be mad at seeing us together?"

Oh, Lily, always worrying about others, one of the many things I love about her. I pause and realize what I have just thought.

"I love you." I freeze at the realization of what I have just said out loud.

"I love you too." She says back making me smile like a lunatic.

We kiss once more but unfortunately have to part because the wind has picked up speed making us aware of our surroundings.

Have you ever thought just maybe

You belong with me

You belong with me

"Come on. Let's go inside before we freeze. And Lindsey won't be mad. She just came with me to be near Sirius so don't worry. She can't be with me. "

"Okay then. Let's go. After all, you belong with me."

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