"It's not a date Don." Harry said with raised eyebrows waiting for his friend's reply.

"Ah, why would you bring me?" He evaded trying to think about what his friend had asked of him.

"Well, you are one of my best friends. Aunt liked you and she would have invited you herself but I said I would ask if you would come with me as my guest." Harry looked at his watch, "Look no pressure. It's not for another month and a half. It's been arranged for my usual days off so it would be a quick overnight trip and then after the ceremony we can fly back."

He turned and began walking away and Don watched still at a loss about the question. Completely out of left, he thought with wide eyes. He sighed and turned back to the crap on his desk. He had just finished one case, but there were still others that he had to work and then there were plenty of past ones that he had to clear off or finish the paper work for. Really it had been a good thing that he had been sitting when Harry had asked him.

"My aunt's getting married to Remus. Do you want to come with me to her wedding?"

Not a date...he shook his head determined to concentrate on something other than the intense green eyed gaze behind wire frames.