Three years ago, I lost my world and family to the darkness. Now I find myself living with a kind king and queen in their castle with their friends.

Well, queen and friends. Just this morning, the king disappeared, making us wonder just how much the worlds are in danger. Luckily, the king left us a letter explaining that we have to find a 'key' and save the worlds from being swallowed by darkness, just like mine.

So here we are in our current situation. Donald Duck, the king's Mage, was navigating the gummi ship toward a world known as Traverse Town, where the letter said we must look for a man named Leon who would help us. Goofy, the king's knight, was in control of watching out for any dangers such as heartless gummis.

My job was to accompany and help these two. In addition, I would've begged anyway because I have a promise to keep.

Yep. Due to the circumstances of me sort of waking up with a broken leg and arm, I was stopped from traveling the worlds to find my dear friends and brothers. I have only two brothers, one being my adoptive cousin. Well, technically my brother and I are both the adoptive.

The younger of my brothers, but still slightly older than me, is named Naruto Uzumaki. The last time I saw him, he was a blonde-haired-blue-eyed-twelve-year-old, and an inch shorter than me. Don't get me wrong, anything can happen in three years.

My oldest brother is named Keiichiro Fuyukazu Namikaze. He stood about 8 inches taller than me, and was about twenty years old the last time I actually saw him. Who knows if he grew taller, his golden-grey eyes changed, or if his long black/blue hair is still kept in a hair tie with his choppy bangs in his face?

They were about the only family I have, because our parents died in a war with the demon kyuubi. In the end, the kyuubi was sealed inside of Naruto. I don't blame him though.

"We're here!" Donald yelled in his funny little voice. Both Goofy and I nodded and followed the white duck off the ship.

A yellow colored dog, Pluto, stood ahead of us. Goofy stopped and admired the town then looked up to get a view of the clear sky.

"Gawrsh! Look! A star's blinkin' out!" He suddenly exclaimed. Donald made some sort of noise of surprise while I gawked at the now black place where a bright star stood moments ago.

"We have to hurry!" My voice cracked a bit before looking toward my two companions. They nodded and started walking in a slightly faster pace.

Pluto started to sniff the street before running off to an alleyway.

"Pluto, oh Pluto!" Goofy called out to the dog.

"Ah just leave him you big palooka!" Donald replied a bit harshly.

"You guys go on ahead. I'll catch up with you guys later 'kay?" Without waiting for a reply, I ran off toward the accessory shop I saw when we first came into the town.

Hmmmm? Something wet was tickling my face.

"Hmmmmmm? Oh . . . What a dream . . . " I opened my eyes to see a large yellow dog on top of me. I looked around for a moment, finally realizing that I wasn't in my bed at home.

"Huh? What? Where are we boy? Can you help me?" I looked at the dog then stood up. The yellow canine lifted an ear, as if listening to something, then ran off, out of the alleyway that I woke up in.

"Hey!" I called out to it and began to follow it until I exited the alleyway where I stood gaping like a moron and the town I was in.

The shop was very pretty and well kept. The owner, whose name is Cid told me that this town was created for people who've got strong hearts and lost their world. I started to wonder how in the world I ended up in Disney Castle instead of here.

"Well, you seem familiar enough with the heartless." Cid told me in a matter-of-fact voice. I gave a curt nod.

"Yep. I lost my world just about three years ago 'cause of the little buggers. Now I'm searching for anyone I know, and now for Leon and this 'key' person or thing. Any idea where I can find any of 'em?" I gave a random smile at a moogle who passed by.

"You can find Leon at the hotel in the Second District. The 'key' I'm not so sure about." He smirked when I gave a sigh then smiled brightly.

"That's a lead to finding the 'key'. Thanks Cid!" I shouted as I ran to the door. As Soon as I got to it, it swung open and smacked me in the nose. "ITAI!" I shouted while falling on my bum and holding the now bleeding nose

"Ah! I'm so sorry!" A boy's voice that sounded like they haven't hit puberty shouted before I felt two arms pull me up from my position on the floor. I heard Cid laughing, then began to laugh too. Hey, laughing is contagious!

I looked at the boy who was now slightly confused as to why I was laughing at my own pain. This of course only caused me to laugh harder. I waved the apology off.

"Ha haha...don't apologize, I really needed that! Hee hee, I haven't laughed this hard since Donald's birthday and Goofy came out hula dancing with a ukelele and a cocoanut bra! Hahaha!" I continued laughing for a good two or three minutes before finally wiping the tears away. The boy smiled a teasing grin.

"You done yet?" He asked. I nodded and grinned. Cid rolled his eyes, a small smirk on his face.

"Hey kid, what can I help ya with?" He asked in his accent.

"Well, for starters, where is this place? Second, I'm not a kid. I'm Sora!" The brow-haired boy looked at Cid with a small glare. Cid just looked at him in disbelief before realization dawned on him.

"All right, all right, sheesh. First of all Sora, you're in Traverse Town 1st district." Cid held up his hands as if to calm him down.

"Anyway, have you seen my friends Riku and Kairi? You know, a boy with silver hair and a girl with short red hair?" Sora asked, a hopeful expression on his face. Cid shook his head 'no', while Sora sighed in disappointment.

"Sorry, haven't seen them. Hey girl, " I turned my attention away from the tissue in my nose to Cid, " There's a girl with the same headband and dresses a lot like you in the Items shop. I think you might know her." I gave a large smile and thanked him. I grabbed Sora by the arm and dragged him out of the store after Cid told him we could go to him for help any time.

The item shop was a few feet away from Cid's so it was really easy finding it. Oh gosh. I almost sounded like Gai for a minute. Sora walked by my side as we entered and walked down the steps inside.

Three smaller versions of Donald were sitting down around the store. One was on the counter, helping a pink-haired girl put a box away from the counter. The girl suddenly looked up and smiled.

"Hello, welcome. How can we help you?" She had light-green eyes that had a hint of sadness in them. I gave a huge grin.

"Sakura Haruno." I didn't ask, nor did I care for the surprised looks I was receiving. She looked at me oddly. I was slightly older than her by about three months, met her when we were seven, and were best friends since. (Not to mention I was already a chunin by then) Now, she can't seem to remember me. I guess three years does that to people. (Sheesh, I seem to like the number 'three'.)

"Do I know you?" She asked carefully. Sora also gave me a confused look.

"Seriously? Geez, Nice to know I'm loved." I pointed to my own forehead. "You know, hung out with you all the time, even after you and Ino had a falling out, and defended you from people calling you 'billboard brow'? All the training Grandma Tsunade and I had to go over with you? No? Nada fish?" She went from surprised, to creeped-out, to ecstatic in a total of five seconds before yelling out.

"OH. MY. GOSH. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS?" There it goes. She blew up in both rage and happiness and tackled me in a huge, choking hug.

"Woah, take it easy Sakura, it's just me, have you seen anyone else, including a silver-haired boy and red-haired girl?" I asked for the benefit of both me and Sora who still had a look of surprise. She sniffed and backed away while shaking her head sadly.

"No. I've always had hope that I'd find at least someone other than Shikamaru. And no, I'm sorry I haven't seen the people you've described either..." My eyes went slightly wide when I heard that Shika, the lazy-ass, was here. Sora on the other hand looked disappointed in finding that his friends weren't here.

"Where? Is he still here?" My voice rose in volume a little.

"Yes, He's helping Leon and the others out with the heartless. You should go see them now. Good luck, and I'll tell you if I see anyone else, including the people you described." She pushed us out of the little shop, and waved us to the direction of the second district. Sora looked completely confused now.

"Heartless?" He asked in a meek voice.

"I'll explain later, for now, let's go find Leon. Hey, I might be able to take you to other worlds to find those friends of your too!" I gave him my famous smile.

"So you're looking for your friends too?" He gave me a look that said that he understood.

"Yeah. I'm looking for my family too. My brothers, and my two best friends Blaze and Akira. They may be guys, but they still treat me like an equal, something that not many people do where I come from."

"Sakura said that she hasn't seen you in three years...Why's that?"

"Well, my world was destroyed around that much time ago. The last people I've seen were only my brothers and a friend. Before you ask, my world was very large with many countries. I lived in the Fire Nation, in a village called Konoha, The Village Hidden in the Leaves. I'd say that my favorite places were the Land of Snow, and the beach in my nation. The places range a lot too. Like there are deserts, forests, islands, mountains, tropical forests, and many more." I could tell that my eyes probably sparkled right now.

"I lived in an island with my two best friends. It was ok, but a little boring, though it was beautiful." He rubbed the back of his neck and gave a sheepish smile. I returned the smile.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see a pool of darkness slowly approaching. Then, out of the portal, a few shadows appeared.

"Watch out!" I pushed Sora away from an oncoming attack aimed at him. He glanced at me, slightly grateful for the save then took a battle stance, and giant key-like weapon appeared in his hands. My eyes probably were the size of dinner plates.

~The key! Found it, now to find Leon!~

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a kunai before charging at a few heartless with armor.

Minutes passed before the heartless were all gone.

"They'll keep coming at you." A voice said from the side.

"Huh?" Was our reply. A man stepped out of the shadows to reveal a shoulder-length brown hair and a serious face with a scar between his eyes.

"But why did it choose you? Now let's see that keyblade." He stepped forward and I recognized him as Leon from what Cid told me.

"Huh? I don't understand...Speak clearly!" Leon merely got into a battle stance, as did Sora.

~Oh, this is gonna be a while...~

About twenty-two minutes later, Sora collapsed in a heap on the ground, exhausted from the battle. Leon put his Gunblade in its place on his back and pick Sora up. I silently followed him to the second district and into a green hotel room where a young woman with short black hair and equally black eyes greeted us. A figure sat in the chair, with what seemed like a pineapple-shaped hairstyle.

"Shika . . . ?" I asked with caution. The teen turned around lazily until he shot up abruptly, his eyes wide.

"What the... ? Yuki?!"

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