"we were both young when I first saw you..." I sang in my room as I waited for lissa. I was sitting on my dark red bed spread, it was a gift from Adrian. I had a stereo and a laptop in my room and that was it beside the wardrobe. I had got a couple of CDs like Taylor Swift.

"It a love story baby just say yes. oh oh" I sang as I jumped up and danced around the room. the next song came on it unfaithful. by Rihanna.

"Story of my life Searching for the right...But it keeps avoiding me...Sorrow in my soul...Cause it seem that wrong. Really loves my company...He's more than a man...And this is more than love... The reason that the sky is blue...The clouds are rolling in...Because I'm gone again...And to him I just can't be true..." I held a hair brush up to mouth and sang in front of the mirror that was connected to the door.

I was wearing a white, strapless, flow dress and ribbon done up shoes. there was a black belt as well. we were going out to dinner for Lissa eighteenth. I just let my hair floor loose, I didn't bother about the make up because Lissa wouldn't care. she would only be happy that I'm in a dress.

the sun came in from the opened blinds. stood there looking at the window. I soak as much as I could but its hard when you wake up in the dark and go to bed just as it came out.

"we could go, at dinner. say were going to the bathroom and run" I whispered quietly as the song played. I did want to go but Lissa was happy and she had Christian and I had well two guys. Dimitri and Adrian and I know who I would choose.

I jump on my bed and started to sing "...I lost his trust...I might as well take a gun...And put it to his head get it over with...I don't wanna do this...Anymore...Ooh...Any more...I don't want to this anymore... I don't want to be the reason why...Every time I walk out the door...I see him die a little more inside...I don't wanna hurt him anymore...I don't wanna take away his life...I don't wanna be...A murderer...Ooh...a murderer..no no no..Yeah yeah yeah..."

yeah I had a easy life... I fell in love with my twenty four year old mentor. he did love me but he all ways found a way to hide it.

Knock, knock. it was Lissa but I made no attempt to move. she knock again.

"Rose open the door. Its Lissa" she whispered as the song finished.

I walk slowly to the door.

I opened to see Lissa all dressed up, she smiled as she saw me.

"come on Rose were just waiting on you"

"who 'were'" I asked as she pulled me out.

"Adrian, Christian, Dimitri, Mia, Eddie, Aaron, Stan, your mum and Alberta"

"whoa.. why are you having Aaron at you dinner"

she rolled her eyes. "because I still think he is my friend and why am I inviting Dimitri" she said smugly

"because he is your guardian"

"oh right forgot that... I invited him because of you"

oh. she did want me to 'hook up with him' which I thought is gross since she didn't get sucked in her head like I did when was... leave it at that. but she loved him and that meant if I was being her guardian that meant spending time with the demon from hell its self.

"earth to Rose... planet invaded by Lissa's" she said as she waved her hand in my face.

"sorry just thinking"

"you must be thinking very hard than" I didn't answer I just kept walking. man I must of been thinking really hard if I forgot about Lissa

"Rose, Lissa How nice of you to join us" Christian said as we walked to the parked SUV's.

"hey at least I don't have to be standing here by my self" as I saw no one else. he just opened to make a witty remark but Lissa slapped him in the back of the head.

"hey no fighting on my birthday and to make sure if you do you have to jump in the pool butt naked" Christian chin dropped so far I think it hit the ground.

"Lissa you cant make me—"

I cut him " yes she can because its Her birthday DUMBASS" I said opening the door of the car. I heard him and Lissa arguing about me so I just had to stick my head out the window.

"I can hear you and don't pretend you weren't talking about me because you were and Christian..." I wait him to answer.

"yes Rose"

"go die in hole EMOBOY" I yelled as I lock the door and duck so he could see my laughter.

oh this is funny the look on Christian face. he went bright red and his eye were popping out of his head. I just crack and fell in between the car seats. STILL LAUGHING. oh I was going to get hell for this but it was funny

about ten minutes later I sat up and looked out the window. he was still there

oh shit. Christian stood there with balls of fire in his hands. he thru it at the car window. the car was on fire.

"ARE YOU FOR REAL CHRISTIAN" I screamed as I curled up in a ball on the floor in the car. the ball of fire went thru the windows and landed out of the car, I could feel tear coming down but I was about to get killed so I could cry if I wanted too and so I did but I was n't sobbing it was just tears. I was going to die. I ithink.

the keys were in the car... oh Rose... just do it. I jumped in the driver seat and sped off. I saw Dimitri and he saw Christian and ran for him but he stopped

"don't turn around I sick and tired of you face" I sang as I drove around the school. I looked behind me and Christian running at me. I am so bored. I just sand random songs out of no where

what the hell is guy serious... he must want to kill me. he thru a flame ball over and it hit the dash board I looked down and looked up in time to see a tree in front of the car.

"oh no" I said as the car slammed in to a tree and all I could remember was Christian screaming my name...

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