Sheppard the Sheppard

By Inu-yokia-princess

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and it's characters are not mine.

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John flew across the room crashing into the dark walls of the ancient lab. The Wraith had beaten them to this particular lab on the planet P5982. They had discovered the planet in the database and it had mentioned a very powerful and important device that was hidden within the lab. However the Wraith had already been searching the planet and come up with nothing. Of course the team had no clue the Wraith were already in the underground lab so they were naturally surprised to be ambushed.

John held his head as he picked himself up to punch at the attacking Wraith. His gun had fallen away from him when he hit the wall with a powerful force. The Wraith was hit in the stomach by one of John's fists only to pick John up with a yell and throw him half way across the room. Teyla yelled out to him as she kept shooting at an attacking Wraith. John landed with a thud against some sort of button.

The wall began to glow the blue light of an ancient device. A shock similar to the one that hit Rodney when he got telekinetic powers from that ascension device hit John. The color this time was a purple that seemed to go to a light pink. His body shook for a moment until he fell limp. Rodney who was the closets to him frantically shot at the attacking Wraith as he yelled out to John attempting to get a reaction from John's limp body.

John stirred and opened his eyes to find smoke that only worsened his blurry vision. Within the following minutes there was a lot of commotion and soon he found himself being lifted on the strong shoulder of Ronon. John wasn't sure how long he was unconscious or when he had lost consciousness, but he awoke in the medical bay with a pounding head ache that made him swear under his breath. He looked around noting that no one was at the readily available to tell him what was going on. Mentally John checked for his body for aches and injuries. Finding that he only had one large bump on the back of his head and a bruise here and there, John looked around and noticed Rodney coming towards him. Rodney stopped and blinked before running to John and frantically yelling in his radio that John was awake.

The next few minutes were spent with Doctor Keller checking him over and his friends coming to see him. Mr. Woolsey was in for a few moments to say hello and tell him that he would get a few days of recovery before he expected his mission report. John sighed as he realized he had no idea what had occurred the last thing he recalled was being hit with a strange purple light.

Teyla and Ronon came up to him after most of the commotion was done with. Teyla held his hand as she looked at him with her gentle eyes. Ronon also stood close by arms folded around his chest. Rodney was on the other side of his bed looking out of place and unsure. John's first line of business was to find out what happened to him. "Alright now would someone tell me what is going on here?" John asked looking at each of his team to give him an answer.

"We were in a great battle with the Wraith one that was hard and difficult. We barley managed to escape. You were hit by a Wraith into a strange machine that caused you to be unconscious. The fight was hard and long, we escape under a smoke cover from Ronon shooting his gun at one of the devices on the wall. We were out numbered and you were injured we had no choice but to retreat." Teyla explained in a soothing voice. Doctor Keller had cleared him with a bill of full health however Teyla still felt uneasy.

"Wonderful, now that your declared fine I have work to do." Rodney excused himself seeming to be a bit bothered. John stared at Rodney's retreating form in a moment of worry. This moment ended up causing John to look back at Teyla and shake his head. The three spoke for around an hour informing John he had been out for at least three days and one rather strange scientist refused to leave him for more than an hour at a time. John could see the amusement in Ronon's eyes as he told John of this. Ronon had found it funny that their resident asshole of a genius was so overly worried about there commanding officer who he so often fought with.

John at last was cleared to be set free from his medical bed and he practically jumped up to get out of the sick bay as fast as he could. John was somehow still bone tired but he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep, not yet at least. The first thing on his list was to visit a certain scientist. With a determined look John ran right to the lab where are those scientist geeks seemed to live in. He could already hear them all working away and heard what was unmistakably Rodney arguing away with Zelenka.

John suddenly felt strange hearing the arguing Zelenka and Rodney and thinking to himself that it sounded a lot like they were having some form of fun. John took a breath before schooling his features into his best lets torture Rodney face. Yes John had grown use to using an amused face when ever present in Rodney's lab as the frustration and annoyance that oozed out of the scientist would often widen his smile.

Before John could open the door a rather flustered and annoyed Zelenka stormed out nearly plowing into the slightly surprised colonel. John watched Zelenka rush away rambling curses. Walked into the lab to see the other scientists busy at work by now far too use to this to let it even begin to bother them. John's vision focused on Rodney, he was red in the face and seemed slightly out of breath from what John was sure was a long rant without taking a breath.

Rodney stared at John and immediately calmed down taking a deep breath to stop himself from ranting on further. Rodney eyed John for a moment wondering what he was up to this time. "So released from the infirmary at last. Everyone has been nuts since we brought you back knocked out. Do you know how..." the words trailed off as Rodney looked at John whose brow now furrowed. "At any rate I have important work to do so either speak or leave me be." Rodney quickly looked back to his hand held computer tablet and started up a program apparently at random.

John simply stared at Rodney; he was going to make a good come back but decided against it. Suddenly he was very tired and wanted a good nights rest. With a quick glance at the busy Rodney, John wandered back to his quarters. The door opened with a swish of his arm he stripped himself of everything but his boxers leaving his clothing in a lump on the floor. John found that as soon as his head hit his bed he was fast asleep.

John awoke curled in a small ball. A strange sleeping potion in deed for him since he most commonly slept on his side or back. Occasionally he slept on his stomach, never had he found himself curled in a ball. He got up and pulled his arms out far above his head. That was when John noticed something wasn't right. He looked up to see paws instead of hands. John on high alert got up from his bed and ran on all fours to the bathroom mirror, with some difficulty opening the door. His was still able to open things apparently he just needed to jump to reach what passed for a door knob in Atlantis now.

What John saw in the mirror freaked him out more than the fact that he now has paws. Facing back at the colonel was a tan and black German Sheppard. John's military training forced him not to panic. He took in a deep breath and ran out in search of someone anyone that could somehow help him.

As soon as he walked through the door he ran the names of people through his skull. Woolsey was out of the question, chances were he would be shot without even a chance to explain himself. Ronon was most likely not a good idea with his instincts. Doctor Keller may be a good idea once he explains to another person. Teyla wasn't too bad of an idea either though even she may not understand him. John wasn't even sure if he could still be able to be understood by humans. Rodney stayed in his mind as he knew that even though Rodney was a genius about fixing these issues this one would probably be better for Teyla first, however John felt himself lean towards Rodney first.

As soon as his mind was made up John ran as fast as his paws would take him which John noted almost happily that was a great deal faster than his human form. He found himself at Rodney's lab which thanks to John's new found smelling abilities he found Rodney was inside. He scratched at the door before choosing to open the door jumping again. At last the door opened and the only one in the lab seemed to be Rodney. In fact Rodney was the only one other than a scatter of people he had seen all day. It was still very early so it wasn't all that surprising to see that Rodney was fast asleep most likely was up till recently working. John's ears twitched a moment and his tail wagged in amusement. Instead of yelling or perhaps barking he choose to go up next to Rodney and nudge his hand. He also threw in a lick for the affect. Rodney sprang awake screaming and jumped a mile causing John's tail to wag even harder than it had been previously, obviously enjoying this.

"What are you doing here? How are you here?" Rodney rambled trying to make sense of this. He hadn't seemed as surprised as John thought he would be. Rodney continued to ramble in long sentences at a speed that couldn't possibly be healthy.

In order to stop the barley breathing Rodney John soon found himself speaking. "Rodney calm down already!" to John's ears he found that he sounded as he did. Apparently he sounded the same to Rodney too. Rodney stood for about ten minutes silent which freaked out John who had never heard Rodney so quiet unless asleep or knocked out.

Rodney regained himself and blinked "Sheppard?" he stared at the dog trying as hard as possible to believe what he just heard. Had he just heard this dog speak in the voice of the colonel?

"Yes Rodney, I don't know how I got like this but I am." Before any other words could be exchanged Zelenka came into the room and stared at Rodney then John not sure what to say.

"Well now I have two people who can help." John stated. But he found that Zelenka was acting strangely. The next thing he knew he was eye level with the man.

"What a beautiful animal." Zelenka stated as he pat John on the head. John suddenly found himself happy for the petting, however he felt like glaring at the beautiful animal part.

"Okay yes pretty doggie now help Rodney fix me!" John said as he felt Zelenka hit a soft spot and his leg began to twitch in happiness.

"What a good dog. How did you bring him here Rodney?" Zelenka asked staring up at Rodney to get an answer.

Rodney stared back all he could seem to do was watch. He opened his mouth and the words flew out in a rushed tone. "What are you talking about that's Sheppard can't you hear him?!"

Zelenka gave Rodney a look that spoke volumes. As one Rodney and John realized that the only one who was able to understand John was Rodney and they had to convince everyone on base that Rodney wasn't completely crazy.

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