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Warning: Mild Language, extremely mild, you won't even notice it, unless you're extremly sensitive. Also this is fiction, no offense to anyone who somehow takes offense to anything in this story. It's humor, or it's meant to be. More insanity than humor.

It started with screaming. Loud, long, terrible wails which shook Riddle Manor and promised some terrible fate; and as Lucius and Severus rushed towards the screams, they would find that it was only the beginning.

Outside of Lord Voldemort's room they could hear the screams louder than ever. Murmur's of 'make it stop! make it stop!', repeated over and over as a steady mantra made them both shiver. The thought 'just who could the Dark Lord be torturing now, and how.' Passed through their minds. Buckling up their courage, not that they really had anything, it was all in the sense of the matter. It took less courage to go and make sure nothing was wrong, and be punished for interrupting, than to find out later something had been wrong, and be punished for stupidity. Either way it would most likely be painful, however choices must be made, and well, they were Slytherin. Opening the door they entered as quietly as possible, not that they needed to, whoever was screaming was still going at it. The room was surprisingly dark.

"My Lord." Severus asked the darkness softly. As if a switch had been flipped the screaming stopped, a hoarse voice rasped out 'Lumos' and light flooded the room. Lord Voldemort was sitting up in bed, sweat running down his once again youthful face and red eyes were wide and dilated. Like he had been caught in a nightmare and been unable to escape. "My Lord?" Was the cautious question as both men shoved the idea away; dark lords didn't have nightmares after all. Voldemort stared at the wall before finally truning towards him, the rage in his eyes much more recognizable but a lot less pleasant than his previous look. If the dark lord could ever be considered pleasant.

"He will pay for thisss." His voice was still hoarse and now obviously lined thickly with parseltongue. Showing just how deeply his rage ran.

"My Lord?"

"Harry Potter." Both blinked and looked at each other, what in the world had the teenager done this time, and how in the world had he caused the Dark Lord to have nightmares. Seeing they were dismissed they left, only to hear Voldemort mutter to himself.

"If I hear that ssstupid sssong one more time I will kill that ssstupid evil purple dinossssaur by sssetting him on fire. Yesssss, let usssss ssssee how much he lovessss me then." Both men shut the door and exchanged frightened lord. Love, songs, purple dinosaur's, perhaps Voldemort was truly loosing it.

In Privet Drive number four, in the smallest bedroom Harry Potter woke up and began to giggle, wait, no he did not giggle, he laughed, rather insanely at that. Emerald eyes glinted in the dark, a smirk spreading across his lips. After all, Dumbledore had said the answer was love. He could sing, and had a damn powerful voice at that, something Voldemort didn't know, until now; which could be the 'power he knows not', and he was using the love factor. He doubted Dumbledore would really agree with his methods but he liked him. Besides, what better way to torture Voldemort than to torture him with the same purple dinosaur that had tormented him after he had been forced to watch the hideous American Children's show as a child; and maybe, just maybe, Voldemort would get mad enough to kill said purple dinosaur. Yes, Harry was having his revenge. On Barney and on Voldemort.


"Harry! How are you?" Hermione said throwing her arms around her raven haired friend.

"Stunning Hermione, bloody beautiful." She paused, as if unsure how to respond to his strange response. However as he looked up from the paper he had been doodling, an assumption on her part, on, he gave her a brilliant smile that cleared away anything else that was going threw her mind.

"Well alright, if you say Harry. Now I've got to go meet Ron, prefects meeting at all." She almost giggled at that, "We'll meet you later than?"

"Of course." She left the compartment never noticing that the moment she stepped out, his wave goodbye turned into a little twist and the door shut and locked itself.

"Now, where was I….. oh yes, Butterflies." Harry smiled as he continued to draw, remembering the headlines on some American News Stations he had found online.

"Barney Unstable: Severe Mental Issues" He chuckled to himself, muggle's wouldn't recognize the effects of crucio, and the Wizarding world in the US had apparently not felt bothered to clean it up. Oh the sweet joy of revenge. Now, back to his task, butterflies.

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This is humor, not exactly edited except for spelling. I was bored...still am actually, and can't sleep so I decided to actually try and write something besides one shots. Also something humorous. These will include songs, some of them I will edit and add too in the future just so it will tie in better.

I don't know if someone's done this before, I haven't read anything of this exact fashion before, but I'm not disclaiming it could be out there, somewhere, so if you do happen to know of, or be the author of something like this, I did not purposefully steal your idea. This isn't even an idea really. Just a bunch of random words typed out in what I think is humor. If you like it, well, I suppose you could review, you can also review if you don't like it, I can't exactly stop you.

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