This is my first attempt at a Bleach fanfic. This fic follows the story of my main OC and how her relationship with Ichigo develops. It follows the main plot but with my OCs added in, causing the plot to change and whatnot. The story may seem slow and boring at first but please be patient with me. Anyway, here's a list of pairings: IchigoxOC, one-sided OrihimexIchigo, one-sided UryuxOrihime, RukiaxRenji and…that's all thus far. If you want to see more then please tell me reviews. So, without further adieu…

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"The best proof of love is trust."

-Joyce Brothers

A loud crack sounded from my neck as I popped the bone, my feet connecting with the wooden floor below me. This kink hurts like Hell. Ivory walls surrounded me, as I continued down the long hallway. I found it hard to believe that I was spending so much time searching for this object; no-one even knew whether it existed or not. To think that I would be wasting my valuable time with this, and right after leaving the infirmary, too. But it could not be helped, seeing as we possessed little information.

I stopped outside of a white door, and slid it open, allowing myself access to the room beyond.

A green floor with three white walls. The fourth was missing, allowing me to see the wooden sidewalk and lush garden beyond.

Sitting in the center of the room, on a soft cushion, was the captain of my Division. His lieutenant was notably absent.

I moved forward, stopping directly in front of the man. Most would expect a captain to aged, but the man before me was quite young. Possibly in his mid to late twenties. Long, ebony tresses cascaded down his back; the right side and the top of his head was decorated with an ivory kenseikan or a detailed headpiece as one might call it. Cold, dark brown irises turned to meet my own pale grey ones, waiting for my report. His flesh was light in tone. He wore the standard Gotai Thirteen uniform, which is often referred to as a shihakusho. Said uniform consisted of a medium sleeve, ivory colored shitagi, or commonly known as an undershirt. A black, medium-sleeved kosode was placed over the shitagi, with a white hakama-himo, or a sash, tied around his waist, keeping both the shitagi and kosode closed. A black, baggy hakama, or also known as pants, covered his legs. His ivory socks consisted of white tabi, while brown wooden sandals referred to as waraji acted as his footwear. But he made a few adjustments to his outfit, some that allowed others to see his rank, and others simply to add some individuality. The unnecessary garment consisted of a long, white scarf that he threw around his neck. The garment he was supposed to wear was a long, flowing ivory vest that nearly touched the ground. On the back of the vest was an ebony design sewn into the fabric; the image resembled a camellia, which stood for 'reason'.

My captain need not say a word. I responded to his unspoken question immediately, "This search has proven to be…difficult. All I could ascertain is that the bearer lives in the human world, and her current location is within a country called 'Japan'. We are currently searching the capital city, for the spiritual energy surrounding is quite large compared to most areas, sir."

"I see…" his voice was deep and calm, without emotion, "…continue your search until I say otherwise."

"Sir!" and then there was silence. Instead of leaving, I remained in place.

This seemed to confuse my captain, although he gave no outward signs of it, "Is there anything else?"

"Captain Kuchiki, sir…" I hesitated, unsure whether I should question the situation or not. I decided to give it a try, "…is it really worth it?" He did not reply, so I went on. "What we are searching for…is it really that important?"

Kuchiki glanced down at the wooden table that separated the two of us; it was covered in files and paperwork, "Well, think of it this way. With that item, one could create another one of those creatures…something that cannot be allowed to happen without proper surveillance. The damage it could cause…I would rather not think of it."

That was not the only reason. "Yes, sir." Was my simple reply, expected from one's subordinate. I gave him a low bow before turning on my heel and leaving the room…

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