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"Now really, Mr Palmer, you should try to keep you eyes more open when you're driving. You almost crashed into a tree more then once!" sighed Ducky, as he and his assistant, Jimmy Palmer, got out of the van, ready to collect a body from a crime scene.

"Sorry, Dr. Mallard," apologised Palmer, as he went around the back of the van to get put the usual equipment.

Once they had all of the things needed, they headed towards the rest of the other that were already on scene. It was just a bit into a forest were a girl walking her dog had found the body. It was a very gory sight, with blood-splattered all over the surrounding trees and bushes. Thankfully, she wasn't there long enough to have too much rotting on her flesh.

"Evening, Jethro," said Ducky, crouching down besides the corpus. "Now what have we here?"

"Hey, Ducky," said Gibbs, taking a large gulp of his coffee, "It's another one. Navy officer's wife cut and stabbed to death."

"The third one this month," pointed out Ziva, as she wondered around, using her flashlight to see.

"Same as the others, mid-twenties, blond, pretty," observed Tony, though he was gagging slightly at the sight.

"Oh, you've been in the wars haven't you?" Ducky commented, looking at the bruises, cuts and blood all over her, as he inserted the thermometer into the woman's liver. "Don't worry my dear, we'll get you out as soon as we can. Estimated time of death was… around 19 hours ago, so about 3am."

"Call came in one hour ago, 9pm" Said Tim, who was taking photos of the crime scene.

"Don't worry my dear, we'll get you out of here as fast as we can." Ducky said softly.

Even though the killer had already clamed two separate victims, there was still hardly any evidence to go on. There was no murder weapon, no fingerprints, no witnesses, nothing. Whoever had killed them was very good with there work. The only thing that they could verify was that whoever did it was most probably left-handed.

DiNozzo carried on taking sketches, when he suddenly heard a very faint shuffling. He froze. There it was again. Like something - or someone – moving around in the trees. He slowly reached for his gun.

"…Boss…" he whispered quietly. Gibbs turned to look at him, as did the others. Tony brought his finger to his lips and waited. There was another shuffling noise again, but this time followed by a small groan. It was defiantly someone. They all remained very quite, grabbing their guns and slowly walking towards the noise. It was coming from a part that was very deep with trees and brushes. Tim scanned his flashlight over the area. They could just about see a dark shadow of a person.

"NCIS agents! Come out with your hands where we can see them!" yelled Gibbs, thinking that they might just have caught the killer. The shadowed figure spun around and bolted.

"After him!" shouted Gibbs, running after him determined to not let him get away. This was a lot easier said then done. The person was fast. Very fast, and the surrounding areas didn't help there matters either. He was able to quickly weave in and out of the trees and bushes, unlike the field agents. Thankfully he was running in the way of the rode that ran down the edge of the woods, that made perusing him a little easier for the others.

"FREEZE!" yelled McGee, who had to stop after 5 minutes of running after him, clearly out of breath. But of course he didn't. But then again he didn't have to. Ziva did a bad sprint towards him, before she tackled him straight to the ground. She managed to pin him down, despite his attempts to push her of, and quickly cuffed his hand behind his back before he could do anything else.

"Nice one, Ziva!" Tony said, between gasping breaths, as Ziva pulled the man to his feet and the others shone their lights at him. They were surprised to realise that the man they were chasing was in fact a kid, possibly a teenager. He was wearing a black top, leather jacket, pants and boots, a bright red travelling coat and white gloves. He had long blond hair that was pulled back into a braid. His eyes were bright gold, glaring up at them, obviously not happy that they caught him and got a nasty graze on his right cheek because of Ziva, but that wasn't just it. He was coated in blood. Some of it was wet, but on the whole, it was dry and crusty. If there was ever was sign of a murderer, having a lot of blood on them would defiantly be it.

"About time we caught you, you little-" Tony started, before suddenly getting kneed in his gut by an angry child. Tony quickly backed away holding his stomach, as Ziva tried to restrain him, before she whacked him near the neck, and he slumped down, unconscious.

"Heck of a lot of trouble he's caused us," growled Gibbs, looking down at the blond.

"I'm just happy we actually found and caught him," said Tim, who had managed to catch up to them by now.

"Well, that makes two of us!" grunted Tony, who was still in pain from that hard, swift kick he just got.

"We'd better get him back home," sighed Gibbs, as he turned and started heading back to their van.

"Gibbs… Do you really think that he's the murderer?" asked Ziva, looking down at the body in her hands. She didn't get an answer, just a brief glare before Gibbs carried on walking and Tony and McGee started to help her with the kid.

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