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"Hey, what are you doing?!" Tony snapped at the paramedic who had just taken away his phone, who merely rolled his eyes at him. "And why are you here!" he yelled at the young Asian man who had climbed into the ambulance with them. This man, just so happened to be the man that had got him in this situation. Oh, yeah, this was the guy who had stabbed him. Well… technically stabbed him. If you call running into him, both falling to the ground and one landing on the tip of the others consoled knife stabbing, which Tony did.

The man pointed at Ziva, who was also with them. "She dragged me in," he told him, simply.

"It seamed like a good idea," she said calmly. "If you want to sue him then it would be easier to bring him along."

"He's not going to sue me," the man said confidently with a goofy smirk.

"Give be one good reason why I shouldn't!" yelled Tony.

"Because, you where the one that ran into me, it was an accident. And besides, I barely grazed you."

"'Barely a graze'!" he mocked, as he pointed to the wound. "You call this 'barely a graze'?"

"I do," said the paramedic, who swatted away Tony's hand as he examined the graze of his side.

"Y… yeah… yeah, I'm… I'm okay…" Abby gasped, unable to look away from the huge suit of armour which loomed over her, it's eyes glowing crimson red. Almost ever instinct inside her was telling her to run, or scream or do something, but then… when she heard the voice inside. He couldn't be much older then a ten years old boy. The boy seemed to understand her discomfort, as he backed away a little, looking sheepish… well, as sheepish as a suit of armour could.

"Oh… okay then. I'm glad. Well… see you, take care," he said, as he was just about to turn around and walk away. Abby suddenly felt a hint of guilt in her stomach.

"Wait!" she told his quickly, making him stop and turn around again. "I'm Abby, what's your name?" she asked, offering him her hand.

He took it happily, and surprisingly gently, before answering, "My name Alphonse. It's nice to meat you, Abby."

She froze; staring up at him, but this time in pure amazement, as she heard the name and the memories for Edward in the hospital started flooding back to her. 'I need you to find Alphonse. I need you to find my little brother. Really tall and shiny. He looks kinda mean but he's the biggest softie I know. He's always trying to sneak cats in his body, but I can hear then scratching his chest.' This man – well, teenager – was Ed's little brother? "E…Elric?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said brightly. "How'd you know that?"

Abby's smile began to grow, spreading wide across her face. "Your Edwards little brother!?"

"You know Brother?!" he asked quickly and desperately, crouching down a little bit, so he was able to grip hold of both her upper arms, though gently so he didn't hurt her.

Abby nodded, still smiling. "Yes! He's staying with us."

"Really!?" he asked, a little in disbelief.


"Yes!" Al yelled happily, letting go of Abby whilst he jumped up and down in obvious beyond happy, like a young child would do if he became exited about something. "Please, can you take me to him? Please?!"

Abby nodded quickly. "Of course." Suddenly, she remembered the fact that she still hadn't a clue where Edward actually was. But looking into those hopeful eyes, she couldn't tell him that. "We can go wait for him down at NCIS, come on," she held out her hand to him, which he eagerly grasped, but again, very carefully, and allowed her to lead him along.

Two days. The kid had only been with them for two days and had already caused more trouble then they would care to admit. He had been kidnapped, hospitalised, endangered the team and above all, couldn't stay put for more then five minute! Gibbs was beyond mad, beyond angry even. He was so furious and irritated that he was seriously considering shooting the boy just so that he wouldn't cause any more trouble. He probably wouldn't have done it of course, but the thought was very tempting. Especially when he was running after him for what felt like the hundredth time. And how that boy could run! He was thankful for his marine training and general good health or else Gibbs might not have been able to keep up with him. Edward however, was not so happy about this. He was worn out as he was, but chased after Gibbs was really making him tier out.

He continued to run; at least he was until he stepped awkwardly on a shallow puddle and slipped on the damp pavement. The collapsed face first to the ground, but before he could scramble back to his feet, he felt a strong hand on the back of his shoulder and another wrap around his waist, hauling him up to his feet. Ed immediately started to struggle, twisting and wriggling, desperate to get out of the older man's iron grasp, but without and success.

"Let me go, Gibbs," he screamed at the man, still trying to get away from him.

"No until you calm down," he growled at him, trying to steady the boy on his feet.

"Let go!" Ed spat at him, as he managed to elbow him the gut, allowing him to escape his clutches. However, he was too worn out to begin running once more, so he simply slumped his back against a brick wall of a building, never for a second taking his eyes of Gibbs.

"Ed, I just want to talk," he told him, trying to hide some of his frustration and angry behind his calm voice.

"Like hell you do!" Ed scoffed, panting heavily. "You just want be to come back with you. Well you know what?"

"Look, I understand why you're so angry at me. I accused you of murder straight away, you've been kidnapped, hospitalised No one would like that."

To Gibbs' surprised, Ed let out a low chuckle. "I can't believe you. You think this is all about you? Because it's really not," he shouted at him, backing away a little.

"No, it's not about me, this is about you! I can't… I just don't understand what goes on in that head of yours! You've been running of every five minutes, and when you're not disappearing your moping around, spacing out all the time. I know that something is the matter with you, so why don't you just tell me already? If you tell use then we could help you."

"…No you can't…" Ed mumbled, feeling a knot in his throat start to swell up uncomfortably. Who was he ever trying to kid anymore? He had spent hours on a wild goose chase, trying to find his little brother. Normal he could find him in a matter of seconds, whether it was by just spotting him out of a crowd, or noticing people cast awkward glances in a certain direction or even listening for the unmistakable sound of his footsteps. But here, nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe he didn't follow Ling. Maybe he got stuck in Gluttony's stomach. Maybe… maybe his blood seal got broken going through the gate. Or maybe he actually got his body back but was stuck at the gate. And even if he did get through with his body… it was so thin and weak that he could have died within minutes. Ed started to feel large, hot tears spill from his wet eyes down his cheeks.

Gibbs couldn't help but stare in confusion and shock. Confusion because he hadn't a clue what he was talking about, and Shock because he hadn't seen Ed even get sad, let alone cry, not even while he got stabbed or was in the hospital. His fatherly instincts took over a little bit, as he step forward and tried to reach out to him, but Edward simply stepped farther away, glaring at him with burning golden eyes, but a saddened expression on his face.

"Don't touch me," he warned, though his voice broke a little. God, what was happening to him? He never cried, never! Why was he giving up on trying to find Al? Why was him mind jumping to conclusions so quickly? Why was he so tired, but he seamed unable to rest for just a little while? In his frustration, more tears started to roll down his face before he could angrily wipe them away with his sleeves.

"Why can't I help?" Gibbs asked his calmly, choosing not to try and get closer to him again.

"Because… because he's my little brother, I should be able to look after him, but I can't! I never could!" he shouted, more tears falling. He felt both his knew give way underneath him, as he crumbled to the ground helplessly. Gibbs was besides him in a second, crouching down next to him, and wrapping his arms around the teen before he could even stop to think what was going on. Ed tried to back away, yelling at the man to leave him alone, but Gibbs simple held him firmer. Eventually, he did stop struggling, but his body became rigged and uncomfortable, refusing to melt into the man's embrace. Finally, the crying stopped, and Gibbs let him go, placing his hands firmly on the kid's shoulders and helping him up to his feet. He looked a mess. His blond hair was all over the place, his face was blotchy and tearstained and his eyes where puffy and red with dark black bags underneath them.

"Yeah done?" he asked softly. Ed nodded, as he sighed heavily and wiped away the last of his tears.

"I don't get it… what's wrong with me?" he asked, though he doubted even Gibbs knew.

"Well, you haven't had much sleep, you've probably got delayed shock from getting attacked, I can tell by just looking at you that you've got a heck of a lot of stress, not to mention the fact that you could have withdrawal symptom from the morphine at the hospital," he explained, smiling a little.

"Oh…" he mumbled.

"Look, Ed. If you let use help, then we can. But you have to tell use what's going on, we're not mind readers. I'd we know it's something big, it would have to be for you to do all this, so just tell us, Okay?" he said kindly.

A few seconds of silence passed, before Ed nodded his head and told him, "Okay."

"Good. Right, let's get head back. You can explain everything there," Gibbs said, slapping him on his back and walking besides him.

This was bad. He could tell just by looking at his body that something was very wrong. The blood just kept pouring out of him. Why wouldn't it stop? Of course, he knew the answer to that, but he didn't want to believe it. Truth be told, he was scared. Terrified, even. There he was, alone with no sign of help, and completely helpless. What was he meant to do? Just lie there and wit for it to stop? Oh, how he hated this. In this place on this side, he was barely anymore then a human, and that thought disgusted him to the very core.

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