May 15, 20–

I am starting to worry about Master Bruce. Last week, he came out in the most ridiculous out fit, claiming he was a Man Bat or something silly like that. I nearly choked on my scone and had to spit it out into a napkin while he wasn't looking (which is a shame since it was a rather tasty scone at that).

He keeps running around Wayne Manor, flapping his arms around. I had a good fright this morning when I was getting the newspaper and saw him standing on the roof, grinning and waving at me. I demanded that he get off at once and he did, but not the way I had imagined he would. He jumped off the roof and flew around in circling singing, "The wings on the Bat go up and down..." over and over. I dare say, I'm strongly considering calling up Arkham.

May 21, 20–

Today Master Bruce ordered a whole bunch of little pointy metal bats. I must admit, they're very useful. I've discovered that you can open letters, slice carrots, and even clean your finger nails with them! I was a little taken back when he informed me that I could not use them to hang up my Rolling Stones poster. It was very disappointing.

I have been helping him clean out the cave under the manor. It has been a very unpleasant experience, considering several of the bats find it fun to use me as their target. I have taken to wearing a trash bag and gloves, yet the little pests still enjoy bothering me. Now, I smell like bat droppings every time I visit the cave. Very embarrassing if you ask me. When I told this to Master Bruce, he simply handed me a bottle of Shampoo.

But enough of that, onto some very exciting news! Several weeks ago, I put in an order for a new tea pot and this afternoon, it came it. It's such a beauty! I immediately made my self a cup of tea and a fresh batch of cookies. Master Bruce was only interested in the cookies, but that was alright. More tea for me.

May 27, 20-

I had the most frightening experience. While Master Bruce was over at Wayne tower, I went down into the cave to deliver a box that had just arrived in the mail. While I was down there, I noticed the new vehicle I had heard him mention the day before. It's quiet an odd car and it's rather big. Not surprisingly, it's black just like everything else. I'm beginning to wonder if Master Bruce is turning gothic on me.

So, out of curiosity, I went over and gave it a good look. I found the keys next to one of those weird masks and sat myself down in the driver's seat. I know it sounds childish of me, but I felt this sudden jolt of excitement surge through my body. I couldn't help it, it is indeed a very (as Master Bruce would say) cool car.

But happened next was a complete accident. I had this sudden cramp and my foot shot down and pressed on the gas. When that happened, my hand whacked the key, causing it to turn on the motor, which caused my elbow to stage shifts. The Tumbler shot out from the cave and went flying down the road. It wasn't until I had finally realized what was happening did I grab the steering wheel and return it back to where it belonged.

Obviously, I did not tell Master Bruce since I knew he would be concerned about me. So, it shall be a secret between myself and the journal.