A/N: Alfred's back…and so am I. Please keep in mind that for the majority of the story now will take place between the two movies, covering events that we haven't heard about. I plan to bring in several villains, a glorious kidnapping, and *gasp* a love interest for Alfred! So yes, there's a lot you don't know about our favorite butler ;)

July 2, 20 –

My dearest beloved memoir,

I have simply given up on my Master. It appears as if he really does believe he's a Man Bat. I keep telling him that he's never going to have a serious relationship if he continues wearing that ridiculous costume. No woman, sane or insane, wants to marry a man who plays dress up all day.

I knew that his parents' death had upset him as a child, but I had no idea it affected him this much! Perhaps I should write to Dear Abby…

July 14, 20 –

I talked with the nicest young man today!

I met him in the elevator going down to the lobby and he politely asked if I would like to see his mask. Obviously, I said yes (I mean, what else was I going to say? "No, I already have a Master who's obsessed with wearing masks like a psychotic killer?") and he pulled out this funny looking bag with eye holes; just like the one I used to wear when my brothers and I played cops and robbers. I was so overjoyed that I immediately asked if I could wear it and pulled it off his head onto mine.

It appeared as though the young man had an important meeting to attend however and had to leave the elevator quickly. I was very disappointed; I really wanted to play cops and robbers