Is this the end of the moment

Or just a beautiful unfolding
Of a love that will never be or maybe be
Everything that I never thought could happen

Or ever come to pass and I wonder
If maybe, maybe I could be all you ever dreamed

Cause you are beautiful inside,

So lovely and I can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you, I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you

Anywhere But Here- Safetysuit

We were drunk off of vodka and between us, nearly three containers of Oreo's had been diminished and devoured, their crumbs scattered across the Wayne lawn. She was wearing a strappy tank-top and crisp white shorts that enhanced the length of her legs. In Layman's terms, she looked sexy and I couldn't wait until we'd had enough vodka to tear off her clothes in my bedroom and devour her until the sun peaked into the window to see what on earth we'd been doing all night while it had been away.

"How long have we been out here?" She asked me and I shrugged, reaching out for the Frisbee, and ended up on the ground with my head spinning from the alcohol. I could hear her giggling, far off, but coming closer and closer. Finally, a weight pressed down against my chest and her warm fingers slowly danced across my abdomen. Her breath spread out across my neck and suddenly, the cool air was turning warmer and warmer. Or perhaps that was just my body temperature.

"Princess," I moaned, pushing myself up onto my palms, "Not now. Not here in the open." She sent me a flippant grin, but obliged, and pulled me up with her, my heels digging into the moistened grass underneath me- more to steady myself around her than anything else.

"Good idea. Besides, there's a good chance we would have passed out and Alfred would have had the pleasure of finding us both, naked, on the back lawn next to his prize-winning roses." We winced in unison.

"I don't believe he would appreciate that."

"Me either."

"You wouldn't want to find me naked on the back lawn?"

"Well, certainly, Bruce, but not if I was Alfred." She caught on to the fact that I was just teasing her- one of the many favorite things I do with her- and tossed the plastic disk back to me. I snatched it out of the air and tucked it underneath my arm.

"Refills?" She nodded enthusiastically and retrieved her empty glass. With her attention elsewhere- I could see her in my peripherals strolling through the rose garden- I retrieved the Sharpie out of my pocket and scribbled across the bottom of the Frisbee. "Have you ever tried throwing a Frisbee upside-down?" I called to the Amazonian goddess sauntering back towards me. A thoughtful gaze flickered across her slightly hazed features.

"Not that I recall. Considering my fellow sisters and I never played this game, I would say there's a great probability that I haven't."

"Try it out," I pitched the object to her and she caught it deftly in between her palms with an audible thwack- sounding like her sandals snapping against the pavement on hot summer days. Perhaps I was muddled from too much chocolate, cream, and Black Cossacks. Yes, I believe that was the reason for my strange-doing. I watched as Diana turned the Frisbee over in her hands, prepared to send it flying towards me, but paused suddenly. Her head snapped up from the toy, to me, and then back down again. Up, down, up, down. I became quite amused with it, but my palms were still sweating and the butterflies in my stomach were completing their choreographed Olympic-worthy gymnastic routine.

"Bruce?" The word on her lips might as well have been the soundtrack I wanted to hear and breathe for the rest of my life.

"Yes?" I responded innocently.



"Yes." That night, as we made love underneath those stars and that bright night sky- ignoring any quandaries about sex in the backyard and Alfred finding us in the morning- I thanked God, if he existed, for vodka and Oreo's and Frisbees and the woman in my arms.