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Peter Pettigrew was not an exactly an exceptional person. He was relatively short, pudgy, had been an average student when he was in school. He was extremely glad that he had been friends with three of the brightest students in his class. James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin had worked patiently and endlessly so that he could keep up with them, it didn't help that the four of them tended to be pranksters and spent half their time plotting their next humorous joke to pull on someone.

But there was one thing that made Peter stand out from other people. It was not the fact that he was a wizard. No, all his friends were witches and wizards. It was also not the fact that he was an Animagus; James and Sirius were also Animagi. The three of them could turn into a stag, that was James, a large black dog, Sirius, and a rat, Peter. Even though their friend Remus was a werewolf that was not what made Peter stand out either, being friends with a werewolf that is. What made Peter stand out was that when the dark wizard Voldemort captured him one Halloween night and tortured him to give the location of his friend James Potter's home the only reason why the Dark Lord found out was because he managed to pry the information out of Peter was because the Dark Lord was a Legilimin. This meant that Voldemort was able to magically extract the desired piece of information from Peter's mind. Peter stood out because he would rather die a brutal painful death than betray his friends.

After the Dark Lord was done with Peter he was thrown into a small room, without his wand, and the door was locked. Peter had a pretty good idea that the building he was in was warded against Apparating so he did not try to escape in that manner. The Death Eaters, Voldemort's followers, did not know that Mr. Pettigrew could turn into a rat. So after waiting a few minutes to gather his scattered wits and for the Death Eaters to move away from the door, Peter changed, walked under the door, found his wand, changed back and blasted his way out of the building, vanishing into the night.

"Sirius!" Peter shouted as he ran through the woods where his old school friend was camping out for a weekend hideout. He knew he had to find him soon, there was no time, in fact it could already be too late. "Padfoot! Where are you!?" he called again.

"Wormtail!" a voice came from the left.

Sirius Black came from the shadows, a frightened look on his face, "What's going on?"

"He has it!" Peter desperately told his larger friend, "He's going there right now!"

"Who?" Sirius exclaimed, "Where?"

"Voldemort!" Peter shouted, "To the Potter's!"

"You TOLD HIM!" Sirius shouted furiously.

"He ripped it from my mind!" Peter desperately tried to calm his friend down, "He's a Legilimen. I told him nothing!"

Sirius looked temporarily relieved before suddenly grabbing Peter. "There's no time to lose!" he shouted, "He's probably already there!"

"Don't you think I know that?!" Peter said, "Damn! Why did tonight have to be a full moon? We need Moony for more support!"

"It can't be helped," Sirius said as the two ran through the forest, "We'll have manage with who we have!"

The two men vanished abruptly, Apparating to the Potter's home.

Peter and Sirius ran through the smashed in door, to see Voldemort dueling with James and Lily running upstairs with little Harry. Without pausing the two of them jumped into the fray. "You," Voldemort said coldly as he saw Peter, "How did you get out of that room?"

"Let's just say I can be very small when I need to be," Peter spat at the Dark Lord shooting a blasting curse at him. Voldemort knocked it to the side with ease.

With the addition of a second Auror, Sirius and James were Aurors or Dark Wizard Catchers for the Ministry of Magic, and their tag-along friend, who worked in the Misuse of Magic department at the Ministry, the fight began to become a little fairer. Still, a powerful curse shot out and struck James in the chest, straight to the heart. He was dead before he hit the floor.

Surprisingly it was not Sirius who rushed madly at Voldemort, rage in his eyes, revenge the only thought in his mind, but Peter. For a single moment, Voldemort seemed to feel a twinge of fear as the hexes and curses rained down on him. But, as the green light shot toward Peter, the last thought to cross his mind was that nobody would know the truth and nobody would believe Sirius. As Peter Pettigrew fell dead to the floor, and Sirius was slammed into the wall unconscious, the truth that Peter Pettigrew, not Sirius Black, had been the Potter's Secret Keeper died in a flash of blinding green light and a cruel laugh.

Albus Dumbledore walked gracefully into Privet Drive and took his Putter-Outer out of his pocket. He flicked the little switch on it a few times and the street lights went out, leaving only the moon to light the green lawn that the owners of took such good care for. Heading in the direction of Number Four, he spotted a cat sitting on short wall.

"I expected that you might be here, Minerva," Dumbledore smiled at the cat. The cat in question hopped from its seat and walked over to Dumbledore transforming into an aging, but not nearly as old as Dumbledore, witch.

"Good evening Headmaster," Minerva McGonagall said tersely.

"Is it true?" McGonagall asked, "Are the Potter's really…"

"I'm afraid so," Dumbledore told her, "Hagrid is bringing young Harry here as we speak."

"Are you sure this is a wise decision Albus?" McGonagall asked him, "I've been watching this family all day and they are atrocious."

"They are his only living relatives," Dumbledore told his friend, "And I am not completely sure that Voldemort is gone," he chose ignored McGonagall's flinch at the name, "I want him protected and this is the easiest way to do it. As long as he can call this place home, the blood relation of his aunt will keep him safe."

"I still don't think that it is a good idea, Albus," McGonagall told him. Dumbledore observed his fellow professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a moment before pulling out a small mirror. He spoke softly into it for a few moments before returning it to his pocket and looking over to his right. There was a loud-CRACK-and a middle-aged man appeared next to him.

"What is it?" the man asked in an American accent.

"Minerva meet Gabriel Munro. Gabriel meet Minerva McGonagall. Gabriel I would like you to do us a favor," Dumbledore put his hand on Gabriel's shoulder.

"I see," Gabriel said, looking at Dumbledore questioningly. At that moment a large motorbike descended from the sky and a very large man got off it, lifting a small child from the passenger carriage.

"Hagrid, you have perfect timing," Dumbledore informed the giant, "Gabriel, if you could watch over young Harry Potter as he grows up with this Muggle family. We have concerns about how they might bring him up."

Gabriel nodded and the three smaller people looked at Harry in Hagrid's arms. "Is that where…?" McGonagall asked pointing at the lightning bolt shaped scar on the sleeping boys' forehead.

"Yes, it is," Dumbledore said, "The point where the Killing Curse bounced off and struck its caster. I dare say he will bear it for the rest of his life."

Taking the baby from Hagrid, after the giant man said a tearful goodbye to the young boy, Dumbledore placed Harry on the steps to Number Four with a letter addressed to Petunia Dursley. "Now all we can do is hope for the best," he told his companions, "Good luck, Harry Potter."

With that, the four of them departed, Gabriel Apparating away, McGonagall transforming back into a cat and walking into the darkness, Hagrid mounting the motorbike and taking to the sky, and Dumbledore vanishing with a swish of his purple cloak.

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