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Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry sat in his office mulling over a potential Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He was changing to the profile of another prospect when someone stopped outside his door.

"Come in," he called, not bothering to wait for the person to knock.

Gabriel Munro walked into the room and sat in a chair on the other side of Dumbledore's desk.

"Ah, Gabriel, what is it that you were wishing to speak with me about?" Dumbledore said, putting the pieces of parchment aside, giving his friend his full attention.

"There is a problem with Mr. Potter," Gabriel said, "I think it would be better if I showed you rather than telling you."

He pulled a little vial out of his coat, and Dumbledore placed his Pensieve in the middle of his desk.

Dumbledore sat back in his chair, "I was expecting them to act like this," he sighed, "but not nearly this badly. He can begrudgingly call that place a home, but it is slowly becoming a far cry at that."

"What should we do?" Gabriel asked.

"We need to handle this smoothly," Dumbledore said as Gabriel retrieved the memory and placed it back in the vial, "We will have the Muggle authorities remove him from the house, make sure that the family isn't arrested we don't want to destroy the life of another boy because of Harry we can allow his parents to do that for him. We then need to ensure that a wizarding family adopts him, but it needs to be one that has enough potency that when Voldemort returns he will be protected."

"Why can't he live with his Godfather, Sirius Black?" Gabriel asked.

"Because he is currently imprisoned in Azkaban for turning over the secret location of the Potter's to Voldemort and the murder of Peter Pettigrew," Dumbledore snorted, "Though, between you and I, I highly doubt that if he did it was voluntarily. Black and Potter were practically brothers, neither one of them, or their friends Remus and Peter, would betray each other willingly. As for Peter's death…well, there is a convenient lack of evidence down that road if you ask me."

"How about Remus then?" Gabriel asked.

"Remus would, unfortunately, never take the boy in as a son," Dumbledore said a bit ruefully, "He considers his condition far too dangerous."

Gabriel thought for a moment. "You said "when Voldemort returns"," he looked up at Dumbledore, "You're expecting him to return then?"

"Without a doubt," Dumbledore said, "and I'm afraid that Harry should be told about what has been said concerning him and Voldemort rather soon after he has come to this school." Gabriel sat back, drifting off into thought again before a large smile appeared on his face.

"I think I know just the family," he told Dumbledore.

Harry Potter lay back on his bed. Four years ago men had came to the Dursley's house and took him away. Harry was all too happy to see the last of that miserable place, his aunt and uncle made him do most of the chores around the house as well as cook when his aunt didn't want to. On top of that, they never stopped Harry's cousin, Dudley, from playing "Harry Hunting" involving tracking Harry down and tormenting him.

So when he was taken away to an orphanage, Harry practically in heaven. It was only a few days later that a middle-aged man, average height and build with a mustache and goatee, came by with his son, shorter than his father but similarly built with shoulder length brown hair, several years older than Harry, introducing himself as Gabriel Munro and his son as Robert Munro. After a few visits, a signature on a few pieces of paper, and a bit of a drive through London, Harry found himself at his new home at Number 42 Coventry Lane.

Harry began noticing odd things about his new family shortly afterwards. For one thing Robert would go out into the back yard and simply vanish into thin air, or so it would seem for Harry never actually witnessed what happened when Robert would go into the back yard. Also, the house never seemed to get dirty, no matter how hard anyone tried. Of course it got messy and Robert and Harry would be told to clean up their messes by a stern Gabriel, but there wasn't any dust or dirt in the house ever.

Robert stopped going into the back yard when he turned seventeen two years after Harry came to live with them. He would instead leave to go to work with his father as Harry went to school. One would usually be home by the time Harry returned. Harry thought that this was unusual since most of the teachers at school would tell them that most people finishing school and getting a job would be eighteen, a year older than Robert was.

Harry was mulling these thoughts over in his head when he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in," he called sitting up on his bed. Robert walked in holding an envelope.

"Hey there Short-Stuff," Robert messed with Harry's hair, "a letter came for you in the mail today."

Harry looked up at his adoptive older brother; mail never came for him in particular so what was going on? Was Robert pulling his leg like the last time "mail" had come for Harry?

Taking the envelope from Robert, Harry read the green writing on the front. "To Mr. Harry J. Potter, Number 42 Coventry Lane, second bedroom of the upstairs," he read, he looked up at Robert questioningly. Robert looked completely impassive, either this was for real or he had really outdone himself on this prank. Harry opened the letter and read it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Harry looked up at Robert who still was keeping his facial expression quite under control. The recent development of a beard was helping. "Ok, ha ha, very funny," Harry told Robert, "you've had your little joke can you leave my room now?"

"It's not a joke," his older brother told him in a completely serious tone, "shall I prove it?"

Harry nodded this he had to see. Robert reached into the sleeve of his long sleeve shirt, his fingers barely going past the tip the sleeve. He pulled out a long thin rod and pointed it at Harry's clock. He gave the stick a little swish and a quick flick and the clock slowly rose into the air. Harry watched the clock in rapt amazement as it floated around the room and returned to the nightstand by his bed. He turned back to Robert and got an even bigger shock as he saw Robert write "Now do you believe me?" in shining letters with the stick, in mid air.

The letters shone for a moment before fading to nothing. Harry blinked and looked at his older brother. "How did…?" he interrupted by Robert, "Magic," Robert said, "Both me and Dad are wizards, as are you. It has come time for you to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first of seven years of magical schooling."

"Did you go to Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"No," Robert told him, "I went to The Masonic School of Magic in the United States of America. As you know, both Dad and I are American." The boys heard the front door to the house open. Harry and Robert glanced at the clock; it read four o' clock exactly.

"Perfect, Dad's home," Robert said, placing the stick, which turned out to be a wand, behind his ear, "And from the sounds of it Mr. Lupin has joined him for afternoon tea."

The boys grinned at each other, "What are they doing now?" Harry asked anxiously.

"They've retrieved cups from the cupboard…they've poured the tea….adding sweetener…" Robert reported to his adopted younger brother.

"And finding out that we've exchanged the sugar with the salt right about….now!" Harry grinned as the boys heard a chorus of spitting noises and a loud voice calling them downstairs.

"Bring the letter," Robert told Harry, "There's more to this explanation than I can tell you myself." Harry wondered what Robert meant by that as the boys descended the stairs.

Harry sat back in his chair staring in awe at his adoptive father. Gabriel had just told him the whole story behind his parents' deaths, why he had been at the Dursley's and why he was his adoptive father. "So this Voldemort (is that what you called him?) character murdered my parents because he wanted to kill me?" he asked.

"Correct," Mr. Lupin said, "But for some reason he couldn't kill you, I believe that Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, can speculate on how it happened but I'm not sure he can definitively that "this happened"."

"Why didn't you take me in if you were such good friends with my dad?" Harry asked looking at Mr. Lupin. Lupin became rather red and flustered and it was Gabriel who answered Harry.

"Remus here has a bit of a condition that makes him feel a little unsafe to be around at times," he told the young boy, "Especially around the time of a full moon."

Harry gapped at the older man, "Mr. Lupin is a…"

"Yes, Harry," Lupin sighed, "I am a werewolf; have been since before I went to Hogwarts, which I got into only because Professor Dumbledore took over the position as Headmaster a few years before I was old enough to go."

"But there isn't anything wrong with him being a werewolf," Gabriel implored Harry, "For twelve nights a year he is something else. But for every single day of the year he's a normal human just like you and me."

"But if Voldemort is dead, why did the wizarding family I got adopted into need to be powerful?" Harry asked, "And why didn't I just get sent straight there instead of to the Dursley's?"

Gabriel and Lupin exchanged looks. "We can at least tell him the beginnings," Lupin said as Gabriel nodded.

"What? Beginnings of what?" Harry pried.

"Voldemort isn't dead," Gabriel told him, "We don't know where he is, but he's still out there. And until we know he's dead we have to keep you safe and there are only two ways of doing that: One, the blood protection of your mother's sister, but that only worked as long as you could call that place a home. Since that was becoming rather iffy Professor Dumbledore and I agreed to remove you from there and place you in the care of a powerful wizarding family. Myself being a rather accomplished Auror for the American Magical Government and Robert soon to be done with school and following in my footsteps I was quite a logical choice."

"Don't get me wrong, Harry," Gabriel said, seeing a hurt look enter the boy's eye, "I was the person who monitored your life at the Dursley's. After it was decided to have a wizarding family adopt you I made sure that I was the one to adopt you. After watching you grow up in that house those painful years I had developed an attachment to you, if you will."

"And since the two of you seem to be taking after Harry's father," Lupin gestured to the discarded tea cups, "I doubt that Robert feels that you are anything but his younger brother."

Harry sat pondering what his adoptive father had told him. He was a wizard who was apparently feared by a rather powerful dark wizard, feared enough that the dark wizard would go to great lengths to possibly have him killed. 'But why?' Harry thought, 'Why does Voldemort want me dead? It's not like I've done anything to challenge him or anything.'

Robert broke him from his thoughts with a large grin and a statement telling him that the two of them would be running past a place called Diagon Alley tomorrow to buy his school supplies.

"So there are two types of people in the world," Harry reiterated to Robert as they walked down a street in London, "Witches and wizards are the magic folk and Muggles are non-magic folk."

"There's also a category for people in magical families who can't perform magic," Robert said, "I don't particularly like it but it exists: a Squib."

Harry wore jeans and a Manchester United shirt while Robert wore similar clothing but had a plain black shirt on instead. Both boys had grown considerably since they first met, Robert now stretched past his father in height and had a larger frame. Harry, though still small and wiry, looked far healthier than he did after he first left the Dursley's four years ago, actually having gained forty pounds, almost doubling his weight.

"You should take note, Harry that Wizards are just like Muggles only with magical means of doing daily tasks. You notice all the technology around us right now," he gestured to stop lights, cars, ATM machines, and the tube station they were walking past, "All this was designed by Muggles to improve their daily lives. Wizards do the same thing except they look for a new spell to cast to accomplish something for them. This may seem like Wizards are lazy or something but you must remember that magic takes a great deal of effort to do properly. It is possible to have an overweight wizard, but that would mean that he is not necessarily adept at magic."

"And Wizards, like Muggles, are very different from each other depending on the society and nation they live in. For example, your Hogwarts school has seven years of attendance to it. On the other hand, the school I went to only has five. Because of the time length difference, my schooling was a bit more intense and I actually went to school year round. There are reasons for why our respective schools have different numbers of years for attendance: the number seven is considered to be a powerful number in the realm of magic, therefore many schools have seven years for their curriculums."

"The Masonic School of Magic was founded by a group of men called the Free Masons. They among the first people in the American Government to be aware of the magical world, seeing as many Free Masons were actually wizards themselves. The number five is important in Masonic teachings as it signifies "builder". I never paid too much attention in A History of Magic, that's a class you will likely take, so I'm not completely sure how that little fact is significant; I think it might be because witches and wizards are "magical builders" or something or the other. Ah, here we are. Welcome to the Leaky Caldron Harry."

Harry looked at the building in front of them. It was old, dirty, and appeared to be a pub. "Why are we here?" he asked Robert. "You'll see," was all the older boy told him as they entered.

"Hagrid! Good to see you again!" Robert called to a large man sitting at a table eating lunch. The man, Hagrid, looked up and beamed at the two boys.

"Robbie! Pleasure ta see yeh again lad! And o's this? Harry Potter?" the great man pushed his chair back, turning to the boys, "Harry! Good ta see yeh again! The las' time I saw yeh you just a wee lad. Good ta see yeh've grown!"

At this point lots of people were coming over wanting to shake Harry's hand, welcoming to the Leaky Caldron, thanking him profusely for what he had done. Harry's head was still swimming when he heard Hagrid's loud voice over the commotion.

"All right ev'ry'un! Young Harry here has much ter do! Got's to go buy his school stuff," the giant called. He and Robert managed to maneuver Harry through the building with surprising speed, then again Robert had told Harry that his job was to be virtually non-existent as he tracked and apprehended dark witches and wizards, and Hagrid stood a good twelve feet tall at least so cutting a path through a crowd was an easy job for the two of them.

"Why were all those people so excited over me?" Harry asked as the three of them stepped into a small back lot behind the pub.

"Yer famous Harry," Hagrid told him, "I'm sure Gab and Robbie here hav' told yeh the story already."

"The one about Voldemort and my parents?" Harry asked feeling confused when Hagrid flinched at the name.

"Hagrid it's just a name," Robert said to the larger man, "If you can't get over the fear of a little word how will you be able to stand up to the bastard when you're faced with him."

"But he's gone," Hagrid said, "I prolly won' ever face 'im."

"Even more reason to just say the name," Robert said, "Repeat after me Hagrid: Voldemort."

"Vo-V-Vold," Hagrid tried to say the name and was failing miserably, "Ok, here goes," he took a deep breath, "Voldemort," he finally managed to choke out. "See. That wasn't so hard now was it? Oh, if you could do the honors," Robert stepped back from the wall he was standing in front of.

Hagrid pulled out a pink umbrella and tapped a series of bricks on the wall. Suddenly the bricks began moving apart and an opening appeared in the wall leading down a winding road with shops lining both sides.

"And now we enter the wondrous world of Diagon Alley," Robert said, "Before entering please take the time to notice all emergency exits. In case of a sudden depressurization of the world, use your wand to create the Bubblehead Charm to supply yourself with breathable air. If you come with a small child administer the charm on yourself first and let the little bugger fend for himself."

He and Harry grinned madly at each other as he finished saying this. Robert had made up a similar joke to an airplane flight safety lecture one time that they had gone on a brief vacation to America. If there was something funny that could be said about a situation chances are Robert would be able to think of it.

"Firs' things firs'," Hagrid said, "I need to pick up a package for Dumbledore from Gringotts Bank and I suppos' you too have to pick up money before you shop."

"Well that was an adventure," Robert said as they stepped back outside the bank, a bag of gold in Harry's hands, "Dare I ask what was in vault seven-thirteen?"

"I's more than my job's worth ta tell yeh," Hagrid told him, "Now I mus' be gettin' back to Professor Dumbledore." The giant waved to the boys as he walked away.

"How'd you like Hagrid?" Robert asked as the brothers walked to Madam Malkin's robe shop, "He's the gamekeeper at Hogwarts. If you ever want a friendly person to talk to that won't judge, to a degree it depends on what you're talking about, he'll be more than happy to talk to you about anything."

"Why's he so big?" Harry asked. "He's half-giant," Robert responded, "But that's something you'll have to ask him about."

A set of wizard robes and a ill-encounter with a stuck up prick named Draco Malfoy, a stop by Flourish and Blotts to pick up Harry's books and caldron, by the Apothecary to by potion supplies, and a funny looking store that Harry never quite got the name of but it had loads of animals in it, Harry and Robert found themselves outside Mr. Ollivanders wand shop with all of Harry's supplies and a snowy white owl, named Hedwig Harry decided.

"Well, this is it," Robert said, "Last stop before lunch and the trip back home." They walked into the musty shop and were greeted by a vast silence. Harry saw a bell on the desk and rang it lightly and an aging man on a ladder slide into view. "Ah, Mr. Potter," the man said, "I was wondering when I would be seeing you."

He stepped off the ladder an walked forward extending his hand to Harry who shook it. "My name is Ollivander," the man said, "It is my pleasure to fit you with the wand you will be using as a wizard Mr. Potter. Amazing how the years go by," he commented going back into the back room and pulling out several boxes, "I remember the day that your parents were in here buying their wands like it happened yesterday. Your mother had a wand for charms: Ten and a quarter inches, swishy and made of willow. Had a unicorn hair in it as its core. Your father on the other hand had a wand more suited for transfiguration: Eleven inches long, mahogany, slightly pliable. His had a phoenix tail feather as its core."

"Now then," Mr. Ollivander said putting down the boxes and pulling a wand from one of them, "Let us see what wand you will receive." Harry took the wand from Mr. Ollivander and almost gave it a little wave when it was plucked from his hand. "Apparently not," he said, "Try this one."

Probably a dozen, maybe more, wands later Harry still had no wand. "Tricky costumer this one," Mr. Ollivander said to Robert, "The wand chooses the wizard after all Mr. Potter. Eventually we will find one. I've gone through every wand in the store before finally having a wand choose the costumer. That was a tedious day. One the other hand I've also had the first wand I handed to someone choose the witch. You can never know what's going to work."

He paused as he picked up a wand. "Eleven inches, holly, phoenix feather, supple…I wonder…try this one if you please," he handed to wand to Harry. Harry didn't even move his hand, but a glow came from the tip and he felt a warm welcome sensation in his fingers.

"She likes," Mr. Ollivander mused, "Curious, very curious."

"Sorry, what's curious?" Harry asked.

"I remember every wand I've ever sold, Mr. Potter," Mr. Ollivander said as he returned the wand to its box and wrapped it, "The phoenix that provided the feather for y our wand gave but two feathers. I sold the first of the two over fifty years ago to a young Tom Riddle. Yes, thirteen and a half inches, made of yew. A powerful wand it was, and it did many terrible things. I find it curious that you should be destined for this wand when its brother gave you the scar on your forehead."

"You mean that…"

"Yes, You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the Dark Lord, Voldemort, however you want to say his name, he owns the wand with the other phoenix feather in it," Mr. Ollivander said, "But enough about that. Those dark times are long past. Enjoy your school days Mr. Potter." He bowed Robert and Harry out of his shop.

A month later found Harry, Robert, and Gabriel walking through Kings Cross Station on their way to… "Platform Nine-and-three-quarters?" Harry asked looking at his ticket and then to Gabriel. "You'll see," was all his adopted father said. Robert was snickering to himself as he pushed Harry's trolley along.

"…packed with Muggles as usual…"

Harry glanced over in the direction of the voice. A plump woman escorting a posse of boys and holding the hand of a rather cute little girl, all with flaming red hair, were walking a short ways away from Harry and his family. "If you follow them you'll find out where were going I'm sure," Gabriel prodded Harry and they walked after the red headed troop.

They stopped at a barrier divided platforms Nine and Ten about three quarters of the way down the platforms. Without pause, the oldest of the boys walked briskly at the solid divider and walked straight through the solid wall, vanishing. Harry blinked, unsure if what he had seen was real. However when the next oldest set of boys, who appeared to be identical twins with a rather prominent sense of humor, went through the wall one right after the other he remembered that he was, after all, going to a school of magic so the way to get there was probably equally as "magical". He was suddenly pulled forward by Gabriel and they approached the family.

"Morning Molly," Gabriel said in a friendly tone, "How's Arthur?"

"Oh, Mr. Munro," the woman said apparently a bit surprised to see him, "Arthur's just fine. He couldn't get off work today to see the kids off, a pity really seeing as the last Weasley boy is off to school." She sighed, "Hopefully he will be able to get off next year when the first Weasley girl to be born in about six generations will be heading off for her first year at Hogwarts."

"That would be lovely indeed," Gabriel said, "Now I believe you know Robert," he gestured to Robert who was leaning against Harry's trolley, "And this is my other charge: say hello Harry."

"Uh, hi," Harry stammered, it was unusual for Gabriel to introduce him to strangers but it appeared that Gabriel knew this family.

The remaining Weasley's looked at Harry and each had a different reaction. The boy, who was starting to become tall and gangly, just opened his eyes and stared for a moment. The young girl gave a little squeak and hid behind her mother, peering out from behind her every once in a while. Mrs. Weasley smiled and looked over Harry quickly. "A bit peaky if you ask me, have you been feeding him alright Gabriel?" she asked.

"I don't go to the grocery nearly as often as you might, Molly," Gabriel said to her, "But you wouldn't believe the amount of food that these two boys go through."

The boy wandered over to Harry and Robert while the adults talked and the girl kept nervously glancing at Harry. "I'm Ron by the way," he introduced himself, "Are you really Harry Potter?"

Harry turned to Robert, giving his brother a look that asked "am I really as famous as you said I am?"

"'Fraid so, bro," Robert told him, "Now let's mysteriously disappear while those two aren't watching." He pointed to the talking adults.

Harry and Ron grinned at the older boy and, after Ron grabbed his trolley, the three of them ran at the barrier stepping through it. Harry looked around, hardly believing what he was seeing. A large steam engine train sat waiting to be filled by the kids being hugged one last time by their parents before leaving for the school term. He could hear owls hooting, frogs-or were they toads-croaking, there were even a few cats prowling around the crowd as their owners chased after them.

"Wicked isn't it?" Ron asked Harry. Harry nodded as the twin Weasley's from earlier showed up.

"Need a hand?" one of them asked, "There's still some room over there by Lee Jordan. He's saving it for friends and family, as he put it anyway." The twins and Robert stored the younger boys trunks in the luggage compartment and turned back to see a near hysterical Mrs. Weasley and a grinning Gabriel, who was having difficulty not laughing, scolding Ron and Harry for leaving without first telling someone where they were going. Or Mrs. Weasley was anyway, Gabriel was complimenting Robert on the slick getaway.

"Now then," Mrs. Weasley said, turning to the twins as she finished with Ron and Harry, "I expect you two to be on your best behavior do you hear me? I don't want to get another note from the Headmaster saying that you've…blown up another toilet…"

"We've never blown up a toilet before, mother," the right hand twin said.

"Thanks for the idea," the other one said.

"Indeed, yes," Robert joined in, pulling out a piece of paper that read "To Do List" at the top.

"Are you encouraging these two?!" the mother cried incredulously at Robert.

Robert looked at her with an aghast look on his face, "Heavens no," he breathed, "Why would anyone see me as a role model? Just because I'm older doesn't necessarily mean I'm wiser or something. Harry is that the boy we met at the robe shop a few weeks ago?" He pointed in the direction of Draco Malfoy who was being hugged by his mother. He pulled his wand out of his jacket sleeve, made some funny gestures with it and put it back. When Malfoy tried to walk away he found that his shoe-laces had been tied together in a neat little bow, causing everyone but Mrs. Weasley to laugh.

"Now then," Gabriel cut in as the laughter died, "Mrs. Weasley is right: try to stay out of trouble. But don't just hole yourself up somewhere and study all the time. You're at school, you're kids, this is a time for you to enjoy yourselves, and maybe learn a few tricks along the way while you're at it."

The train whistle blew and the boys, minus Robert, piled onto the train. The Weasley girl started crying.

"Don't cry Ginny," Ron called, "We'll write loads of letters. Even make Percy write to you when he isn't strutting around with his Prefect badge displayed."

"We'll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat, Ginny" one of the twins called.

"George!" their mother yelled.

"Only joking, Mum," George reassured her.

"Remember to send letters every week," Gabriel said, "And do visit Hagrid, he loves company and has amazing stories about the school."

The train pulled away and the boys moved away from the door. "Well then," George said, "I believe you've met Ron here, Harry, but we haven't been introduced yet. I'm Forge Weasley and this is my brother Gred."

"Right," Harry smiled, "I'm Harry Potter."

"Really?" Gred, or rather Fred, said, "Do you remember what You-Know-Who looks like?"

"Sorry," Harry told them, "I've been told that I was barely a year old when that happened. I don't remember much except for a flash of green light and a cruel laugh suddenly being cut off."

"Wicked," George said.

"But you must excuse us," Fred said.

"Lee Jordan has a giant tarantula and is showing it around," George finished and with that the two older boys vanished. Harry and Ron looked around spotting an open compartment and went in.

"Just how many brothers do you have?" Harry asked his new acquaintance.

"Five," Ron said a bit gloomily, "I hardly get anything new. I've got Bill's old robes, he's the oldest, Charlie's old wand, second oldest, and Percy's old rat, third oldest. I've also got a lot to live up to. Bill was Head Boy and Charlie Quidditch Captain, now Percy's a Prefect. The twins goof off a lot, as you might have noticed, but get good enough grades. Anything I do will probably get overlooked as it's all been done before."

"I have an older brother, adopted but still, but he went to an American Magic School. So it will be like I don't have one at Hogwarts. Unless Robert is well know enough that teachers know him," Harry said.

"Or the parents of kids know our father and try and compare you to him and myself," a voice came from the overhead luggage compartment. Ron and Harry looked up to see Robert lying up there grinning ear to ear.

"What's up?" he said, hopping down and sitting next to Harry.

"How'd you get up there?" Harry gapped at his brother.

"Auror trade secret," Robert said mysteriously, "Anyway here comes the snack cart." He stopped the cart outside the compartment, handing the witch pushing it a few Galleons and loading his arms with sweets.

"Share the wealth," said Robert as he conjured a table from thin air and laid the sweets on it.

Ron looked at him in amazement. "You bought all this for the trip?" he asked looking at Robert like he was out of his mind.

"Sure," Robert said as he and Harry dug in, "Have a Chocolate Frog, and if you find a Merlin card I still need one."

"I don't want to bother you," Ron said glumly, pulling out a packet of sandwiches, "oh, bloody hell, corned beef. Mum always forgets I hate corned beef."

"LOOK A UNICORN!" Robert yelled pointing out the window at something, both Harry and Ron desperately craned their necks to try and see what the older boy had seen but didn't see anything.

"Bother," Harry said as they sat back down, "Always wanted to see one in the wild."

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed looking around, "Where'd my sandwiches go?"

"Wha' sawishs?" Robert asked with his mouth full.

"You ate my sandwiches!" Ron pointed at Robert, aghast that the boy would do such a thing.

"What?" Robert asked, swallowing and looking around, "What sandwiches? Where?"

"The corned beef sandwiches my mum made me," Ron told him slightly exasperated.

"You have corned beef sandwiches?" Robert said opening his eyes wide with interest, "Can I have them? I love corned beef."

It was too much for Harry to take and he burst out laughing, shortly followed by Ron who suddenly realized what the older boy had done and everyone dug back into the mountain of candy Robert had bought.

"Pardon me," a nervous looking boy said sticking his head into the compartment, "but has anyone seen a toad by any chance?"

"Like the one between your shoes?" Robert asked, munching on a licorice wand.

"Trevor!" the boy said, as he picked up the toad, "Thanks," he said. "Don't mention it," Robert said, "And take this with you!" He handed the boy a box of sugar quills. The boy thanked him again and left.

"Always nice to see a pet return to its owner," Robert mumbled, "You have a pet by chance?" he asked Ron.

Ron reached into his pocket and took out a rat, "His name is Scabbers," he said, "he's not much but considering he's been in the family for ten years and he's still lively I can't complain too much." Scabbers crawled out of Ron's hand and into a Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans box.

"I've got Hedwig," Harry said, "She's a bit harder to take care of than a rat but she's smart. I think she'd go buy me a snack if I gave her some money and she'd come back with correct change. Not that I'm bragging or anything."

The door to the compartment opened and a girl Harry and Ron's age stuck her head in. "Um, pardon me for asking but, aren't you a little old to be going to Hogwarts?" she asked Robert, obviously taking notice of his long hair and short beard. "I'm not a student," Robert told her, "I have however, recently gotten a job in the village of Hogsmeade and since the train station is in that village I got passage on the train."

"I thought you…"


Harry was slightly taken aback when his older brother shushed him before he got his question out. Robert had told Harry that he was an Auror for the American Magical Government, so why did he now have a job in Hogsmeade Village? 'Must be Auror business,' he mused to himself as Robert invited the girl in and sat her down next to Ron.

The girl looked a little scarred, until Ron offered her a chocolate frog-"If the card is Agrippa I'm still looking for him so could you give it to me if it's him?"-then she only looked shy. "I'm Hermione Granger," she introduced herself smiling a bit, revealing a set of rather large front teeth, "who are you guys?"

"I'm Ron Weasley," Ron said, as he ate some Every Flavored Beans.

"Harry Potter," Harry said, raising his hand a bit.

"Robert Munro," Robert said, pulling his wand out and beginning to polish it.

Hermione opened her eyes wide, suddenly excited and began talking rapidly the words coming out of her mouth so fast that Harry couldn't understand what she was saying. Robert pointed his wand at her and she fell silent, though her mouth continued to move for a few moments before realizing that she wasn't making any noise. She looked around and saw that Robert was still pointing the wand at her.

"Miss Granger," Robert began, "I think you are afflicted with a rather serious ailment called Know-It-All-Syndrome. The disorder causes the individual to be a bit of a social outcast as the individual can't manage to accomplish anything without using some piece of information that came from a book or something of the like. Because they can't do anything without said random piece of information, if you haven't noticed I really don't care that Harry is mentioned in books such as The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts or my father being mentioned in Modern Magical History or Ron's family being mentioned as the possible descendants Godric Gryffindor, they spend all their time holed up in their little next of books that they create for themselves.

"I've also noticed that all of the little bits and pieces of information that they know have very little value to the world. You spouted out in Rapid-Fire-English bits of information that are in books. I demonstrated my knowledge by performing a silencing charm so that I would be able to speak without interruption. However I am being cruel here, so to make up for my actions: Reducio!"

Ron and Harry watched in amazement as Hermione's front teeth shrank to a more normal size. Robert made a few more flicks with his wand and Hermione's teeth shifted around in her mouth and conjured a mirror out of nowhere giving it to the young girl. Hermione looked in it, gasped, then giggled. "My parents were so looking forward to me having braces when I got older," she giggled, then gapped at the fact that she was making sound again.

"Yes, I know, I removed the silencing charm," Robert waved his hand, "But let's discuss something else now…"

The four trailed off into topics like explaining to Ron what braces were and telling Hermione how you played the sport of Quidditch.

"So there are seven players to a team: three chasers, two beaters, a keeper, and a seeker. The chasers fly around on brooms with a ball called the Quaffle and try and throw it through three hoops that the keeper is guarding. The beaters have clubs and fly around whacking two balls that fly through the air trying to knock people off their brooms, the beaters are directing these "bludgers?" away from their teammates and toward the other team. The seeker is the most important player on the team as he or she is the only one who can end the game by catching a little ball with wings called the snitch. The seeker has to be paying attention to the entire playing field because while catching the snitch isn't worth any points it signifies the end of the game." Hermione took a deep breath, "That's a lot to keep track of."

"It is," Ron said, "I respect the seekers position a lot. You have to be watching two games at the same time basically: the game between the chasers, keepers, and beaters; and the game between you and the other seeker, because you want the snitch to be caught while your team is in the lead not the other way around. Not only that, the snitch isn't released at the start of the game and is never released at the same time twice so you have to keep watch for the snitch which is so small and reflective it's damn near impossible to see sometimes. Longest Quidditch match ever played was three weeks. The teams kept having to put in substitute players so that people could sleep and eat. That particular game, the snitch wasn't released for two and a half weeks, nobody knows why but they have changed the rules a bit so that the snitch has to be released no later than three hours. Hardly any spectators were left when the game finally ended."

Hermione glared at Robert for a moment. "And how is that not the so-called "Know-It-All-Syndrome"?" she asked him. "It pertained to the subject we were talking about and he said it at a pace that the rest of us could understand," Robert explained

The rest of the train ride was pleasant, the only interruption was when Malfoy showed up with two cronies, named Crabbe and Goyle. Scabbers the rat dealt with that problem by biting Goyle on the finger.

"We'll be arriving soon," Robert told the trio of new students, "I suggest you use the lavatory and change into your school robes."

Hermione left to take care of changing, coming back a few minutes later, while Harry and Ron changed in the compartment.

"Right then," Robert said to them as they pulled into the station, "Don't do anything unreasonably stupid this year. Learn a few things. Know when to keep your mouths shut, and I'm not just talking to Miss Granger boys, you make one obscene comment in class and I can guarantee you a detention and the loss of points for your house."

"What's this?" Harry and Hermione asked simultaneously.

"House Cup Competition," Ron explained, "You do good things over the course of the year your house is awarded points. You do things you're not supposed to do and you're punished by having points removed from your house. The house with the most points at the end of the year wins."

The rest of the evening was exciting. Hagrid took the first year students across the lake in boats, giving them a magnificent view of the castle. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all ended up in Gryffindor House. Harry was amazed at the size of the castle, and at the moving staircases. Ron's older brother Percy was one of the Gryffindor Prefects and lead the Gryffindor first-years to Gryffindor Tower and told them the password (Caput Draconis) to enter.

Harry fell asleep that night, with barely contained excitement for the classes to come. Which was unusual, since most boys Harry's age don't particularly enjoy school.

The end...of chapter one.

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