A lovely little DnA oneshot, despite the fact it's summer.

For CI, cos she approved of the DnA in my FA stories... :)


P.S: If you like Linds, don't bother. Flames are unappreciated.

Lindsay swung her legs back and forth from the counter she was perched on in the layout room. Danny was stood a few feet from her, singing loudly (and out of tune) to the various Christmas songs blaring out of the radio.

Flack lounged back on a chair nearby, doing his best to avoid having to soeak to Lindsay. After all, he hadn't promised Aiden he'd be nice to the new girl. Though, he supposed she wasn't really all that new anymore. She'd been here four months, yet Flack just couldn't warm to her.

"All I want for Christmas is youuu!" Danny wailed.

"Aw, shuddup, man!" Flack groaned, throwing a pen with deadly accuracy at his friend's head.

He rubbed the spot, muttering threats in his thick Staten Island accent.

Lindsay loved it when he did that. When Danny was round Flack or Stella, he'd revert to slang (or in Flack's case, cussing) and forget to tone down his accent.

But before she had anymore time to dwell on that, a stunning brunette slouched against the doorway. "Wow." She smirked, her voice husky with an unmistakeable Brooklyn accent. "Stella got all trigger happy with the staple gun again?"

Dany grinned, hugging this beautiful stranger Lindsay had the bizarre urge to smack. "Hey, Aid. Yeah, she got al festive on us. Again."

"'S better than last year. Remember when she got all that tinsel in my hair?"

"Took you days to get out!" Flack laughed.

Danny suddenly remembered monroe. "Oh, hey. Aid, this is Monroe. Monroe, this is Aiden."

Aiden leaned forward, grinning. "You keepin' 'em under control for me, Monroe?"

Lindsay shrugged.

Flack laughed. "You're the only one with any control over him, Burn."

It suddenly clicked. This was Aiden Burn, the girl she heard Flack and Danny talk about. The girl that got fired.

Stella wandered in. "Oh, hey Aiden. I was wondering when you'd drop by."

Danny stared at her. "You knew?"

"Duh. I arranged it with Mac."

Aiden chuckled, pinching his cheek. "Aw, is Messer feelin' left out?"

He muttered something incomprehensible under his breath.

"C'mon, dance with me." She pulled him close as Fairytale of New York came on the radio. They spun in circles round the room, as Flack and Stella watched with knowing grins on their faces. Lindsay felt she was missing a trick, especially when Stella leaned over to Flack, and they slapped hands. Something was going on. When the song finished, Aiden and Danny stood very still, still wrapped up in each others arms.

"Ha!" Stella yelled triumphantly. "Mistletoe!"

Danny glanced at Aiden, before grinning and turning to go.

Aiden snatched his arm, pulling him to her. "Oh no. I'm not getting stuck with bad luck."

And with that, she kissed him forcefully, and he wrapped his hand in her long hair. She opened her mouth slightly, and their tongues danced, battleing for dominance. Aiden was annoyed to feel her knees weakening, as they kissed out all the tension and longing they'd built up over the years.

One, two, three, four... ten seconds!

"Okay... break it up!" Stella smirked. "Flack, five bucks."

Flack handed it over. "Gawd, Aid. I didn't think ya'd do it!"

She laughed. "Tough shit, Flack."

Danny rolled his eyes. "She's from Brooklyn. She'll do anything..."

Aiden shot him a mock glare. "Shuddup, dickhead..."

And with that, she kissed Danny one more time, for luck.