"Aria, go wake Harrier will you? Tell him I need directions to the Terra Natura Police Station." Saphire exclaimed as she pulled on her blue wrap top over her black frilly skirt. Aria nodded, straightening her white mini dress and walking down the hall to Harrier's room and opening the door up just a pinch and peaking side to see him lying with his arms wrapped around Starling's torso.

"Hee-heee… my favorite…" Aria giggled before going back to the room she shared with Saphire and going under her bed looking for something.

"What are you doing?" Saphire asked, watching Aria shove boxes of shoes, purses and loose make up out from under her bed as well as a few perfume bottles of Saphire's. Saphire picked up a small bottle. "Hey! I've been looking for this. It's my Ed Hardy perfume. Seriously though what are you doing?"

"Looking… for this…" Aria answered as she stood up holding a silver duffle bag which she places on her bed and started rooting through. She pulled out a can that Saphire opened and jumped as snakes came exploding out.

"Ha-ha… your joke bag." Saphire stated. Aria smirked, pulling out a bunch of other stuff, a cell phone that when opened popped a chicken out, a bunch random stuff until she pulled out a mega phone, and an air horn. " Okay, what are you doing with those?"

"Having fun. I am gonna wake up Harrier and Starling… the two are wrapped around each in cuddle place, and I think both are which will give me a head start on my getaway because they won't leave the house ." Aria smiled to herself and walked down the hallway and into Harrier's room. Saphire followed, pulling on a pair of blue strappy heels. She stood in the doorway of Harrier's room, watching Aria turn on the megaphone and shake the air horn a few times before holding it in front of the mega phone and pushed the button, making the sound much loader that Starling fell out of bed in surprise and Harrier to bolt upright and fall over, almost onto Aria who managed to get out of the way just in time.

She laughed and bolted out the room, nearly knocking Saphire over as she bolted out.

"ARIA!" Harrier roared. Saphire laughed and covered her eyes, afraid to look at her brother. She listened to Aria run out the front door and down the street cackling like an evil sea witch. Saphire listened to her brother and sister-in-law get up off the floor and get dressed.

"Hey, um harrier. I kind of need to know where the Terra Natura Police station is. Do you know where it is?" Saphire asked, her hands still over her eyes.

"On Terra Natura. Why?" Harrier asked.

"No duh. Aria and I have been called there. Um, something happened that they need to see us for about it. Something happened and somehow we were involved or something, want to know how, why, and blah blah blah." Saphire answered. She heard a thud as Harrier knocked over his clonge.

"Say what?" Starling asked.

"um… We got a call last night around 1 about it. I don't know what it was but something went down on Terra Natura, and somehow Aria and I were involved or something they want to talk to us. I don't know he said they will tell us when we get down there cause other wise we wouldn't be able to sleep last night." Saphire answered peeking through her fingers to See Harrier dressed and Starling standing in her bra and Jeans.

"Terra Natura has a very minor police force for a reason. It's a peaceful terra. They don't trouble. If they get any trouble it's always minor. Never major enough they have to call people down. " Harrier exclaimed.

"What happened there?" Starling asked.

"I don't know. Actually know that you mention it, he said he wouldn't say because otherwise I wouldn't sleep." Saphire informed them. Aria came up next to her.

"Okay, I don't like look on your face. What's going on?" Aria asked.

"I don't like that either. If it's that big, that they're disturbed by it, I'm concerned." Harrier proclaimed, grabbing a T-shirt and throwing it. "I'll take you s down. I wanna know what's going on."

"I'm coming too." Starling declared. Harrier looked at her and nodded. He looked at Saphire.

"You're skimmer working yet?"

"Not quite. I'm supposed to get Stork and Junko to look at it tomorrow when they come." Saphire answered, biting her lip. Harrier looked at Starling.

"I'll take Aria." Starling exclaimed.



Saphire climbed off the back of Harrier's skimmer in front of the Terra Natura Police Station. She eyed the shiny glass doors before looking around the surrounding area. The houses were tiny and quiet. They were beautiful house with gorgeous landscaping, of carefully weeded gardens, and pruned trees and bushs. The terra looked beautiful but it looked completely deserted and haunted.

"Where is everyone?" Saphire asked, looking at the playground next to the station, seeing how it was well used, yet at this time, completely deserted of the children who usually ran around playing on it. In fact there was no sign of human existence there.

"I don't know. That's what's scary." Starling answered, getting off her Skimmer as Aria looked around as well. Harrier stood looking disturbed by the area before walking into the Station closely followed by Saphire and Aria, as Starling looked down the street and then walked into the station.

"Hello. Welcome to the Terra Natura Police station. How may I help you?" The receptionist greeted with a smile. Saphire walked up to her and attempted to smile.

"Where is everyone?" Aria asked. Saphire shushed her at the look of Alarm on the receptionist's face at Aria's question.

"Aria. Shush." Saphire turned back to the Receptionist and smiled." Hi. My name Saphire Hewitt. I was called down here with Aria Storm," She gestured to Aria," to come down here at eleven. Uh, we were called by officer James Jameson around 1 last night… or uh… this morning."

"Oh, yes, well, he is waiting for you just down the hall through his door here." She gestured to the glass door to their right. " He's in the third room on your left. I'll buzz you in and let him know you're here. But, who are these two?"

"I'm Harrier Hewitt, Sky knight of Terra Rex. This is My Wife Starling of the interceptors." Harrier exclaimed.

"The interceptors don't exist anymore. I'm of Rex now. I'm Saphire's sister-in-law. Harrier is her brother." Starling stated. The Receptionist smiled and nodded, picking up the phone to her right and pushing a button.

"Jameson, Miss Hewitt and Miss Storm are here with two sky knights." She said into the phone… she watched a second before responding." Alright I'll send them right in." The receptionist pushed a button and a buzzing sound was heard, the door to their right swinging open. "He's waiting for you."

"Thank you." Saphire exclaimed before walking down the hall, stopping in front of a man wearing a blue uniform with black hair and green eyes. Aria walked up behind her. Harrier and Starling looked at each other before walking up to the officer.

"Are you officer Jameson?" Saphire asked.

"Indeed I am miss. Please, come this way, the other's are waiting for you." He lead them down another hall and into another room. There they saw two other people, a with red hair and pale green eyes wearing a pair of jeans and a loose black halter top sitting next to a guy with dark brown hair and yellow eyes wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a black leather jacket on the back of his chair. Aria immediately recognized him from the party she'd been talking about the day before.

"Hey that's your dude who watched you the entire party?" Aria whispered. Saphire looked at him and nodded.

"Please, have a seat." James exclaimed. Saphire sat down near the guy, Aria sitting next to her as Harrier and Starling stood up against the wall. Another man also in a uniform walked in and closed the door.

"They've agreed." He said. James nodded. He turned to them.

"Hello. I am Office James Jameson and this is my partner John Johnson. We-" He was interrupted by Aria's Laughter.

"That's your names? Seriously?" Aria asked. Saphire looked at her and smacked her arm.

"This is serious, . Now is not the time to be joking." Saphire hissed. The guy leaned forward toward them.

"Please explain. The names, not how this is a serious situation." He explained. Aria smiled.

"Their names are the first part of their last names." Aria exclaimed. He chuckled while the next to him grinned. Harrier and Starling hid their grins behind their hands. Saphire bit her lip trying not to laugh.

"That is an interesting point Miss Storm." John exclaimed with a smile. " How observant of you. You may need that to save yourself."

"From what?" Aria asked. James frowned and waved his hand at his neck toward his partner.

"I'm sorry. What did you ask?" John asked, ignoring his partner. James smacked his head and put his hand on John's shoulder.

"They don't know."

"Know what?" The boy demanded, standing up, almost knocking over his chair. The next to him caught it before it fell and grabbed his arm. He looked at her and saw the alarm on her face and settled down."What don't we know?"

"Well first, Introduction. Theese two ladies as Saphire," James gestured to Saphire," and her friend Aria." He gestured to Aria. He looked at Harrier and Starling against the wall, seeming speechless as to who they were.

"That's My brother Harrier and his wife Starling." Saphire exclaimed. James nodded and then gestured to the and boy on the other side of the table.

"This is Lily and her brother Slade." Jame continued. Aria jumped up.

"AHA! That's what the name was." Aria shouted, making Harrier and Starling laugh. Saphire smirked.

"yes, you listed quite a few names trying to remember what his name was. Let's see, you listed Glade, Blade, Laid, Slate…um… Harrier who am I forgetting? I know she listed more names trying to remember his name." Saphire teased. Slade chuckled as Lily started laughing.

"mmm… she listed Rade and Randy." Harrier added. Aria paled as Slade started laughing Harder. James and John looked at each other completely confused.

"We actually have never officially met but we've been to um… parties and seen each other, spoken briefly but we've never quite met." Lily explained, her voice soft, sweet, and musical, sounding like one of those sopranos you'd see in choir singing. The officers nodded.

"Any how um, When I called you last night-"

"At one in the morning." Slade added.

"Well yes, but that was an hour after we discovered the situation." James added. John smirked.

"You called them at one?" John asked.

"No, He called us at 12 45." Saphire exclaimed. James looked at her funny. "He did."

"I was ordered to make everyone who needed be aware of the situation aware. This is a big problem. I was required to tell them without telling them." James explain. John nodded and turned to them. James grabbed folder and leafed threw it before taking out four pictures. He slid them down the table, face up, each picture revealing a .

"Do you know these s?" James asked. Saphire looked at him.

"Yes. IT's Tania, Lorel, Sydney, and Lora." Saphire exclaimed. Lily nodded, looking up at him. Slade frowned.

"Officer, what happened?" Aria asked. " What do they have anything to do with this?"

"You all know them?"

"Yeah. Lora was my ex-girlfriend. I was her when I meet these two s here. I don't know this

one." He pointed to Sydney's picture.

"So you didn't know Sydney correct?" John asked.

"That would be correct."

"Guess what? You never will. These four s were found last night at 11. In Lora's Basement. Lora was found on the back of her front door. All four s were strangled to by their intestines. All four s are now missing all of their internal organs, which were found all over the place, and Lora, and Tania, have both had their eyes gauged out." John spat. Saphire claps her hand over her mouth as John Threw more pictures on the table of the bodies afterward. Lily actually started gagging before Slade put his hand over her eyes. Slade stroked her back trying to calm her. Starling stood against the wall, jaw dropped her eyes wide. Harrier looked beyond disturbed. Aria had her face in her hands, afraid to look. James grabbed the photo's and stashed them into the folder.

"John. You were supposed to ease them in!" James spat. He turned to them apologetically. "I'm sorry. I can you anything? Coffee, water, Juice, milk?"

"I can't swallow anything." Saphire murmured.

"Well, when you can you're gonna want something. Can I get you guys some water to sip?" James pressed.

"Warm water. After that shock we need something to relax the stomach not shock it." Saphire exclaimed. Slade raised an eyebrow."I'm a doctor. I study this stuff, I know what to do."

"I'll bring two pitchers and few glasses. Cold water and warm water." James exclaimed, leaving the room. John eyed Saphire suspiciously.

"Who would kill Lora? She was crisis worker. She saved Tania, Lorel, and Sydney, all from a bad guy. She loved her work and never, ever shut anyone out. Anyone who need help, she helped. It was a weakness of hers. If anyone asked for help, she'd give it." Saphire exclaimed.

"We helped too. We gave Tania, Lorel, and Sydney all a place to stay, to hid from that man, we gave them people who they could trust. And then, we sent them off into the world, knowing they had friends whom if needed they could ask for help from." Aria added.

"Same. When Tania got approached by him, she stayed with me and Slade. I worked with Lora for about a year. I was the other crisis worker who worked with Lora. I helped save all three s. Nowhere as much as Lora did, but I did help. Lora was the got people to talk, who got them try and escape, and I was the one who pulled strings to get things done. And Lora, was the one who knew what needed to be done. She's mention to me what had to be done, and then I'd pull strings, use contacts I have, all connections, to get them." Lily added. Aria looked at her and nodded. Saphire put her head down on the table and stayed there for a few minutes. It got to the point Harrier walked over to her to make sure she was okay.

"Saphire?" Harrier asked. Aria simply stared at the wall, confused. Saphire nodded her head, with so little movement it almost looked like it hadn't moved at all.

James came in with a tray that had two pitcher, one dripping with condensation with ice in it, and the other looked like it was room temperature. He had a bunch of glasses on the tray as well. He balanced it well on one hand. In the other hand he had a plastic bag that had a few boxes in it. He put the tray on the table and then the bag which pulled out two boxes of donuts and donut holes.

"The chief sends the donuts. I caught him in the hall. He apologizes for the shock. John was supposed to ease you in. The donuts were sent from the next Terra over. Our staff is currently working over time, so they sent a lot of donuts." John looked at james.

"How many?"

"A lot more then you can count man." Saphire lifted her head up off the table. James poured her a glass of water. She sipped on it and just stared at the table. John left the room. Starling flipped him off as he left. James chuckled as he watched her." Not a fan how he told are you?"

"No. Especially since you said you guys were on orders to ease them in. Saphire may be a doctor and may have a tougher exterior, and have a strong stomach, she is in no way tough enough to not have a problem with that. Aria, I'm amazed hasn't puked yet. That was actually harsh the way he did it." Starling exclaimed. Harrier nodded in agreement as Aria took the glass James handed to her.

"I'm trying not to." Aria stated.

"Well, I'm sorry, I should have had Jack tell you. John plays bad cop, a lot. He's the bad cop of the station. That was actually nicer than what he would normally do. He's usually much harsher. He was transferred here from Terra Nocturne. There are a lot of problems there so he was always the guy who played bad cop and I guess it's now fixed into his system. I really am sorry about that." James apologized. Saphire nodded and continued to sip her water, watching Slade rub Lily's back as she sipped her own water.

"Who would do that?" Harrier asked, "On Terra Natura no less."

"We don't know. Even if this had happened on another Terra we'd be disturbed but this happened here, which disturbed us even more. We're on over time trying to find out. Mothers are restless, afraid to send their children out to play. The playground right next store? It's always packed with kids and their mothers. I'm sure you saw when you came in, that it was deserted. Completely. The park down the street, always packed with teenagers playing games, s and their children having picnics, people walking through it, couples watching the sunrise or sunset, enjoying a picnic, but now, it's completely deserted. When this hit the news this morning, everyone fled home and hid. Everyone is afraid to talk."

"How do we have anything to do with this?" Slade asked. James sighed and pulled out another picture but he kept it in his hand. He handed it to Starling who stared at it.

"That ." Starling hissed. She handed the Photo to Harrier.

"I know. Please, eat a donut. Once you see that photo, you might not be able to eat." Slade took a chocolate Donut with chocolate icing on it. He took a bite.

"Yum, where'd you guys get these? Terra of Baking?" Slade asked.

"Yes. From the greatest donut factory there. They sell a lot of donuts everyday so it's not a shop, it's practically become a factory it's gotten so big." James exclaimed. Saphire smiled and took a Boston cream. Lily took a glazed donut hole. Aria smiled and took a apple filled donut.

"We're incredibility thankful Lora was well organized and knew well that phones can die and you could lose all the contacts on the phone, and kept an actively corrected address book. The killer stole her cell phone. We needed her contafcts. We have the address book.

"Shit. When we get home I'm changing the house number. I'm changing all the numbers." Harrier exclaimed. Saphire looked at him funny.

"why?" She asked before she took the last bite of her donut. Lily took another donut hole and popped it in her mouth as Harrier slide the photo on the table. Saphire jumped up from the table, knocking her chair over, almost tripping over it.

'A warning to all their friends. You're next. Saphire Hewitt, Aria Storm, and Lilly Carmicheal, you three are next. So is whomever stands in my way. The end is coming swiftly.' This was written in on the wall of Lora's House. That's what the photo was.

"We're putting all contacts of Lora under security as well as Tania, Lorel, and Sydney. We have called and alerted everyone on their cells and Lora's Address book. Since you three s are the ones named, we're putting you under direct security. We are attempting to find a location of which we can hid you and the other contacts. We're hiding friends and family of those contacts in attempts to hid you even further, so they have nothing they can't kill them trying to find you. I want to contact all friends and family and let them know what's going on. In the mean time we are attempting to find a location for this." They nodded and James walked out.

"This sucks." Slade exclaimed. Saphire and Aria nodded in agreement.

"How did this happen?" Lily asked.

"Dunno. It just did. Someone is obviously sick enough to do it." Slade exclaimed. His face darkened. " didn't he say Lora's neighbor was also killed? What happened to them."

"They were killed." John said, walking in with a cup of coffee and a donut. " They called us, saying they heard Lora Screaming and then saw a man walk out of the front of her house. Left the front window open. The killer heard her talking and then he or she went and killed her and her family, the same way her killed Lora and her family. Or attempted to in little Lizzie's case. Lizzie was the neighbor's youngest. Five year old . They found her before she died. They managed to save her and now she's being watched over by her aunt and uncle on another Terra. She's currently still in the hospital but she was moved to the other side of the Atmos so she was closer to her aunt and uncle. She wasn't killed the same way or attempted I should say.

"the whole family was hallowed out expect for the little ones, Lizzy, Timmy, Tommy, and Barb, were all stabs since they were too small to quite cut out. Lizzy's heart was missed so she's okay. Her brother Timmy is alive but his heart was pierced, but thanks to some really good surgeons, he's okay. He's with his sister. The other two are completely . before we showed up next door." John explained. Saphire bit her lip and shed a tear.

"Who could kill little children?" Saphire asked.

"A heartless killer." Slade spat. Saphire put her head in her hands and cried. Aria kept her eyes closed in attempts to keep from crying. Lily laughed sorrowfully before bursting into tears.

"You know those times when the only thing to keep from crying is laughing, so for some unknown reason you laugh and then cry. I think it's far say we're all with that right now." Starling exclaimed half laughing, half crying. Harrier hugged her. James walked in.

"We have a location. A house, more like ancient mansion was offered up for use. It's on Terra Fauna. The house has only a couple hundred rooms. It's huge, four stories, large garden, 2 pools, one inside, one out, hot tube, numerous bathroom, huge kitchen, larger dinning room, ball room, two huge Stair cases, at least twenty bed rooms. The house is huge, fully furnished and all that. The owner inherited it from his grandparents who were loaded. He's selling the house. His sister got the money, he got the house, and he can't afford to keep it. So he to keep it longer, he's offering it up use by the police. It's big enough that we could comfortably hide everyone we need to hide and a serious then some. This terra is not only large, the house is too. The house takes up half the terra." James exclaimed.

"sounds like a nice house."

"Yes, only thing is the one of the rooms in the back, another ball room, it was the grandest room of the house. Problem, It's sort of been flooded because of broken plumbing. The room is entirely made of tile and concert so the water doesn't go anywhere. It's an indoor pond if you will. Apparently someone thought it was funny and put fish in it." James exclaimed. Saphire laughed with Aria.

"Who feeds the fish?" Saphire askied.

"No one. Someone, whoever put in the fish put in plants. There's plants in it. Waterlilys and such. The fish are well feed. The owner thought it was so funny he's trying to a fountain installed in the middle of the pond so the fish will have a more moving environment. " James laughed as he spoke. Lily giggled. Saphire turned and looked to Harrier.

"Think we got the money for that house?" She asked. Harrier laughed at his sister.

"Sure, but we wouldn't be able to keep it for long. Remember,. My job in on Rex, not Fauna." He told her.

"Darn." Saphire exclaimed.

"I would mind living there. Sounds nice, big, and a joke. But honestly, it can't be as grand as it sounds. There has to be a serious problem with the house." Aria exclaimed.

"Probably the bills. I'll bet ya. It's bills, it's an old house, blah blah blah. I'll bet you that the problem." Slade declared. Lily looked at him.

"Well, It is the bills that be the problem. Apparently the electricity bill is outrageous. He's currently in the process of changing all the bulbs in the house. Over two hundred light bulbs he has to change. He's changing them to energy saving bulbs, in hopes it will cut the bill in half. The Water bill is understandable and relatively decent. He's actually surprised it's not more. The mortgage is low but it's the electricity bill that's a problem." James told them. A tall man came in, also in a blue uniform.

"Hello, We need them to make calls and get their stuff. We need them out of sight." The man declared. James nodded. He turned to the others.

"Jack Jackson here will take you each to a phone where we want you to call your close friends and Family and have them get there stuff and wait for a police escort out of their homes. We will talk with you and them and set up a time for that. Saphire, you and Aria will follow Jackson please." James ordered. Aria and Saphire stood up and followed Jackson to a room down the hall where they found paper, pencil, and a phone.

"Make your calls. Put it on loud speaker. WE need to actively speak." Jack ordered. Saphire sat down next to the phone and dialed the condor's number for Aria.

"Storm hawks. Aria's brother is the sky knight. They're our friends." Saphire explained as the phone rang. She hit the loud speak button and listened.

"Hello? Storm hawks residence, Piper speaking. How can I help you?" Came Piper's voice. Saphire sighed.

"Piper, get to the bridge, get everyone there, and put us on speaker. We got a problem. A big one."


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