This my second story for wizards of waverley place. please read my first called 'the missing russo' the only character i own is Michaela

This does have a little bit of violence in it, a bit of teenage gun play. It was inspired after I watched an episode of one tree hill the other night and it made me wonder how the Russo kids would handle this.

This story is called the little things mean the most. For those who didn't read my first WOWP story well let me fill you in a little bit. There are the Russo kids Justin, Alex and max. Well in my own twist to make things interesting I have my own character and her name is Michaela. In this story she will be Justin's twin and she is 17 years old.

The summary to this story is simple: a student of the Russo's school one day opens fire at the student body one morning, the worst part one of the Russo's could get caught up in the line of fire.. But which one...or is it all of them?

-Fade into scene-

Justin and max awoke to the alarm clock going off; they both got up from their bed still glassy eyed and made their ways down the hall. They both made their way passed their sister's rooms and knocked on each the doors and yelled for them to get up.

"I'm up I'm up" yelled Alex through the door even though she wasn't she was still laying in her bed with her eyes closed.

The two brothers made their way to their bathroom as Michaela come out smiling at them giving max a pat on the head "morning" she greeted as she made her way back to her room to finish getting ready for the day.

"She's way too happy to want to go to school this morning" max looked at Justin as they raced to see who was going to get the bathroom first.

"Hey max no fair" Justin yelled at him as max turned and closed the door laughing behind him. It just meant that Justin had to wait his turn.

"He did it again" Justin complained as he leaned up against the wall. "He's smart Justin, you have to learn how to trick him" Michaela explained to him as she made her way downstairs.

Justin walked back to his room to finish getting ready he figured by the time he had gotten dressed max would be done.

Meanwhile as Michaela made her way downstairs, grabbed her travel mug and filled it with coffee.

"Since when did you drink coffee" jerry asked watching her mix the sugar and milk. "For a while now dad" she laughed knowing he watched her every morning since she started high school she drank coffee.

She grabbed a pop tart from the cupboard above her. Theresa came hurrying into the room, "wait before you go I'll make you lunch" she said opening the fridge.

"Mom, you haven't made my lunch since middle school, I have money I'll by some I'm fine" she told her as she bit into her strawberry pop tart.

"You sure honey" Theresa asked looking at her daughter. Michaela nodded back "hurry up guys" she yelled at her siblings "if you don't get your butts moving we'll be late" she picked up her school bag as Justin and max ran down the stairs each picking a apple off the table and running out the door.

"Where's Alex" Theresa asked watching her children run out the door. "She said she would catch up" max said as his voice floated through the hall.

The three siblings made their way out of the substation and started to make their way down the street as they heard a voice call after them. "Wait you guys, wait for me" Alex called from behind them.

Max and Michaela stopped for her but Justin kept walking ahead.

Little did they know when they got to school what was going to be there waiting for them.

Fade to black

Please kind