-Fade in-

Theresa walked out after Jerry.

"We can't just stand here, we have to do something" she spoke agitated. Jerry turned around and grabbed his wife's arms.

"We can't do anything" he told her, his voice cracking.

"Jerry, our kids need us" she shook herself from his grasp. "I don't care, I want my children" she stormed off into the kitchen, picking up a stack of photo albums and started to flip through them.

She saw a photo of the girls and Jerry. They were standing side by side with Jerry in the middle, they were laughing. She cracked a smile as she looked over to another page. It had Theresa and the boys. Justin was posed kissing his mother on the cheek as Theresa displayed a smile, with Max on her right smiling big for the camera.

The picture below showed all four sitting on a park bench smiling. She took the photo out and placed it in her purse as she got up to go, Jerry came in behind her.

"Where are you going" he asked curiously.

"To the school, if they can't find our kids, I will" she starred at him.

"Then I'm coming with you" Jerry grabbed his keys and walked out the door with her.

Alex stood in the hallway only few feet away from the door. It was her escape she was almost free, except her and Harper were staring into a gun.

"Alex" Harper started to say.

"Quiet Harper... i know you don't I?"Alex asked pointing to the boy with the gun.

"What is your name" she whispered to herself trying to think.

"It's Bailey, Alex Bailey Phillip" Harper mentioned from behind her.

"Bailey" she said to herself trying to remember.

"You don't remember? We've been going to school together since grade 2" his voice became agitated.

"I asked you to go to the grade 6 homecoming dance with me, you said you would" he waved his gun at her stepping closer. "When I got there, alone you ditched me for that Eric guy!" he raised his voice making Alex and Harper jump.

"Listen, Bailey I was young and foolish... i didn't mean to hurt you. It's just..." she stopped in mid sentence.

"just what Alex, face it you didn't want to go with me, you could have had the decency to tell me no" Bailey started to breathe heavily, remembering that day made his blood pump, besides all the other stuff people in his school did to him over the years.

"I know I should have Bailey, I'm sorry seriously" Alex tried calming him down.

"What are you doing with that gun anyways" Harper decided to ask.

"What do you think" he responded loading the gun with a click.

"How many people have you hurt" Harper asked innocently.

"It's for me to know and you to find out" he told them with a small giggle pointing the gun slowly placing his index finger on the trigger.

"Please Bailey, let us go we won't say anything" Alex begged. "My little brother is out there all alone" she made an excuse not knowing or not.

"You have ten seconds to get out of my sight or I will shoot you" he closed his eyes, and started to count.

Alex grabbed Harpers arm and ran for it, the door slammed behind them. Bailey took a shot at the door, glass shattered.

Alex and Harper screamed as they got down a few steps and opened the door to outside. Being greeted by a few police and swat.

The clock was ticking Justin and Michaela remained quiet for most of the time. What was there to say when it didn't want to be heard?

"Justin" Michaela gave into the silence. "Yeah?" he responded looking up from a book he'd found near him.

"I just wanted to tell you, I'm not the girl people think i am. I'm popular for my looks not for anything else. I just pretend. I just want to get through high school without any drama" she wasn't sure if that had made sense to him, she tried finding the right words but she couldn't.

"I know" he placed the book on the book on the floor next to him.

"Alex and I know you're a popular A student, because you have to compete against me" he joked

"You're always watching out for Alex, Max and I" he smiled.

"You get invited to partys, you even took me to a few remember...but when it comes to the end of the day when were all home together. The four of us still fight with each other, but we still laugh a lot together too" he explained to his sister.

"I'm glad you're with me, right now because the little things mean the most. You're my twin sister, even when you're the most popular girl in the school. Every boy wants to date, but I know who you really are my not so perfect sister" he reached over pulling her into a hug.

"Even though you play with dolls, you're always be my brother" she teased him.

"Thanks" he responded, then a second later he pulled away looking at her seriously. "Their action figures!" Michaela started to laugh. "I know" Justin looked at her; his expression softened realizing she was teasing him.

Alex looked around saw police and everyone standing there looking at them.

"Did you see anyone there" a police asked them as he led them to safe place to talk.

"You mean someone with a gun, then yes" Harper spoke. Alex turned around giving her a look.

"Do you know who it was" he asked. Alex remained silent, so Harper spoke for the both of them.

"Bailey Phillip, he had the gun to our heads, he let us go" she told the police officer all in one breathe.

"Alex" Harper said to her. "You okay?"

Alex looked at the officer "can you find my parents please, last name is Russo" she stood calm and dazed.

Max slipped away from his class and went looking. He heard the parents were being held not too far to pick up their kids, instead of waiting he went to them.

Theresa and Jerry walked across the parking lot away from the school. Meeting a group of parents already waiting.

"I'll go look at the kids" Jerry offered as a women turned around who ever heard.

"They won't let you get close to the field, few parents already tired. Give you kids names to that lady, over there" she pointed.

"They will bring the kids to you" the women smiled and walked away.

Jerry left to give the names and came back to the Theresa.

"What she say?" Theresa asked. "She said to wait" the two adults stood there together as they saw children being reunited with their parents. Wishing they would be next and could go home and be a family

A few minutes passed, Max made his way towards the group of parents. He pushed his way through and saw his parents from behind.

"Mom, dad!" he yelled out. Jerry thought he heard a familiar voice and turned around seeing Max standing there.

"Max!" Jerry cried out. Theresa heard it and turned around surprised. "Baby" she said as she reached out to her youngest.

"Where is your brother and sisters?" Theresa asked looking around her.

Max looked up at his parents. He shook his shoulders "I don't know mom" he turned and pointed to the school. "Probably still in there"

Theresa and Jerry looked at each other with worry.

Harper and Alex were lead by police to the group of parents.

"Russo" the cop yelled at the group. Jerry and Theresa stepped towards the officer.

"That's us, sir" Jerry answered. "You have a daughter named Alex" he questioned.

"Yes that's her, is something wrong" Kerry asked getting nervous and worried.

"Of course not Mr. Russo, she's right over there" the officer stepped aside.

Alex stood alone while Harper was escorted to find her parents. "Thank you" Jerry made way towards his little girl.

Alex latched on to him tightly. "Dad, he had a gun I was so scared" she mumbled. He looked over seeing Theresa and Max making their way towards them.

"It's okay, I'm here now" he whispered kissing the top of her head.

"Did you see Justin and Michaela" Max asked his sister curiously.

"What" she looked at him confused "you mean they're not out here"

"When's the last time you seen them" Jerry asked her.

"We were all in the hall, we got split up, because I saw Harper, I don't know where they went" she explained.

Shots rang out, swat had run into the building, storming the first floor, and then making their way upstairs.

They found Bailey making his way towards the library.

Justin and Michaela could see everything from the window but only could hear a few things.

"I can't go back. I can't erase this" he screamed at the men in swat. Bailey held the gun to his head.

"Oh my gosh, Justin" Michaela gasped watching it all happen. Justin remained silent.

A few minutes went by with the swat talking Bailey down from shooting himself. He surrendered handing the gun over, getting cuffed and escorted away.

A police man came in and escorted everyone out of the building.

"Look there's Justin and Michaela!" Max yelled.

The siblings made their way to their family, hugging everyone making sure they were okay.

"You guys okay" Theresa asked Justin and Michaela.

"Yeah" Justin smiled. "I wouldn't know what I would've known without my sister"

"I'm glad were together". Michaela chimed in.

Theresa and Jerry looked at their four kids, relief came over them. "I love you guys" Jerry pulled everyone in a hug. Not only had the kids needed to be with their parents. But he needed to tell them he loved them because in cases like this the little things mean the most.

Fade to black

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