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The moon was full and high over the village of konoha. To some the moon that night could have been called breathtaking. Yet for the villagers that night the moon was the farthest thing from there minds. For that very night the village of konoha was under attack. Not from an enemy army or a rouge ninja. But from a beast of legend known simply as the nine tailed fox. A walking natural disaster that is simply a wild force of nature. One swipe from it's nine tails could level mountains and caused tsunamis. For most the apperance of such a beast would cause most to flee in fear. The sheer rage and power this mighty beast released caused some to drop dead where they stood. Yet for the people of konoha there was hope in the form of there leader. The hokage of konoha Minato namikaze, known as the yellow flash.

With a mighty roar the nine tailed fox swiped the ground with it's tails. Slaughtering countless ninja unable to get out of the way. Those that still lived unleashed there strongest ninjutsus onto the fox. Yet the earth shattering attacks failed to evan gain the fox's attention. With blood pouring down his face on lone ninja called out. Hold the beast until the hokage arrives. Only a mear moment later did the ground shake. For the first time since the fox attacked the beast paused. For facing the fox was a massive toad in a large blue jacket. With a pipe in it's mouth a massive sword at his waist. The toad was nearly as large as the fox itself. Standing atop the toad's head was a man with bright spiky blond hair. His body was mostly hidden by a large white trench coat with red flames on the bottom. Cradled gently in his arms was a small bundle a small patch of blond hair stuck out of the top. While the cry of a baby filled the air. Looking down at the bundle the fourth hokage said with absolute sorrow. "Please forgive me my darling Revan. What I am about to do is unforgivable. My sole comfort is that your mother will raise you to be a fine kunoichi."

With that the toad leapt high into the sky. As the massive toad decended the man threw an odd kunai knife. With three prongs along with a paper spell scroll wrapped around the handle. Whipping threw the air the kunai hit the fox square between it's eyes. With a blinding yellow flash that engulfed the battlefield the toad and man disappeared. Only to reappear litteraly on top of the fox. Leaping off of the toad he landed on the fox's head. With a loud grunt the toad held the fox in place for all it's worth. Losing ground the toad said with great effort. "hurry minato I can't held it much longer!"

With his one free arm the hokage reached into his jacket. Pulling out a large sheet of paper with, an intricate seal array on it. The hokage slammed it on the fox's head and called out. "Ninja art supreme chakra transfer!" From the point where the paper was placed on the fox a stream of pour crimson chakra rocketed out. Only to enter the bundle in his arms with raw untapped fury. After what seemed an eternity the chakra began the lesson. Taking that as a sign He ran threw a long stream of one handed signs. After the one hundredth sign he called out. "Lost ninja art demon banishment!" With a deafening roar the fox began to disentergrate into millions of tiny light particles. As the energy swiftly poured out of him the toad's tounge gently caught the young man.

From the caos of the battlefield the third hokage hiruzen sarutobi ran towards the hero. Kneeling beside him he gently lay the young man on his back. "My god minato you did it!" With a pained breath for air the blond hokage handed his sole daughter and heir to him. "The fox is gone old friend. I drained its chakra into revan. Without it the beast couldn't fight the jutsu I used. Tell kushina I love her." With that last act the fourth hokage minato namikaze was gone. The young girl was at last asleep. Standing tall he looked down at the child with pain filled eyes. "A child with the power of nine tails. I cannot risk kushina taking her from the village. Please minato forgive me." Looking at a nearby ninja he said in a commanding tone that earned him the title hokage. "Get me arashi kurama!"

In the heart of konoha in the famous konoha hospital. A beautiful red headed woman lay in a hospital bed. Exhausted from giving birth. The woman still radiated a rare mix of primal beuty and raw power. From the moment the sounds of battle had stopped she held nothing but concern and fear for the two single most important people in her life. With a soft creak the door opened. Holding her breath she froze as the third walked in with a pained look in his eyes. The simple look of his eyes told her all she needed to know. As tears began to pour freely from her eyes The third walked up to her and said. "I'm so sorry kushina but there was only one way to stop the fox." With that he placed his hand on her trembling shoulder. What he said next would forever seal the fate of the world. "minato sealed the fox into revan. But it was to much to hold. There gone I'm so sorry."

That simple lie was the final blow with an ear splitting scream, all her pain and sorrow poured out. Unable to bare it the third left her alone. Gathering herself after what seemed an eternity. One of the most feared kunoichi in history fled the village that very night. Unaware that the child that was her entire world had been no more than three doors from hers. Officialy she would be declared killed by the fox along with her husband. Leaving behind her students and friends as well.

In a small crib netsuke lay fast asleep. Standing over her was a middle aged man with short brown hair. Weaving threw handsigns the man let out a sigh as three wisker like marks appeared on each on of her tiny cheeks. Looking at the nearby window the man said with conflicting emotions. "It is done the genjutsu can't be dispelled by even my clansmen without aide. But why my lord?" With a deep sigh the elderly man turn to the head of one of konoha greatest clans. With a tired voice he said. "It's simple really our forces have been cut by a quarter. If a rival nation where to attack we would be hard pressed to stop it. They need to think we have the nine tails under our control." Looking down at the child the head of the kurama clan simply said. "I still say it's a bad idea." Gazing back upon the village the elder hokage said. "Have faith in the villagers. They will do the right thing."

For the next five years the sole child of konoha greatest hero suffered a fate beyond hell. All those that saw her thought her to be the fox made human. This was mainly due to the hokage stripping her of her heritage. Hiding the truth of her parents the villagers thought her to be the fox. The genjutsu cast by the kurama head only feeding the flames of there hatred. In all the village only three people protected her. The hokage a weasle masked anbu and finnaly a shrouded figure she never saw. All others made it there mission to torture or kill her. The most vocal of these was the students of the forth and his wife. Those being Kakashi hatake Rin inuzuka Anko mitarashi and kurinai yuuhi. While the clans heads sought to avenge there fallen team mate and dear friends.

The moon was once more full as that fatefull day. Once more on a night that held an ethereal glow. Not all was still and peacefull. For in the forest four figures stood over a small bloody form. The for where once students of the greatest ninja in the village. Now they had been reduced to child abusers. Standing around the broken bloody form of a small girl. Long blond hair caked in the pour child's blood. It was only threw some unseen force that the child drew the weakest of breaths. It was clear that no force on earth could save this child. Finnaly after five long years there greatest goal had been acheaved. With a sadistic laugh a woman with dark purple hair said. "About time the demon finnaly dies. Now they can finnaly rest in peace." With one last snarl the four walked off. High above in the endless sky the one thing in all the cosmos that could save her, blazed threw the void of space. A meteor nearly a meter wide shot threw the sky. Unlike other meteors that filled the endless sea of the stars. This one was a rainbow of five colors, green red blue white and black. As if sent by an unseen force. The meteor entered the planet's sky. Burning with white hot fire the meteor blazed towards the earth. On the ground the child known only as revan was taking her last breath. With a defening roar a multi colored fireball shoot strait at her. As the meteor hit her dead on it formed a crater ten feet wide. At the edge of the clearing a weasle masked anbu arrived just as the meteor hit. Ripping the mask off revealed a thirteen year old member of the uchiha clan, the prodigy Itachi. With a scream of pure terror he called out. "Revan!"

Running up to the crater he gazed mortified at the bottom. For lying prone was revan seemingly healed. Leaping down into the pit he saw just what the meteor had done. Her skin was now a pale lime green. While her hair was now jet black with two large white streaks on each side of her face. Kneeling down he gently picked her up and vanished in a blur.

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