I decided to take my first shot at one-shot, since I mostly write chapter stories (that really needs to get updated more often)

I hope that this is somewhat funny, since that is what it intends to be ^^;

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"Katsu! Katsu! You will not believe what I heard I just heard!"

Said Arrancar turned when his name was called, wondering what in Hueco Mundo his companion was so worked up about. He turned, frowning at his friend's actions. "Relax, Akane! What do ya want to tell me that is so damn important?"

The hyperactive Arrancar skidded to a stop, flailing his arms about as he did so. When he was at a complete stop, he shifted his gaze upwards only to see an agitated Katsu glowering down at him.

"I'm waiting…"

"Eh heh heh heh…anyway…" Akane trailed off, rubbing the back of his forehead. "You won't believe what I overheard in the world of the living!"

There was a pause for a moment. "Wait…what were you doing in the world of the living…aren't-"

"Never mind that!" Akane interjected. "Anyway, listen to this!"

Akane paused for a moment, attempting to add his own little dramatic effect. "Why is six afraid of seven?" (1) He questioned, trying his best to contain the giggles that wanted to burst free. Katsu blinked for a moment, obviously not amused. "I don't know, why?" Katsu replied, rolling his eyes.

"Cause seven, eight, nine!" (1)

This answer resulted in Akane erupting into a fit of reverberating laughter. Too bad, it was funny for only one person. "I mean, think about it!" The laughing Arrancar said once more, in between giggles. "Grimmjow! Being afraid of the Espada ranked below him!"

Katsu looked over his friend's head and cringed.

"Uhhh…you might want to put a cork in it, buddy…" Katsu responded, now slightly wavering.

Akane ceased his laughter, only to turn serious. "What? Why?"

Katsu merely pointed towards the figure over Akane's shoulder. "That's why…"

Akane gulped and slowly turned around. He knew whom his partner was pointing to, and something told him he might not be breathing for much longer.

"Uhhh…hey…Grimmjow…sama...how long have you been there…?"

The Sexta Espada scowled. "Too long". He then held up his right hand.

"Oh shit…"

(1) Was two direct quotes from Dexter's Laboratory. I thought it would be funny in this situation ;)

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