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The deafening sound of silence was shattered by the sound of the engine being brought back to life.

"Where to?" he heard her say, worry evident on her voice, as she placed her hands on top of his and had their fingers intertwined. He didn't bother to look at her or take a glance at her, afraid that when he did, every pent-up emotion he had kept to himself for seventeen years of his life would give him away.

"There has been a proposal…" his father's voice resounded on his mind.

Somehow, he knew this day would come. He had always dreamt of this, ever since the first time he had held a violin. But how, oh how, had he become uncertain about this. He stole a glance at her in the rear view mirror and smiled sadly to himself. No, it wasn't how, but when. Yes, when.

When did he start to care for this woman when she was his rival all along?

He remembered, clearly, like a movie reel that was continuously played in front of him.


Training Camp.

Ave Maria.

Her music.

His violin.

Their music.

Yes, it was when that one fateful night happened, and it happened all of a sudden. There she was, like a goddess under the moonlight. Her innocent music had made its way to his soul. Captivating him. Transcending the barriers he had surrounded himself. He had always wondered how she was able to create such beautiful music with her rough skills, but he had envied it and loved it silently. Her music was nothing close to perfection, and yet, she produces a pure sound, weaving different delicate emotions from anyone who would hear her.

Every time she passes, she takes his breath away.

Her smile was his sunshine.

Her laughter was music to his ears.

Her love was the cure to his frostbitten soul.

And she, yes, she, is his everything.

"Where to go?" he heard her ask again, looking at him quizzically and worriedly.

"Are you alright?" there was her voice again, so near yet he felt so distant.

Where to? He asked himself. He sat there in silence, pondering over every moment they spent together. It was after awhile when he finally had the courage to look at her. She looked so worried.

He had always made her worry. Had always made her cry. And yet, she remained beside him. She had never failed to make him just stare in wonder. Wondering over how she makes ordinary things special. And wondering how a lovely creature had come to save him from solitude.

"Anywhere will be fine…" he started, and then cleared his throat. He lowered his head, his bangs covering his golden eyes. "Anywhere will be fine, as long as I'm with you." He finally managed to continue after swallowing several imaginary lumps on his throat.

True. He would go anywhere with her. Stay with her in heaven or follow her to the depths of hell. He knew it was a word a devil would use. It was stupid. But he didn't care, and he didn't give a damn. Not even a bit. That was what he told himself as he gazed at her lovingly.

He would be leaving soon, he knew. Music or her? Music and her. He knew he wouldn't choose. He can't.

It might be raining today. But, the sun would find its way.

Everything would be fine. He loves her. She loves him back. All was well.

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