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Hey guys! I don't expect y'all to know who I am. But guess what!? You're gonna find out!

My name is PixiStick Bella Cassandra Curtis. I'm 15 years old. My birthday is actually September 11th. My parents died in a car wreck a few months ago. It was really sad, but I'm over it. I have to stay strong for my gang. Because that's just the type of person I am.

Oh yeah! I never told you about my gang, yet, did I? Well, we're not really a gang, we're a group of best friends who stick together, as my brother Ponyboy says. Ponyboy. That kid has a way with words let me tell ya.

I have three brothers. My oldest brother is Darrel Curtis Jr. But we call him Darry. He's 20 years old, and works like a dog. He's kinda handsome, he looks just like Dad. We're really close, just like Sodapop and Ponyboy are close.

That brings me to my middle brother, Sodapop Patrick Curtis. I ain't kidding! That's his real name! It even says so on his birth certificate! He's only sixteen. Anyway, Soda sure is handsome. He has the tuffest hair in town, and all the looks. He can get any girl he wants. But his luck with girls hasn't been all that great lately. There was this one girl, Sandy, but I really don't want to talk about her. But for you, my adoring fans, of course I'll tell. Sandy- or Sandra Dawn Michaels, that's her full name. She had curly blonde hair, and pretty china blue eyes. She was pretty, all right, but she wasn't as beautiful as moi! I mean, as soon as Sodapop wanted to marry her…boom! She goes behind my brother's back, and sleeps with another guy! That little slut gets herself pregnant by another guy! There's no way she is better OR prettier than me. I say, if you have sex before your married, you are lower than dirt. Some people have argued with me that if you get raped, it's not your fault, right? Wrong. In my eyes, if a girl gets raped, she put herself in that situation, so I feel absolutely no sympathy for her. But that's not the point. Sandy really hurt Sodapop, and Sodapop doesn't deserve that.

And then there's Ponyboy. My little brother. Well, actually, he's not little anymore, but he's still my younger brother, ain't he? Pony's 14 years old and now currently a blonde. See, he got in this whole mess with some other members of our gang and even some Socs. He's really smart, even smarter than Darry. But not as smart as me! Nobody is as smart as me! But still, Pone's pretty smart. He got put up a year in school. Then again, I got put up two years in school, but whatever.

Anyway, our gang is totally awesome. First, there's Steve Randle. He's seventeen, and he's been Sodapop's best friend since they were like six. I don't like Steve, though. He hates Ponyboy for some reason. He and I get along okay, I guess. I seem to have that affect on everybody.

Then there's Two-Bit Matthews. His real name is Keith, but everybody calls him Two-Bit. I made that name up when I was 12 years old. Because he never shuts up! He always has to have his two bits in a conversation. He's really funny, and I love him to death. Not like the like like way, but ya know, I've known him since we were little kids, and I love him to death. As a brother.

Of course, no one can ever forget Dallas Winston, once you meet that boy. He was seventeen, blonde, and extremely dangerous. Bad news. He wasn't a greaser like the rest of us; he was a straight up hood. I have no idea why he chose us, our gang, instead of Tim Shepard's outfit. I admit, I thought Dally was the coolest cat in town, and I respected his "hoodish" ways. Johnny seemed to look up to him, anyway.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Johnnycake. Ponyboy once described Johnny Cade as "a dark puppy that had been kicked too many times, lost in a crowd of people." And Pony was dead-on. Johnny was one of, if not the shyest boy I've ever met. His parents used beat him, and he was a nervous wreck. Johnny was jumpy anyways, cause he got jumped by a couple of Soc's a few months back. I'm the only one in the gang that he was himself around. I mean, Johnny and Pony were buddies and all, and Johnny practically worshiped the ground Dallas walked on. But Johnny really opened up around me. Then again, everyone opens up around me!

Oh yeah, then there's those damn Soc's! The rich kids. The cool kids on the other side of Tulsa. Ya know, "the jet set" as Soda called them a few times. They jump us greasers all the time, and just for the fun of it, too! I hate them. Even more than I hate Sandy. Because, well, Pony and Johnny were at the park late one night, and some Soc's caught up with them. The same exact Socs that jumped Johnny in the vacant lot forever ago. Johnny stabbed the ringleader Soc, Bob, and killed him. Pony and Johnny hopped on a train to a nearby town, and hid out in an abandoned church. Well, after about a week of hiding out, the church burnt down to the ground. Dally had gone to visit Johnny and Ponyboy in the church, and they all jumped in to save some little kids from burning. Pony emerged unharmed, while Dally only had injured his arm a little bit, he was fine. It was Johnnycake that we were all worried about. He was burned very badly all over his back, and if he lived- and there was a slim chance that Johnnycake was going to make it- he would never walk again.

Well, at sixteen years old, Johnny Cade passed away. Pony, Dallas, and I were right there next to the hospital bed when he died. The last words Johnny ever spoke were to Ponyboy and I. He said "Stay gold, Pony and PixiStick. Stay Gold…." Dally basically lost it, and went and robbed a store. He called our house- Pony and I had walked home by then- and told Darry and all of us to meet him at the park. I was dead tired, and trying not to sob my heart out. Cause ya know, greasers don't cry. So, we all run to the park, and I see our Dally, the indestructible Dallas Winston, shot down by the police. I vaguely remember running towards Dally, screaming and crying, greaser or not. I knelt down beside Dally, grabbed his hand, and looked him straight in the eye. "I love you, Dallas Winston. I always have, and I always will." I don't know exactly why I said that right then and there, but I think it was because I did love Dally. He would have died without knowing exactly how I loved him all my life. And in turn, Dallas would have died without telling me how he loved me all his life.

Dally moved a lock of hair from my eyes, and stared into my eyes. I could stare into his blue, ice cold eyes forever, and it would be enough. Dallas, with his final breath, grabbed my head, pulled me towards him, and kissed me softly and sweetly. "Pixi…."

And then he died, right there in my arms.

I felt Sodapop wrap his arms around me, and everything went black.

And two months later, I'm getting over it. Not it… Dally. I was moving on with my life without him and Johnny by my side. My long, blonde curly hair that lands gracefully half-way down my back has gotten its "spring" back. My big, beautiful, blue eyes are once again shining with happiness. And my family and friends held me through it all, and now, the least I can do is hold them up when they needed me. I'm PixiStick Bella Cassandra Curtis, and this is the first chapter of my life story.

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