Her eyes closed slowly, sleep almost taking over. Almost. The portrait closing jerked her awake.


Ginny Weasley was now fully awake. Slowly, her eyes tried to adjust.

Uh-oh, she thought.

"Err... hi, Hermione"

Hermione Granger stood in front of Ginny with her hands on her hips.

"Are you done with your History of Magic homework, yet?" she asked mockingly.

"Almost", Ginny replied pushing her vibrant red hair behind her ear. A habit for whenever she was nervous.

"Right, can I look it over?"

"NO," Ginny almost stood up. Then, after what seemed forever of a staring contest between the two friends, Ginny sighed. There was no winning with Hermione Granger.

"Fine I dozed off. History of Magic is sooo BORING! It's like the perfect sleeping charm."

"Uh- huh. So I've been told", she softened a little and continued "You know you're so lucky that you manage to pull good marks in the end. Here, I'll read it for you and note down the main points and you can create the summary tomorrow. Sound good to you?"

Ginny hugged her. "You're the best, Hermione! Thank you!"

Hermione smiled, "Hey I don't mind. As long as your grades don't start falling down like your bro—"

"Hey, whose grades are falling down?" Asked a tall, lanky and red headed Ron Weasley with flushed cheeks.

"Hey big bro, how was Quidditch practice?" asked Ginny.

"Intense. I still don't understand why you quit the team. We still need a seeker. Dennis is getting better. But he'll never be as good as Harry."

Hermione shot him a warning look.

Ron glanced at Ginny in panic.

Ginny swallowed at the name and tried to put on a brave face. After a brief and awkward silence, Ginny said, "Yeah anyway, I'm really tired. I think I'm done for the day. 'Nite Ron. 'Nite Hermione. Thank you so much again."

Hermione dismissed it with a flick of her hand. As soon as Ginny left the room, Ron gave an apologetic look to Hermione.

"Oops", he whispered.

She aimed her wand at his muddy pants and muttered "Scourgify" and then proceeded to sit on his lap, leaning her head on his chest.

"It's ok. I wonder where he is right now. I hope he's okay…"

Somewhere far away from the Wizarding World, in a very muggle and grubby inn, a raven haired, bespectacled boy watched the world from his window. His eyes looked glazed as if looking, but not necessarily registering.

He turned around to look at the time on the wall clock and as if realizing something, grabbed his jacket. He jogged his way to the gym which was a block away.

On his way back from the gym, he stopped at a grocery store. He grabbed a carton of milk, some eggs and a bar of chocolate. The man behind the cashier smiled at him. "'ello Mr. Potter how's it goin'?"

Harry Potter placed a bill and few coins in front of him and smiled good naturedly and said, "It's going".

The cashier placed the things in a bag and handed it to Harry, who muttered a thanks and got out of the store. He tore the paper off the chocolate and bit into it on his way back to the inn. The chocolate melted in his mouth and a wave of nostalgia hit him.

He and Ron, in the Hogwarts Express on their way to Hogwarts for the very first time. Chomping away on Chocolate Frogs while, Ron went on and on about his Chocolate Frog's cards collection.

He missed Ron. And Hermione. And…Ginny. Oh God! He wasn't even going to go there. But he couldn't help past memories from taking over.

His breaking up with her, during Dumbledore's funeral. Him kissing her in Gryffindor Common Room after her game.

He chuckled at the latter memory. It was probably the bravest thing he had ever done. Well after defeating Voldemort. He shuddered at this memory. Was it brave of him? Wasn't he supposed to do it? How was that considered brave? Millions of people had depended on him.

He opened the door to his room and laying the grocery bag on the table, flopped on the bed. After 3 months of the war, he was managing. He missed magic. He missed it terribly. He missed Quidditch. He missed the exhilaration while on his Firebolt. He missed Hogwarts. Hogwarts was his home!

He considered the progress he had made since the fall of Voldemort. He was slowly getting over the guilt. His nightmares had greatly reduced as well. In fact, he had been having dreamless nights for weeks now. All in all, he was coping quite well. Although, he felt quite lonely sometimes.

With renewed energy, Harry pushed himself out of bed and ran to the window. Pushing the glass bar up, he whistled into the night. After 30 seconds of still, a snowy white owl appeared in the night flapping its wings and entered through the window and landed on Harry's shoulder.

"Oh wow, Hedwig! You've gotten heavier than before".

Hedwig nipped on Harry's finger fondly and flew to the chair and rested on it. Harry rubbed his hands excitedly. "Hedwig, I have lots of letters for you to send!"

He sat on the table and pulled a stack of parchments out and pulled open the cap of a muggle pen. He thought for a moment and then leaned over and wrote

"Dear Ron,"