It was an accident, we never meant to kill him. We just wanted to capture him, not kill.

I was the only one out of the three of us allowed to go to his funeral, being a fellow Pokémon myself. But even then I was met with many angry glares and some of the people did eventually point the finger at me.

I can't believe this happened. Even now it doesn't seem real. Sure he was getting old, but for him to die . . . it had never seemed possible.


We had separated the twerps and now were in pursuit of Pikachu, using our latest machine we were bound to defeat and capture the Electric Mouse Pokémon once and for all.

This machine was fashioned after James Carnevine, complete with metal extensions so we could use a robotized version of Vine Whip.

We ad somehow managed to defeat all of Ash's Pokémon, then he sent Pikachu out. "Use Volt Tackle!" He shouted and Pikachu began to run forward. We grinned and right as Pikachu leapt at us, we slapped him away with a metal vine, what happened next made us all freeze.

We heard a snap like that of a bone being broke and then Pikachu collided into the ground. But for once he didn't get back up. He just laid there, not moving. "What's wrong with him?" Jesse asked. "Why isn't he moving?"

Ash ran to him, but still Pikachu didn't move. "Pikachu! Hey . . . Pikachu . . . Wake up!" He started shaking him, but there was no response, shocked we could only stare.

"Oh no, dat sound . . . We . . . I think we-" Ash suddenly glared angrily at us. "You killed him!" I felt faint, I had never meant to . . . to kill a fellow Pokémon. But now . . .


I watched as Ash, Misty, and a few other people told us how he'd changed their lives.

When they asked if anyone else would like to speak, I raised my paw hesitantly. A few people glared, some scoffed but I stepped forward nonetheless.

As I stood there I cleared my throat. "Ahem, I know dat most of you blame us for Pikachu's death, and in a way it is our fault." Several people harrumphed as if I was nothing more than a bother, an idiot pointing out the obvious.

"But to us he was a worthy opponent, so worthy dat we would do anything to capture him. Alas we were blind to the fact dat such an outcome was possible. And for dat I sincerely apologize. I'm afraid all I can say is, I'm sorry. Dat's all I have to say." And with that I stepped down and returned to my seat.