TRANSFORMERS GALAXY CONFLICT: One shall stand, one shall fall

Special Opening: Colors(Code Geass OP1)

San Francisco, 14:05, 2008

The Autobots made reached San Francisco. Bumblebee said, "I just hope we can hide the Allspark."

Josh saw a F-22 and said, "Hey F-22 pilot, come here, we might need backup."

Ken said, "Its not responding!"

Ironhide shouted, "TAKE COVER, ITS STARSCREAM!"

Starscream fired missles. But Prime managed to Destroy the missles however, one missle crippled Bumblebee. Ratchet said, "Kid are you alright?"

Bumblebee answered, "I need repairs!"

Ratchet repaired Bumblebee in a short time but Demolisher appeared firing lots of missles and bullets. Optimus said, "Take cover! Jazz snipe him!"

Jazz said, "Roger that!"

Jazz readied his rifle and then sniped Demolisher's right arm off. Demolisher said, "Who did that?"

Demolisher quickly ran away. But Megatron came and fired at Prime with his fusion cannon. Prime dodged every blast. Longarm went against Megatron to defend Prime. However Megatron threw Longarm. Longarm said, "Damn that Megatron…, arghh.!"

Megatron kicked Prime. Prime said, "One shall stand, one shall fall!"

Megatron said, "THEN PREPARE TO FALL!"

Megatron threw Prime. Megatron said, "Now die!"

Just as Megatron shot a beam, Longarm got in front of Optimus and took the shot. Longarm said, "Optimus, take my parts!" before dying.

Megatron then flew away. Ironhide, fighting Demolisher said, "It is over scrap heap!"

Ironhide then shot a huge blast from his ultra laser cannon, killing Demolisher. Ironhide said, "Prime do you r-."

But he was tackled by Megatron. Ironhide said, "Moronitron, you still use the dynamic entry!"

Megatron replied, "Such heroic nonsense! I have bested your leader!"

However, Optimus, attached with Longarm's parts tackled Megatron. Megatron said, "What? You still fight for the weak Prime! That is why you lose!"

Optimus said, "You fight for nothing Megatron. That is why you will never win!"

Optimus punched Megatron with a painful punch, sending him to the park. Optimus said, "This is where we fight!"

Megatron used his flail and swung it however, Prime used his swords to block it. Meanwhile, the army was fighting Vortex, the chopper who attacked the base that Ken and Josh were. Ken said, "Raptors fire!"

Raptors bombarded Vortex with missles. Then, Josh shot Vortex in the crotch, nearly killing Vortex. Vortex said, "You will pay for that!"

But he was shot dead by a blast from Bumblebee's cannon. Bumblebee said, "Now Sousuke, get to the building to hide the allspark!"

Sousuke said, "Ok!"

But Megatron stalked Sousuke and Sarah. However, Megatron was tackled by Optimus. Allowing Sousuke to ecscape. Suddenly, Sousuke opened the Allspark. Sarah said, "What is this?"

Suddenly, the Allspark's blue glow turned into a beam and fired in the sky. The beam went as far to Cybertron. Alpha Trion said, "THE ALLSPARK HAS BEEN OPENED!"

The Allspark then turned to dust. Megatron roared and said, "Humans, now, you will get the punishment!"

A nuclear bomb was heading for their way but Thundercracker said, "Megatron, I am no longer Decepticon!"

Thundercracker caught the bomb headed to space and then the bomb exploded, turning Thundercracker to junk. Thundercracker's dust fell on San Francisco. Dirge said, "Thundercracker! You-."

But he was interrupted by Grimlock who said, "Me Grimlock want to eat you because Me Grimlock hungry!"

Grimlock shot Dirge dead and then ate Dirge. Dirge's final words before he died were, "I AM SO UNLUCKY!"

Soon, Bruticus said, "Bruticus is a good boy, Bruticus goes to retreat!"

Starscream said, "I'm gonna leave Meatatron to die!"

Megatron shouted, "NOOOOO!"

But he was stabbed to death by Prime. Prime said, "You left me no choice brother."


The Autobots were listing the dead Decepticons. Jazz said, "Where is Dirge, Bruticus and Starscream?"

Grimlock then said, "Him Dirge was delicious!"

Wheeljack said, "What?"

Grimlock then burped out Dirge's munched remains. Wheeljack said, "That's disgusting!"

Optimus said, "Longarm died. However he gave me the strength to defeat Megatron."

Evac said, "Longarm, we will remember you for eternity."

A month later…

Optimus looked in the sunset and said, "Autobots, we have went another step closer to reawaken Primus. Oh though we won't return to Cybertron, we live in earth now, protecting the humans. Come Autobots and protect this beautiful planet."

The secretary of defense announced, "I'm going to announce that AIO is now disabanded and it is now the Cybertronian Human Alliance, CHA."

The Dinobots are also happy to live in Dinobot island. Optimus, walking on Dinobot island saw a large robotic spider with a Autobot symbol on.

Ark(now in CHA base)

Optimus inspected the spider. He then found a recording. It showed Elita falling to Earth and then scanning a spider and then she becomes mutated to a technorganic. Elita suddenly woke up. She said, "Prime, you changed. Thank you for saving me!"

Prime said, "Now we shall watch over these humans, protecting them."

Ironhide said, "Where is Chromia?"

Elita said, "Soon, she is coming."

Special ending: Result(GSD SE1 Ending)

Data banks

Name: Chromia

Age: 44, 988

Faction: Autobot

Weapons: crossbow

Cybertron alt mode: bike

Earth alt mode: bike

History: She was the partner of Ironhide.

Name: Optimus Prime(Attached with Longarm's parts.

Age: same as Optimus Prime

Faction: Autobot

Weapons: energon blade(Prime), Energon hook(Prime), flail(Longarm), beam cannon(neither)

Cybertron alt mode: Didn't fuse in Cybertron.

Earth alt mode: Optimus Prime and Longarm's parts.

History: When Longarm died, he gave his parts to Optimus. Optimus still use his parts at some times.

Name: Vortex

Age: 45,000

Faction: Decepticon

weapons: Rotor blade, glatning gun, Energon wave cannon

Cybertron alt mode: chopper

Earth altmode: Super Stallion helicopter

History: Vortex plays unfair in both fighting and bets. Vortex sees humans as venom and has to be eliminated.