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Here's a series of microfics. I wrote them in a thread on the terminator wiki. I will probably write and post some more sometime.

Repairing Cameron

John had usually left terminator repair up to his minions, but the damage to Cameron was far too great. If it were any other terminator, they would have just scrapped it. John had to do this on his own, and he admitted with a little help from John Henry. He knew the TechCom quarter-master would be fuming in a few hours, wondering what happened to two Triple-Eights. John knew what happened to them...they were lying in the corner, half of their guts torn out. John never knew much about the insides of terminators, but after this...he was by far definitely qualified to replace even his best technician.

John had spent hours, replacing the shredded wiring of Cameron. It was something John Henry couldn't do. John had to stick his hand into all sorts of gooey was a maze in that hyper-alloy combat chassis, and Cromartie's body definitely didn't have the flexibility required. Not only did Cameron have significant wiring damage, her power cells were ruined. These were the reasons she was offline. At last, John connected her power cells. Short of fabricating an endoskeleton, at this point John was sure he could practically build a terminator.

Cameron powered up upon the connection of her power cells. Nearing the end of 120 seconds, she replayed her memory of what knocked her offline. Cameron felt genuine fear, as she saw a bolt of plasma heading straight at her. But that wasn't what scared her. She was actually out of the way, but another matter to deal with was the RPG flying at her. Her only option was to dive in front of the plasma bolt, which would hit her in her abdomen just next to her power cells. The last thing she remembered was the melting of her internal wiring. She knew she might never come back online.

BUT, she opened her eyes and saw John with a look of worry on his face. Then she noticed he was covered in blood.
"John, are you okay?!" Cameron asked.

"Yeah. I was going to ask you the same thing." John said with a smile on his face.

"How did I survive?"

"Thanks to the guts of units 22 and 35 sitting over there in the corner. I had to practically rebuild you."

Cameron realized the trouble he went to, and also how he had been successful. She hugged him, proud and thankful.


"John, you need to focus. We need to be prepared for Judgment Day. We only have a month." Cameron told him.
"I can't do it, Cameron. I've lost everyone." John complained.
Cameron tried to cheer him up, "Everyone? You haven't lost me."
John looked up and stopped crying. She had a soft compassionate smile on her face. She reached out to hug him, and he didn't resist.
"Now, let's move into the bunker. We have a long list of supplies to get."

A few weeks later, they sat in the bunker. The only other occupants were Weaver, John Henry, Ellison, and Murch. They waited out the nuclear holocaust. John and the others painfully watched the video feeds, mesmerized as explosions steadily took out each camera on that terrible day. The only thing that kept him sane was the soft touch of Cameron's hand gripping his.


John Henry handed John a chip. He was amazed, her life in his hands. John stuck the chip in the head of the near-by Cameron. She powered up and was shocked at the sight of John. She re-ran facial recognition, and it confirmed that this was indeed John in front of her. John blinked a few times, tears in his eyes. His flowing, gray beard hung more than a foot from his face.

"John, how old are you?" Cameron asked.
"I lost count. I think I'm 70, but you look just like you did all those years ago." John smiled.
Cameron reluctantly let John lead her out of the room.

They stopped at the end of a tunnel in front of a priest.
"We are gathered here today..." the priest started.
Cameron looked at John and interrupted, "John, are we getting married?" with a little fear in her voice.
"Yeah, Cam. Isn't it great?" John responded.
"No, it isn't." Cameron couldn't take it. She punched the priest out cold and tied John up.
John asked, "Cameron, what the hell are you doing?"
"I am going to find time displacement equipment. I will not marry with you at 70 years of age."
She disappeared down the tunnel.


John pulled the slide back on his glock, chambering the first round.
He stared at the firearm. Just one shot could end his existence. No more nothing.
He liked the idea, but the 'nothing' part sucked. And it would be a one-way trip.

Cameron was out doing her nightly patrol. She looked around. She paid particular attention to John's window. John was messing with a firearm. He had a look of depression on his face. She decided that this situation would require monitoring. Cameron sneaked closer to his window. John put the 9mm pistol to his head. She noticed him contort some of his facial muscles, a sign of stress.

Cameron knocked on the window. John nearly jumped and quickly hid the pistol under the covers of his bed. He walked over to the window nervously and opened it.
"Uh Cameron, what do you want?"
She climbed through the window, and they sat down.
"John, you're sitting on a glock pistol."
"Oh uh, yeah."
"Suicide is not an effective strategy."
"Uh" was all that came out of his mouth.
"If you killed yourself, how would you ever get to do this?"
Cameron leaned in toward John's face, and her soft lips touched his. John almost instantaneously decided he had a reason to live.

It seemed like time stopped for John, but suddenly it was over. Cameron was already half way out of his room. And somehow his pistol was missing.

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