Okay, this story needs some big time explaining!

First of all:
This story is partly based on things that really happened.
As most of my watchers know, I went to Barcelona with my class as the final trip with all of us. It was AWESOME, so awesome that I decided to write a story about it. I got the idea on the plane back home, and worked it out a little in the train. Back home, I started writing.

Either way, these are the rules:
Everything Zexion and Demyx do together, is what we did as a class on our final trip. I had Demyx's seat. Other small details (Demyx's bag, the birthdays of both of them) are based on true stuff as well. Some of the emotions they show are based on true stuff as well. (mostly mine). You could see both of them a somewhat a part of me, as they both show emotions I've felt during the trip.
You should know that every little thing that considers Riku, I made it up.
So, in short: everything they do together was done by us as a class. Everything in the past they (might) talk about or think about wasn't based on true things.
I hope this will explain the most of it... if you have questions PLEASE ask me.

Characters belong to Disney
Story and events and everything else belongs to me.

I hope you enjoy reading =)


Chapter 1: Day One, Part B: The hostel from hell

When they were on the ground, safe and well, Zexion let out a sigh of relief, he was still alive and in Barcelona. As they exited the plane, a wall of heat hit him in his face. Damn, why was it still so warm out there?! Soon he had made his way to the point where he'd get his luggage back, happy to be reunited with his books and personal stuff.

Demyx chuckled lightly at Zexion's sigh, he was happy to have arrived by now, the flight had been a weird experience. As he exited the plane he felt a lot warmer than in the plane, obviously because of the air conditioning in the plane. They approached the luggage and soon he had found his suitcase, the big, orange thing stood out pretty badly. He pulled the thing towards himself and was surprised at the weight.

Zexion found himself following Demyx on his way out of the airport, into the hot evening air of Barcelona. He didn't find it very welcoming. Soon they had made their way to the train station that was attached to the airport and bought their tickets, to make their way to the train rather quickly, as it was about to leave.

The train was pretty much filled to the top, there were no empty seats and Demyx was glad he could sit on his suitcase. He offered Zexion a small piece of it, so he could sit as well, but the boy declined. Demyx knew that soon they would have to catch a metro, bringing them closer to the hostel.

When they got out, Zexion walked after Demyx again, who looked like he did this every day. After walking up and down several stairs, Demyx ran out of breath with his heavy suitcase, which caused Zexion to have a small grin on his face.

After changing the metro lines several times, Demyx saw that they had to get out at the next station: Uruiganoa. From there on, they had to walk, as there was no metro that would get them closer to the hostel.
'We have to get out at the next station.' he said and Zexion nodded, to let him know he had heard him.

When they got out, the air was still hot and unwelcoming, at least, if you asked Zexion. Demyx didn't seem to bother that much, he was just having trouble with his suitcase. Soon Zexion got this feeling that Demyx had absolutely no idea where the hell he was going, let alone he had any idea if they were walking in the proper direction.

At some point, somehow, nobody knew how, they got lost. Badly. Demyx really had no idea where the hell they were and Zexion wasn't really a good help, as he didn't know either and hadn't said more than ten words after they had hopped off the metro. When they passed someone, Demyx decided to give it a try and find out if he knew where the hell they were and if the hostel was close.

As Demyx asked someone for the directions, Zexion took a good look at his suitcase. It seemed exaggerated big, but most of all, it seemed heavy. He wondered what the hell was in the thing, he didn't think Demyx was much of a reader, so it were no books. But what was in there?

Soon, it appeared that (thank god) they had walked in the right direction and that the hostel was –how surprising- at the top of the hill, somewhere in a street on the right. With a deep sigh, Demyx grabbed his suitcase and started walking again.
'You don't happen to have any water on you, do you?' he asked Zexion at some point, who shook his head. He sighed deep again and walked on, pulling his suitcase with him.

He had to admit, Zexion wished he did have some water. He was thirsty as hell. And he needed a shower. A long, cold shower. He also needed a night of decent sleep. But it was not like that was going to happen very soon anyway, so he didn't really bother to hope for that.

After walking around in the streets of Barcelona for about an hour, Demyx finally saw the street they were supposed to be in: Ca l'Alegre de Dalt street. Too tired to bother how he was supposed to pronounce it, he looked at the numbers. Thank god, the numbers were going down from ninety-something and the hostel was at number 66.

Zexion sighed deep as Demyx announced that they were almost there, that they had at least find the right street. After walking down the street for a while, suddenly at their left there it was; their hostel for the night. Demyx rang the bell and soon there was someone opening the doors for them.
'I'll take care of the rooms.' Demyx said. Zexion just nodded and sat down.
Demyx talked with the man that opened the door for a while and soon it seemed that there was only one room left and they had to share it. The man gave him two papers, one for both of them they had to fill in. He passed one to Zexion and grabbed a pen. When he tried to write down his name, his hands were shaking too badly to write it properly. His hands hurt. Big time.

Zexion filled out the paper without any problems, but saw Demyx having trouble with his hands: they were shaking badly.
'You okay?' he asked. Demyx nodded.
'Yeah, my suitcase is just… impossible and heavy…'
'You want me to fill it in for you?' Zexion said it before he even realized what he had just said. He offered Demyx his help.
'If you want to…' Demyx answered with a small blush.

'Name?' Zexion asked.
'Demyx.' Demyx replied.
'Date of birth?'
'Second of July, 1990. You?' Demyx asked with a small grin.
'Twelfth of February, 1989.'
When they had completed filling in the papers, Zexion gave the man the papers and the pens back and grabbed his bag. He was unpleasantly surprised when he saw that Demyx was holding just one key.
'There's only one room left…' Demyx said. Zexion nodded and sighed deep. This was so not going to be fun.

As they entered the room, Demyx saw two single beds and a closet. Another door led to a toilet and a wash-bowl. That's it. He dropped his suitcase next to one of the beds and opened the window, letting in the warm evening air.

'The showers are in the hallway.' Zexion said, pointing at a paper at the door. Demyx nodded and grabbed the stuff he needed in the shower. Soon, Zexion was left alone and he sat down at the bed, carefully looking through his bag to find his towel and shampoo. He rolled out his sleeping bag and walked out the door, locking it behind him.

Demyx stood still with his eyes closed, the cold water streaming down his body in small streams, cooling it down a little. When he heard the door of the bathroom open, he opened his eyes.
'Zexion?' He asked carefully.
'Yeah it's me.' Came a soft reply. Soon the stall next to Demyx's was occupied as well and there was the sound of more water running. Shortly after, Demyx's eyes closed again and enjoyed the simple moment of cooling down.

When Zexion finally stepped under the pretty cold water he sighed deep. This felt really good. He gave another deep sigh and started his usual ritual in the shower, carefully washing his whole body. No matter how often he repeated this ritual, sometimes he even repeated it three times a day, he just couldn't manage to feel clean. Not after what Riku had done to his body, making him feel disgusting and dirty.

Soon, a nice smell entered Demyx's nose, he couldn't exactly understand what he was smelling, but it smelt nice altogether. He decided to wash his hair and so he grabbed the shampoo bottle that he had brought. He squirted some of the stuff in his hand and immediately smelt the pineapples. When he finished washing his hair he grabbed his shower-gel, which smelled like coconuts.

As Zexion finished his ritual, he took the time on washing his hair, noticing that Demyx was done already. When he got rid of all the shampoo in his hair, he decided that that was enough for today and turned off the shower and grabbed his towel, starting to dry himself off.

Soon, Demyx was dressed in his boxers and some pants and wanted to go back to the room, when he realized that Zexion had the key. So he walked back to the bathroom, entering without a second thought, to find Zexion in his boxers outside the shower stall, quickly hiding his body behind a towel. But Demyx had taken notice.

When Zexion got out of the stall he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, he found that Demyx had left the bathroom already. He bent over to grab his pants, when the door opened. He shot up immediately, seeing Demyx standing in the doorway. As soon as he saw Demyx, he grabbed his towel and hid behind it. He didn't want him to see, not yet at least. His chest was pretty much a collection of scars, once again thanks to Riku. His back wasn't much better…
'Uh…' Demyx said, not wanting to embarrass Zexion in any way. Then he turned around, giving Zexion the opportunity to put on a shirt.
'You have the key, I forgot that for the moment and so I was standing in front of a locked door… and sorry for running into you like this…' Demyx said.
'Yeah, I figured… and it's okay.' Zexion answered.

As Zexion unlocked the door to their room, Demyx was looking around.
'I don't know about you, but I'm moving on tomorrow… I really don't want to stay here… this place just doesn't feel right and it's way too hot in the middle of the city if you ask me.' Zexion nodded and entered the room, looking for his toothbrush.
'Agreed.' Then he walked off to the wash bin and started to brush his teeth.
'You could come with me, if you want to?' Demyx asked, opening his suitcase and looking for his sleeping bag. 'I've got a tent with me and an air mattress, so we could, you know, travel around together or something like that if you want to?'

The last sentence nearly made Zexion choke, Demyx actually offered him to travel along? He actually wanted Zexion as his company? He finished brushing his teeth and got back to the small room where Demyx was.
'You really want me as your company?' He asked, a faint blush spreading on his face.
'Well, yeah, that should be obvious, as I'm asking you?' Demyx said with a smile.
'But I have nothing with me but this sleeping bag, not for camping or anything.' This made Demyx chuckle.
'Well, we could share the air mattress and as you have your own sleeping bag and I have my own, I don't really see a problem.'

Demyx inwardly chuckled at Zexion's reaction, he was kinda cute actually.
'Uh… I… You… Me…' Zexion stuttered, nearly blushing his head off.
'Well, yeah, you, me in the same tent on the same mattress. That shouldn't be a problem though, it's a double air mattress, so we've got enough room. Actually, I slept on it with Axel and Roxas once, and we still had plenty of room, so there really shouldn't be any problems.'

Zexion smiled a little at this, this boy seemed so naive, so innocent. So not knowing.
'I'd like to join you, if you let me.' He said, followed by mentally kicking himself, he knew how he was at night. He knew it would wake Demyx up. He knew it would bring up questions. He knew Demyx wouldn't want him to sleep next to him when he knew the real story.

Demyx gave him a huge, real smile.
'That's awesome! Back home I looked up some campsites close to Barcelona and I thought the campsite in El Masnou looked pretty good, so we're going there, okay?'
'Sure, whatever suits you. What's so special about El Masnou?' Zexion asked and Demyx smiled again.
'Well, it has a pool, some trees, and it's very close to the train station, where a train leaves to Barcelona about every ten minutes and even better: it's very close to the sea.' Zexion gave a very small smile at this.

When Zexion thought about it, going with Demyx might be a good idea. He wouldn't feel so lonely all the time, lost in a city somewhere on the other side of Europe. And Demyx didn't seem such a bad guy. With Demyx, this whole Barcelona trip might turn out better than he thought.

'Hey, I don't know about you, but I'm going to try and get some sleep… I'm pretty damn tired.' Demyx said, again rummaging through his suitcase and finding his pajama pants. He left to the tiny bathroom to change, not wanting to embarrass Zexion any further. That would be a problem when they shared one tent though…

Zexion sighed deep and grabbed his pajama pants as well, along with a loose shirt. This whole going with Demyx thing felt kinda double. Demyx was nice and all and he liked him, sort of at least. But, he was so fucked up on the inside. So, so, totally fucked up. He sighed deep as he pulled the loose shirt over his head, wondering if he would ever be able to be friends with anyone without scaring them away.

As Demyx returned he saw that Zexion had changed his clothes as well. Digging through his clothes in his suitcase, Demyx finally found what he was looking for: his sweet dreams shirt. Actually it read 'kauniita unia', Finnish for sweet dreams. On the front it read Sonata Arctica and beneath that Unia. Sonata Arctica was a band he used to like a lot and when he had seen people walking around in that shirt he decided he wanted it. Ever since, he slept in the shirt, hoping it would give him pretty dreams.

Zexion lied down and gave another sigh, reaching for one of his books and starting to read. Reading was his way to escape the world, escape everything and everyone around him and be in his safe, secret world for a moment.

Demyx gave a small sigh, content in his sweet dreams shirt and watched Zexion reading. Again he tried to read the title, but it didn't seem as an interesting book to him. He decided to give the boy himself a look. Well, he had done that already in the plane, but Zexion seemed much more at ease now. Even though it was nice to see him a little more relaxed, Demyx decided to ask the question the whole thing started with again.
'Why do you read?'

At first, Zexion didn't hear the question and kept reading, until Demyx sat down at his bed and slightly pulled the book away from his eyes.
'Why do you read?' A curious, brown haired boy asked.
'Because I like to do so?' Zexion answered with a cocked eyebrow.
'Okay, but why do you like doing so?' Demyx asked.
'Well, it's a way of escaping the every day life. In books you can be whoever you want, you don't have to follow all the rules that everyone makes up and so you can do pretty much everything you want. It's an escape from the world actually.'

Demyx nodded.
'I know how you feel! I have the same, but with writing and making music instead of reading! It's like you have your own secret world where nobody can reach you, touch you or hurt you. It's a place where you're understood and where you're safe.' Zexion nodded at this.
'Exactly.' Demyx smiled and went back to his own bed.
'Hey, I'm going to try and catch some sleep, would you turn off the lights when you're done reading?' Zexion gave another nod and Demyx laid down at his bed, turning away from the light and closing his eyes. The day had been long, with lots of new experiences and very tiring. He was ready for a good portion of sleep.

Zexion watched Demyx turn his back to him, falling asleep soon after.
'Wish I could fall asleep that easily…' he thought bitterly. That would be hell, if Zexion shared the air mattress with Demyx, Demyx would know about the nightmares. There was no escaping that, he would know. He sighed deep, staying awake for those 8 days that were coming up was no option either… he'd just have to hope that the nightmares would leave him alone, at least for these days…
Zexion sighed again, putting away the book and getting up to turn off the lights. Reading wouldn't help him much, he couldn't concentrate and it was way too hot in here. He laid down at the bed again and closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep and not waking up screaming because of his nightmares.

Demyx woke with a start when he heard loud voices in the hallway, speaking some foreign language he faintly recognized as French. He looked at Zexion, who was sitting up straight and had his hands covering his ears. Demyx got up and walked to the door, cursing the people outside who appeared to be French. In the hallway he met some other guests as well, who were trying just as hard to make clear that they should be quiet at four in the fucking morning. But, as everybody who ever ran into French people knows, the French don't speak English, or they refuse to do so. In crappy French, Demyx tried to make clear that they should be quiet and that he wanted to sleep. After a few minutes he gave up and went back to the room, his mood lowered until about six feet underground.

Zexion watched Demyx come back into the room. The boy seemed very tired and a little grumpy. Zexion had heard the French coming in downstairs, and making a hell of a lot of noise from the beginning. He had still been awake, aware of the fact that it was four in the morning. He sighed deep. A night with some good rest was too much to ask for as it appeared, but he laid back down anyway. He watched Demyx do the same and after turning for about half an hour Demyx had fallen asleep again.