Author's note:

I'm sorry it took me so long again, it's still pretty hectic around here...

This story is partly based on things that really happened.
I went to Barcelona with my class as the final trip with all of us. It was AWESOME, so awesome that I decided to write a story about it. I got the idea on the plane back home, and worked it out a little in the train. Back home, I started writing.

Either way, these are the rules:
Everything Zexion and Demyx do together, is what we did as a class on our final trip. I had Demyx's seat. Other small details (Demyx's bag, the birthdays of both of them) are based on true stuff as well. Some of the emotions they show are based on true stuff as well. (mostly mine). You could see both of them a somewhat a part of me, as they both show emotions I've felt during the trip.
You should know that every little thing that considers Riku, I made it up.
So, in short: everything they do together was done by us as a class. Everything in the past they (might) talk about or think about wasn't based on true things.
I hope this will explain the most of it... if you have questions PLEASE ask me.

Characters belong to Disney
Story and events and everything else belongs to me. (wow, this is the first time I actually put up a disclaimer)

I hope you enjoy reading =).

Chapter two: Day two, part B:

Chapter 2: Day two part B: Little creepers and naughty cats

When his feet began to hurt, Demyx proposed to go back to the hostel, have a drink there and go to the camping afterwards. Zexion agreed to the plan, his headache hadn't gotten less and some cold water would be nice. Demyx felt something was off with Zexion, but when he asked about it, he didn't get an answer that agreed to his feelings.

The walk back to the hostel took little time and soon Zexion found himself enjoying the feeling of cold water in his overheated body. He gulped the first bottle of water down right away, and soon half of the second was gone as well. This made Demyx look at him a little funny.
'What?' Zexion asked. Demyx pointed to his own bottle, that was nearly halfway gone.
'How can you drink so much so fast?' he asked astonished. Zexion shrugged.
'Thirsty, I guess?' Demyx grinned at that.
'I was thirsty too, but I still have half of my bottle!' Zexion shrugged again and drank the rest of his second bottle as well.

After sitting there for a while, drinking lots of cold water and feeling a little refreshed, Demyx got up and pulled Zexion to his feet as well. Grabbing their bags they made their way to a metrostation. The road was less long than the night before as they were heading to a different station, which made their mood lighten up a little. The sun was still beaming down mercilessly and the air made their throats dry. Even though it was less a long walk than the night before, Demyx still found himself having trouble with his suitcase. The thing was still heavy and impossible. Entering the metrostation only made it worse, the stairs seemed to have no ending whatsoever. Besides, the air there was a lot warmer than outside, and it was sultry.

After the first metro took Zexion and Demyx to Plaza Catalunya, Zexion remembered why he hated metros, metrostations, and everything else that had to do with metros. The main reason was the heat and sultry in there. Followed by the crowds of people. At Plaza Catalunya Demyx dragged him to the Renfe train that would take them to the village in which their campsite was; El Masnou. Once in the train Zexion could relax a little, the train was nice and cool and the view was nice.

For once, Demyx found himself having no trouble being silent for almost half an hour. He looked outside, not being able to choose which side he should be looking at. The left side gave him views of villages, roads and landscapes. The right side gave him views of mostly beaches and the sea.

After about half an hour Zexion noticed the sign of the campsite passing by.
'We should get out at the next station, we just passed that campsite of yours.' Demyx nodded.
'Okay, let's get going then.' They got up and grabbed their bags again, readying themselves for the walk to the campsite. The walk probably wasn't that long and would take about ten to fifteen minutes at most without any luggage. But as Demyx was obviously having trouble with his bag again, the trip took them way longer.

Demyx couldn't think of things he could have left at home, he already packed only the things that were necessary. Then what on earth could make the bag so damned heavy?! He couldn't think of anything. As he struggled his way to the campsite, he watched Zexion walk in front of him, not seeming to be bothered at all by his luggage. From time to time, he would look back, see Demyx way behind and wait for him.

At some point even Zexion's endless patience reached its breaking point. He took off his own bag and placed it on the ground, waiting for Demyx to make his way up to him. When Demyx was finally next to him, Zexion made him stop dead in his tracks.
'Put that bag down. Right. Now.' Demyx gave him a confused look.
'Just do so.' Demyx dropped the thing, looking up at the taller boy, still confused.
'I'll take it for the rest of the way there, you can take mine. Just put it on your back. And next time, take a backpack and not a suitcase... saves a lot of trouble.'

Demyx smiled and thanked the slate-haired teen. He hauled the big backpack onto his back and started walking again, relieved that the weight was on his shoulders instead of in his hands.

Zexion pulled the –unbelievably- heavy suitcase next to him, finding the thing annoying and heavy, but walking on anyway. He noticed Demyx's hands were still shaking from handling the thing halfway through Barcelona and all the way over here. He sighed softly, yet deep. The upcoming days would be long, but at least he wouldn't be alone. At least, there would be some company to keep him distracted throughout the day. The nights though, would be lonely, as always. Haunted by nightmares. Haunted by Riku. Another sigh. He would just have to find a way to get some sleep, without waking Demyx in the process.

After walking to the reception to ask where they could put up their tent. The youngman walked them to a nice spot with some shadow, close to some toilets and sinks. Demyx dropped the backpack on the ground, dropping himself right next to it. He winced right after, Spanish ground was... well, hard. Then he noticed something else; gigantic ants walking around, carrying leaves and other things towards small holes in the ground.
'We are so not putting up our tent right here.' Zexion shot him a questioning look.
'One word: ants.' Zexion looked down and noticed the little black animals as well.

Demyx sighed deep after putting up the tent. They had used a hammer to smash the pins into the ground, which meant that it would take a lot of effort to get them back out again... The spanish ground was just as hard as it looked; rock solid. When the tent finally stood up right, Demyx started to pump air into his airmatress. He hoped the ants wouldn't get into their tent, and that the hard ground wouldn't make a hole in his airmatress. That might be problematic...

After they had sat down for a while when the tent stood right, Zexion proposed to go into town for dinner, the small shop at the campsite was already closed and they didn't have any food left from lunch. Demyx agreed and they left the tent for what it was, all their luggage inside, the zipper closed; hoping that there wouldn't get any ants inside.

The town appeared to be a thin, but very long line. The center was at about half an hour walking from the campsite and once there, they sat down at a restaurant pretty quickly, hungry and tired. The restaurant appeared to serve hamburgers and fries, which was fine for both. They were hungry, it didn't really matter to them what they would eat as long as it was food.

After they had finished their food, Zexion just wanted to go back to the campsite. He wanted to take a shower and get some sleep. He didn't get much sleep the night before, the annoying french people kept him awake, and he slept for maybe two hours after that, scared of the nightmares that would surely come if he slept for longer than that.

They got up, paid and started the walk back to the campsite. The view over the sea was a pretty one, Demyx noticed soon and he couldn't stop looking, which almost resulted in him walking in on someone, if Zexion hadn't pulled him back at the hem of his shirt.
'Watch where you're going, we've got plenty of time to figure out where we can go to the beach and you'll have plenty of time to watch the sea then.' Demyx nodded, his cheeks becoming red with a blush.

When they got back to the campsite, they had passed a passway to the beach, it wasn't that far from the campsite and gave entrance to a beach that wasn't too big, but nice enough. As Demyx opened the zipper to the tent, Zexion looked around. The campsite wasn't very crowded, which was nice. After Demyx got into the tent, Zexion entered as well and grabbed the things he needed in the shower. He grabbed his towel and made his way down the hill to the showers.

Demyx sat at his airmatress for a moment, before getting up again and grabbing his showergel, shampoo and towels as well. As he made his way down to the showers, he noticed that he had another beautiful view over the sea. He remained standing there for a moment, but started walking again soon after when a car was making it's way up the small hill. He entered the shower area and heard Zexion shuffle around in the small stall, getting ready for his shower. Demyx took the stall next to his, placing his towel over the door and undressing swiftly, wanting to take the shower as soon as possible.

Zexion noticed he hadn't thought of this; the shower stalls were small and he had to put his towel on top of the door. He couldn't put all his clothes in the stall, because they would get soaked. The only thing he brought inside the stall were his boxershorts and his towel. He turned on the shower and noticed that there was coming a very small stream of water from the thing. He made a face, but then stepped under the streaming water anyway.

Demyx just stood there for a while. Just standing, with his eyes closed. Feeling the cold water washing the filth of the day away. He sighed deep and grabbed his shampoo. Soon after the smell of pineapples was filling the air and he started to feel a lot better, cleaner and fresher.

Zexion did his usual ritual only once this time, he didn't feel the need to do it more often and was thankful for that. When he was done, he turned off the shower and reached for his towel. Thank god the thing didn't get soaked. He started to dry off and soon he got out of the stall, grabbing his clothes and closing the door again. He got dressed inside the stall, not the easiest way to get dressed, but he didn't like the feeling of anyone being able to run into him while he was getting dressed. He was too ashamed of his body for that. Too ashamed of all the scars covering his body.

Demyx was done soon as well, happily surprised to see Zexion waiting for him outside, watching the sun set. Together they walked up the hill back to the tent and made a small washline to dry their towels on. After that was done, Demyx went inside the tent and lied down at the airmatress.

Zexion walked into the tent as well and saw Demyx lying on the matress. Demyx had heard him, obviously, for he opened his eyes and beamed a smile at him.
'See, there's plenty of room for you to lie next to me!' Zexion looked a little more careful and saw Demyx was right; it indeed was a double and there was more than enough room for Zexion to sleep. Carefully avoiding touching Demyx, Zexion lied down next to him. The moment his head touched the airmatress, he sighed deep and closed his eyes.
'See, it's not that bad.' Zexion shook his head, it was far from bad.

Demyx turned to his side so he could face the boy that lied next to him. He watchted Zexion close his eyes and sigh deep.
'Did anyone ever tell you that your eyes are really beautiful?' The greyish blue eyes opened at once.
'Um, not that directly...' Demyx smiled.
'Well, then let me hereby tell you; you have the most beautiful eyes.' A small blush crawled its way to Zexion's cheek and Demyx chuckled as he watched the slate haired boy close his eyes again.
'That doesn't mean you should shut them!' he said laughing.
'I know, but I'm a little tired and keeping my eyes shut makes the headache less noticable.' Demyx frowned at that.
'Do you need some painkillers or something? I brought some... or maybe some water will help! Or a shower! Wait... you just took a shower... well, nevermind then.' Zexion smiled a little at that.
'All of that won't help. Painkillers don't help, god knows why. Water doesn't help, because, as you noticed earlier today, I drink a lot. And showers don't do the trick either. Shutting out light helps a little.'

Zexion felt the matress shifting after he said that and heard some rummaging through a bag after. He opened one eye to see Demyx pulling off his shirt and replacing it with another one. He couldn't help but notice that Demyx had a great body and a nice tan already. He closed the eye again when he saw Demyx starting to get out of his pants.
'Hey, I don't know how about you, but I'm going to try and catch some z's. You look like you could use some as well. And doesn't sleep help for headaches?' Zexion nodded and lifted himself from the airmatress, rummaging around in his own bag for his pajama pants and shirt. Soon he had changed his clothes as well and lied down on the ground.

Demyx heard the shuffling of clothes and expected to feel the matress shift soon after, but that didn't happen. He opened his eyes to find Zexion on the ground, curled up in his sleeping bag.
'Hey, I told you you could sleep on the matress, didn't I?' He didn't get an answer.
'Hey, you really shouldn't sleep on the ground, you know, your back will be killing you tomorrow!' Again, Zexion didn't show any response. Demyx decided he had enough of the non-responsiveness and pulled the sleeping bag, Zexion still inside, onto the matress. For a moment all he saw was slate colored hair and two grey eyes glaring at him.

'I was perfectly fine, thank you.' Zexion said, not at all amused by what Demyx just did.
'Well, sorry for trying to save you from pain in the morning.' The boy shot him a glare as well and turned to his other side.
It would have been fine if Zexion had been a normal boy. Then he would have lied down on the matress right away. Then he wouldn't have had problems with Demyx pulling him onto the damned thing. But he was far from a normal boy. After all the abuse Riku put him through, all he could ever do was be afraid of close contact with others, which included sleeping on the same airmatress. Even sleeping in the same room with someone else could be a problem.

Demyx sighed deep. There was something about this boy, but what, he couldn't exactly put his finger on. Aside from the scars, he had some tics that just weren't normal. How the hell would someone get so many scars, anyway? How could you obviously have bled so much and still be alive? He had noticed that some of the scars were fading a little, which meant there were older and newer scars. Some of them were still flaming red, which meant they were pretty recent. What in god's name had this boy been through?
These, and many more, questions filled Demyx's head before he fell asleep, wondering about all kinds of things this mysterious boy brought with him.

After the deep sigh of Demyx it remained silent and after a while Zexion heard his breathing slow down to a regular, deep breath, which meant that the other was asleep. He sighed deep and managed to relax just a little bit. Sleeping people usually didn't do much harm, did they? Soon he closed his eyes and let his mind wander over the two days that he had spent with this boy.
Things were so far from the usual. He had hardly touched his books, Riku didn't dominate most of his thoughts, and he actually had felt the urge to smile several times. Now that was something unusual...
While thinking all this over he heard something rummaging around, and soon he heard a second pair of tiny footsteps joining the first... what was going on outside? He didn't pay too much attention to it, he liked where his thoughts were taking him a little too much. When he heard the soft mewling that accompanied the footsteps, he felt the urge to smile again, positive that Demyx would love that. That brought him to think of the other boy. He was so happy, so pure, so innocent... so his opposite. His blue eyes were so vivid, so sparkling... so alive.
These thoughts brought him back to himself. His eyes had been vivid and alive, he had been happy and pure. But all that was a long, long time ago. Before he knew Riku. Before he knew what the word 'abuse' exactly meant. Before he was raped, night after night, again and again. Before he was beaten, for every single thing, even for things he didn't do.
Zexion sighed deep and turned to his side, his back facing Demyx's, and tried to get some sleep himself.

Demyx woke to the sound of muffled screams, the wild shifting of the matress and a hard kick to his shins. Rubbing his shin, he opened his eyes, to find Zexion twisting and turning, sweat on his furrowed brow and halfway screaming inaudible things. He turned to face the boy fully, wondering what the hell was going on and reached out for Zexion's hand. The moment their skins touched, Zexion's eyes opened and Demyx was faced with raw fear and panic.
'Hey, easy there... it's okay, nobody can hurt you here...'

Zexion opened his eyes to face a slightly distressed Demyx. He tried to calm down as fast as possible, not wanting the boy to worry.
'Are you alright?' The small voice reached his fogged mind and he managed to form some sort of coherent reply. Demyx still gave him a very confused and worried look, something that didn't suit his features.

Demyx didn't really think about his next move, and before he realized his hand was on Zexion's cheek, surprised of the softness of the skin he was touching.
'Hey, it's okay. Really. There's nothing that can hurt you here, you're safe. I'm the only one here closeby, and I'm not going to hurt you. Your kick did kind of hurt me, though...' Demyx managed to get a small, comforting smile on his face, smoothly rubbing his thumb over the soft surface of Zexion's cheek.

Zexion let out a small sigh, slightly leaning into the soft caress. Despite his hate of physical contact he leaned in, despite of all the shit he had been through, all the people with whom it started out like this. Despite it all, he leaned in and felt Demyx's honesty, his purity flowing from the soft touch. For the first time in what seemed forever, he felt safe under someone's touch. He didn't feel scared, or in pain. And under the soft touch of Demyx's hand, the nightmare seemed already far away.

Demyx saw Zexion relax more and more, and the fear and panic in his eyes fade with time.
'There you go, it's okay. You're safe and nobody is going to hurt you. It's okay.' Zexion gave a small nodd, aknowledging the things Demyx said.
'Do you want to tell me what that was all about?' he asked carefully. A deep sigh was the answer. 'If you don't want to, it's fine as well. Just know that I'll listen if you feel like sharing...' Zexion nodded again.

'You should go back to sleep.' Zexion said after a while, his feelings still upside down from the whole ordeal. Demyx nodded.
'I know, will you be okay?' Zexion nodded.
'I guess I will, sorry I woke you up...' Demyx smiled.
'That's fine, I'm glad I could be of some help.' Zexion nodded again and watched Demyx close his eyes. Not much later the boy had fallen asleep, his hand still on Zexion's cheek.
'You have no idea, absolutely no idea, of how much help you were,' he whispered. Carefully, Zexion grabbed Demyx's hand and placed it next to his head. When he tried to pull his own hand back, the hand holding his wouldn't let go. A tiny warm feeling nestled itself within Zexion's cold heart. What would be the outcome of all this?