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Chapter 1: Excuse me!

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new World Heavyweight Champion…Xander Cage!" Lillian announced.

Bleed it out hit as the entire of Chicago was on their feet for me, but I decided to be amongst the WWE Universe as I came from the top of the crowd and made my way through while I greeted them with my world title on my shoulder, I just loved greeting them and as I made my ay down I saw a young Xander Cage fan as I took the kid and lifted him up on my shoulders holding the championship.

I had my belt back on my shoulder and put him down, but left him with my hat as I went down over the barricade and into the ring where Michael Cole was waiting for me as I grabbed a mic.

"Xander, congratulations on finally winning the World Heavyweight Championship, do you have anything you would like to say?" Cole asked.

"Yeah I have something to say, for a starters, WE MADE IT!" I shouted holding the world title up as the crowd went wild.

"But seriously last night was an uphill battle for me, but I prevailed and the reason I did it not just because of my abilities but also because of….

I pointed to the entire WWE Universe as they acknowledged me saying so.

"Now with that said, I plan to defend this championship with honour ,respect and…

Time is now hit as the entire of Chicago began to go into a mixed frenzy hearing that and the arrival of John Cena who just made his way down to the ring and grabbed a mic.

"Before you say anything I didn't come out here to crash your victory party, I came to say well done man, you're the champ." Cena said shaking my hand.

"Buuut I just wanna know when will I get my rematch?" Cena said facing me as the fans wanted to see us go one on one.

I was about to reply to that until…


Me and John looked at each other a bit confused.


As we began to get a little worried we then saw at the top of the ramp Vickie Guererro the General Manager of SmackDown! What was she doing on Raw?!

Me and John turned around quickly and had our backs to her on purpose.

"Oh god it's Vickie Guererro, what do we do?" Cena whispered to me.

"If we ignore her she might go away." I whispered.

We waited a few seconds.

"Is she gone?" Cena asked

I turned my head to look.

"No she's still there guess we have no choice." I said.

"Hey Vickie how ya been?" I sarcastically said.

"Very funny you two but I'm here on Raw tonight to announce that I am the new General Manager of Raw, as I've decided to leave SmackDown! And run things here!" Vickie announced.

The crowd hating that statement.

"Wait this means you're my boss again?!" I said.

"That's exactly it and by the way Xander congratulations on becoming the World Heavyweight Champion…but as my first act as General Manager of Raw, I'm creating a Brawl to Backlash battle royal, which the winner will receive a world title match against you Xander at Backlash." Vickie explained.

"That's fine with me, as I was about to say I'm gonna be a fighting champion and I plan on keeping this belt a very long time!" I stated.

The crowd was with me as my entrance hit.


I was just in the back where I was just watching the nights matches as I awaited the brawl to Backlash battle royal.

I knew that John Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and most of the Raw and ECW roster…well except for Orton who I had put on the shelf with a shoulder injury.

But still this match would determine my first title defence ant Backlash and to be honest here I was a bit nervous but excited on who It would be.

As then the door opened and in came the Angelic Diablo herself and Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Jeff Hardy.

"Hey man we came to keep you company." Jeff said.

"Thanks, where's Matt?" I asked.

"Healing his wounds from last night, don't blame him though it was hell." Jeff said.

"Yeah I can imagine, taking Edge out was his only good thing to happen and I see your feeling better Audrey?" I joked.

"If you mean being eliminated by a drag queen on the grandest stage of them all then yeah I'm good." Aeon said.

"Yeah and I think the only person who would disagree with that would be Miss Wrestlemania herself or him or whatever it is." I said confused.

"You me and all, so then bro when are ya gonna cash that title shot in?" Aeon asked her brother.

As me and Jeff looked at each other knowing full well what that briefcase meant, he could cash that in anytime, anywhere he wanted on any world champion…including me.

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, well I say good luck to you but I'm just saying if you do decide to cash that in on me, I'll be ready." I stated.

"Well if it does come to that then I'll be sure to remember that but I've got a whole year to decide when and where so it could be you or it might not be you, so be prepared you're gonna need eyes in the back of your head to know when I'm comin!" Jeff stated.

We then agreed on that with a handshake and turned our attention to the Brawl to Backlash battle royal.

Most of tonight's competitors were now approaching the ring as then I walk alone hit with the arrival of Batista, the man I beat to earn my shot at Wrestlemania, he looked determined as I would like my first title defence against him.

New day hit as Legacy Rhodes and DiBiase were in a bad mood after losing their titles last night to DX they planned on winning this battle royal and making their leader proud.

Booyaka 619 hit as the new Intercontinental champion made his way out and he was another man I would like to face and defend against him.

Time is now hit as the man who was not defeated last night was ready to do battle in this match as he raced down to the ramp to get his rematch for the title he never lost.

The match started as it was all on all with eliminations happening very quickly, as already several Raw superstars were gone as ECW were as well.

Cena and Batista worked together to eliminate most men but not until Legacy decided to gang up on everyone as they had already eliminated Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Christian and Rey Mysterio but the entire thing had boiled down to four men as it was Legacy, Cena and Batista.

Legacy worked together to as they managed to throw Cena out and went for The Animal but even with his strength he was not able to hold off the wolves that is Legacy as they managed to eliminate him, but out of nowhere Cena was back in and didn't realise until Cena took DiBiase on his shoulders but Rhodes tried to stop him but he ended up being on top as Cena just threw him out of the match and with that done DiBiase followed and Cena had done it, he was going to Backlash to face me for his one on one rematch!


Vicki Guererro was out and looked like she wanted to congratulate Cena on his victory.

"There's still one man left for you to beat John so here he is!" Vickie announced.

You think you know me…

Metallingus hit and out came Edge, Vickie's husband who seemed to be fine after last night and raced to the ring and was waiting for Cena to get up.

He saw him do so and got in a Spear! With the damage done he took a lifeless Cena and tossed him out to win it, the Ultimate Opportunist has struck again!

This was a mugging, Edge used the wife card to get this shot and I had my first title defence against him, I knew this was going to be a battle, with Vickie in Edge's corner and all the power he had behind him I could very well be on my way to losing the championship at Backlash.


After the fallout of last week I was not happy about it but still I have an opponent for Backlash and I was ordered to see our beloved GM.


"Ah Xander I wanted to talk with you." Vickie said.

"About how you fixed the main event for your husband, yeah we all got that memo, so I'm just gonna say…fine, give Edge a shot he doesn't even deserve let alone earned, but I guarantee I will walk into Idaho World Heavyweight Champion and I will walk out champion, count on it!" I stated.

"First of all it was last minute, second Edge will beat you for the title and finally speaking of my husband he requests that you will be a guest on the Cutting Edge tonight so get yourself ready." Vickie said.

As I just left not wanting to say anything to her at all, I knew however this could be a trap by the Rated R Superstar, I needed to be prepared as I was making my debut on the Cutting Edge.

I was in the locker room watching some of the matches as I then was approached by Aeon who has now just competed successfully against Rosa Mendez.

"How's the arm?" she said slapping my upper left arm.

"OW! It's still a bit tender, please no more!" I complained.

"I'll stop but I wanna see how Shannon did." she asked.

"Fine." I said reluctantly.

I gingerly lifted up the bandage on my left arm and revealed the work the prince of Punk had done a few nights ago.

It was a black skull with my trademark red X on the top of it's head.

"Nice job he did, but I could've done better." she said observing it.

"You know how to do tattooing?" I asked.

"Yeah it's a hobby of mine, I did most of mine and I even did Jeff's dragon tattoo for him." she explained.

"Seriously? You did a good job, didn't know you were so…artistic." I said.

"Always had a talent besides wrestling, so what are you doing later…

I had averted my attention from her to the man behind her, John Cena the man who got screwed last night by Vickie and Edge.

"Yo, just came by to wish you luck against Edge, that guy is a scumbag, I want you to hold on to that belt till I get my shot after I win the number one contender's match at Backlash." Cena stated.

"Yeah I hope you do but I gotta say that three other guys would disagree, I mean you've got The Animal and the boy band to deal with before you get to that spot, so don't count on it yet, but I hope you do win cos I want to continue what we started three weeks ago." I stated back.

"Now this is a matchup for the ages, it will be Danny Fisher vs. Jackson Drake for the World Championship!" Aeon chimed in.

We looked surprised but found the hilarity in that as he just smirked at us both and left.

"I gotta go myself I have the honour of being the special guest on the Cutting Edge, so I'll catch you later ok." I said.

"Yeah I'll see ya later." she said as I left to meet Edge.


You think you know me…

Metallingus hit the speakers as the number one contender to my World title, The Ultimate Opportunist and the Rated R Superstar made his way out through the smoke as he did his pose and the pyro went off, he made his way down to the ring and already the set of the Cutting Edge was already in the ring and the host was ready to speak.

He was quickly stopped with a chorus and echoes of booing and chants of "YOU SUCK!" "YOU SCREWED CENA!".

"Tonight I would just like to say first, you lost Cena…get over it!" Edge said as it got more booing and "YOU SCREWED CENA!" chants.

"Second I will become the next World Heavyweight Champion, as I will beat my guest tonight he is the soon to be former World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Cage!" Edge introduced.

Bleed it out hit I got a huge reaction as I came out in normal clothes which was trainers, jeans, my new t-shirt which said "Survival is My Game" on the back with a giant red X on the front of it as I had my world title draped on my left shoulder and made my way into the ring as I was given a mic and stared down my Backlash opponent.

"Well before I ask some question I would like to say…congratulations you finally did it." Edge said.

Me and the crowd looked incredibly confused to why he would say that.

"But…it's not gonna be some fairytale reign, it's not gonna happen cos ya see kid this is reality and I nreality I'm better than you I'm an eight time World Champion, you've got no chance against me and In World Championship matches…I dominate every time." Edge stated.

More booing came from the crowd as I agreed with them completely.

"So just because you've won more World Championship matches than I have and that you're "better than me" you think that makes me scared?" I asked.

"I'll tell you something Rated R Superstar! You may be an eight time champion, you may be one of the greatest stars in this industry today, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some dirt bag, scum sucking slime like you take what I fought like hell to get! But I do understand what the "R" means in Rated R…Rated R for Retarded!" I insulted.

The crowd popped to that remark as Edge was getting pissed off.

"Oh that's real mature! Well your win at Wrestlemania was a fluke! And at Backlash I will regain my World Heavyweight Championship!" Edge stated as the crowd booed him even more.

"You really think my win was a fluke? Why don't we ask the audience who's gonna win at Backlash." I said going out of the ring and into the crowd.

I approached a random member of the WWE Universe and asked the question.

"Who do you think is gonna win at Backlash?" I asked.


I looked to Edge who looked a bit upset but I went further on and approached another person.

"Who do you think is gonna win at Backlash?" I asked.


Again Edge was getting pissed off.

"Okay I think we need to hear a different opinion, are there any Edge fans here tonight?" I asked.

I heard a section cheering as I went over to them and got their voices heard.

"Who do you think is gonna win at Backlash?" I asked.


"Why do you think that?" I asked.

"Cos he's the Ultimate Opportunist and he always finds a way!"

"You do have fans Edge, it's just you just don't wanna hear them, so I just wanna say at Backlash you're gonna find out why I'm the World Heavyweight Champion!" I stated.

As the crowd cheered with me I knew I had their support but with Backlash two weeks away what will the General Manager and her husband have in store for me?

So how will Xander be able to survive the next two weeks on Raw?

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