Finally! Here it is sorry for the loooonnnggg wait, having two jobs is time taking! I would also like to express my farewell to both CM Punk and Vincent Kennedy McMahon we hope to see you both soon and good luck to you and thank you for the memories! Enough chat, enjoy!

Chapter 42: It's over

Career vs. Streak

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

Hell in a Cell Iron Man match for the WWE Championship

(If Storm loses he cannot have a rematch, If Cage loses he must leave the WWE)

Special Guest Referee- Brock Lesnar

Michael Storm (c) vs. Xander Cage

Sheamus vs. Triple H

Fatal Fourway Eimination match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Batista (c) vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho

30 man Battle Royal for the WWE Hardcore Championship

Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs. Vince McMahon

CM Punk w./ S.E.S vs. Rey Mysterio

TLC match for the Divas Championship

Scarlett Veil (c) vs. Aeon

Unified Tag Team Championship

ShowMiz (c) vs. John Morrison and R-Truth

Money in the Bank Ladder match

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kane vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

It had finally arrived WrestleMania…the night where immortals are made, the night where anything can happen and the very last time I compete as a WWE superstar.

The night had a wild start to it as Money in the Bank was complete chaos with superstars flying everywhere, Evan Bourne hit an AirBourne off the top of a ladder onto everyone, Dolph Ziggler managed to put the monster Kane to sleep, former Legacy members were going at it instead of winning the match, Kofi Kingston took out Christian and Drew McIntyre after he Boom dropped him off a ladder and right through a table, but in the end the winner was Jack Swagger and The All American-American had won a guaranteed world title match anytime for up to one year.

Truth and Morrison were throwing everything at the Unified Tag Team champions but after a huge right hand from The Big Show to Truth they were able to walk away still Tag Team Champions.

I was glued to this match, it was Aeon vs. Scarlett for the Divas Championship for the first time ever in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match, both divas risked it all for the title as Scarlett frogsplashed Aeon through a table but that didn't keep her down as she fought back using a family weapon a ladder as she wedged Scarlett in between it she crushed her with a Swanton Bomb, but Scarlett also refusing to stay down as they battled with steel chairs which ended up with both diva getting a cut on their face or arms, but it got more insane as the fifteen foot ladder was used and both were on top of the ladder fighting but it ended as Aeon nailed a Twist of Fate from the top and as she recovered she clawed her way to the top and unhooked the title and for the third time in her career she is the Divas Champion!

Rey Mysterio was in an uphill battle as he had to face CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society, both men were evenly matched but the match went to Mysterio as he defeated the Straightedge Saviour with a 619 and a splash for the win.

Bret Hart and Vince McMhaon were finally going one on one as the Hart family surrounded the ring and with the payoff from Vince he had them on his side or so he thought as all family members including the Hart Dynasty attacked the Chairman and Bret had his revenge by slapping on the Sharpshooter and making him tap out avenging himself for all the years of torture.


Vince holding his back in pain was in the locker room of the WWE Champion and was irate he lost to Bret Hart.

"Did you see that? Those damned Harts! They can't let anything go! WHERE WERE YOU?" Vince shouted at Storm.

Storm looked up as he was doing bicep curls with a weight and looked up to him.

"I was here preparing for the biggest match of my life." Storm replied.

"I am your boss and don't forget who got you where you were…without me you'd be nothing but a loser!" Vince said as Storm dropped the weight, rose up and grabbed the Chairman by the scruff of his neck and looked pissed off.

"Loser? I was the very best even before you came along, I needed you to help me get here and take out the man that cost me everything but you know something…Bret was right, I'm just a puppet to you and as of right now you and I are done!" Storm stated.

Vince could not believe it and as he looked shocked and just left as Storm went back to his training.

The massive battle royal for the revived Hardcore Championship was just anarchy as almost the entire locker room were fighting one another using whatever weapons to pummel one another as some got battered others were busted open from foreign objects to the head.

During the match there were over twenty new champions crowned, this also included the NXT rookies as Barrett, Gabriel, Bryan, Young and Slater, but however as there was three minutes left and out of nowhere the Straight Edge Society came out and assaulted every competitor as in came their leader Punk and he pinned whoever was down and had the title with only seconds to go and his followers keeping people at bay he would walk away with the title…

He got low blow'd from behind with a rake and was rolled up and pinned by…HORNSWOGGLE!

And then as Punk's followers realised what had happened the timer ran out and it was over.

"Here is your winner and new WWE Hardcore Champion…Hornswoggle!" Justin Roberts announced.

Punk could not believe it as did all the competitors in the match that the littlest man in the WWE just outsmarted them and won the Hardcore title but Punk was livid and humiliated twice in the same night by two small men.


I watched as Sheamus was handed his first loss in the WWE by Triple H after he scored the victory with a Pedigree.

The World Heavyweight Championship was a great matchup and all four men had something to lose as Cena and Batista were mainly fighting one another which left both Jericho and Edge to fight as Jericho used the world title and blasted Edge in the face to win the title but an irate Rated R Superstar took the champion to the outside and Speared him through the barricade.


I was in deep concentration and preparation for my match as I had so many thoughts going through my head.

This is it Cage, all or nothing…

Winner take all…

Title vs. Career…

My career in the fate of this one match…

Hell in a Cell, Iron Man match…

WWE Championship on the line…

Settle this once and for all with Michael Storm…

I looked into the dressing mirror…It's time.


"It's time for the Raw Main event here and this has gotten personal on such a level it has to be settled in the most dangerous and brutal way." Cole said.

"You couldn't have said it better Cole it's for the first time in history, it's a Hell in a Cell Iron Man match, as the WWE title is on the line." King said.

"More importantly both men have made a sacrifice, it's Title vs. Career as Michael Storm puts his title on the line against the challenger Xander Cage who has put his career on the line to get this shot tonight and Brock Lesnar is the special guest referee." Cole said.

"And this all started eight months ago with an assault." King said.


"It's about to arrive and…the lights went out?"

"Cage is down and screwed out of the WWE title!"


"Someone has been attacking me for weeks now so Mystery Man why don't you show yourself and we settle this like men!"


"WWE title on the line here in an I Quit match"

"Cage is taking a beating!"

"Cage do you want to quit?"


"Cage will not quit!"


"Cage did it and OH! It's that Mystery Man, he attacked Cages again…who is this man?"


"Xander Cage versus Chris Jericho for the WWE title inside this demonic structure!"

"Cage has the match won and…the lights went out and…It's him the masked man!"

"He just cost Cage the WWE title and…IT'S MICHAEL STORM! STORM WAS THE MYSTERY MAN!"




"Cage vs. Storm, it's a non-sanctioned match anything goes."

"Oh god no! don't do it!"

"Michael Storm has just broken the ankle of Xander Cage!"


"Michael Storm has stolen the WWE title!"


"It's Team Miz vs. Team Cage…Cage has Miz locked in it's all over!"

"It's Storm! He just blasted Cage in the back of the head with the WWE title belt!"

"He just cost Cage's team the match!"

"Storm has screwed Cage again!"


"WWE title is on the line here in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match."

"Both men are literally destroying one another!"

"These guys seriously hate each other!"

"Both men at the top and…STORM GOES CRASHING!"

"Cage did it, he's the champion again!"


"If Cage uses any of his own finishing moves he will lose the WWE championship"

"Storm is dominating this match."

"Cage says he will adapt and evolve and it looks like he's going for that new submission he has it!"

"Wait! The lights went out, the ref is down!"

"Low blow by the challenger and…sharpshooter, the ref is back up and call for the bell!"

"Storm has screwed Cage yet again!"


"Six men enter the demonic structure known as the Elimination Chamber for a chance to become WWE champion."

"This match is pure carnage!"

"It's down to Cage and the newcomer Mr. Wrestling."

"Both men are evenly matched neither will go down!"

"This is it Cage is closing in on the title!"

"The lights went out! The masked man has Cage on his shoulder…HE NAILS THE DRAGON DRIVER!"

"Here's you're winner and new WWE Champion…MICHAEL STORM!"

"Storm has screwed Cage yet again!"


"A match of this magnitude needs a special guest referee, a referee who isn't afraid to " Bring the pain"


"I will call this match down the middle and if either of you put your hands on me…"


He shook hands with Storm…"LESNAR JUST F5'D STORM!"


"It's not enough Cage! We will sacrifice something when we enter that prison, I'm sacrificing my rematch what will you sacrifice?"

"If I lose at WrestleMania…I'll leave the WWE forever!"

"It's all or nothing for these men!"

(Marilyn Manson-fight song plays.)

The series of matches, assaults, fights and carnage between both men is shown.

Cage and Storm looking face to face with one another and they put Lesnar through a table.

Lesnar retaliates by F5'ing them both through a table.

"Both men will put it all on the line it's Rematch vs. Career, for the WWE title inside Hell in a Cell under Iron Man rules!"

"Cage I will end your career at WrestleMania!"

"I will regain the WWE title and this will end!"

The cameras cut to the ring area where the Cell was being lowered as then the entire centre blackened in darkness as then up by the entrance men dressed in black dragon armour came out and were swords up as they were lined up at the sides of the ramp and were awaiting for something.

Down with the sickness hit and walking out in a black dragon armour only it was more of an emperor look was the WWE Champion Michael Storm. He had the title around his waist and walked like an emperor as his soldiers saluted him with their swords touching one another and he walked underneath them as he stopped inches by the cell and looked at it and then entered the demonic structure took off the armour and awaited my arrival.

Bleed it out hit as all was heard was my entrance and the sound of a really big engine was heard but the bottom of the ramp opened up and emerging from underneath was a monster truck but it was the Road Warrior from Mad Max as it drove all the way out down towards the ring as it stopped outside the cell and I came out from the right side of the door wearing the Mad Max gear and ad on my face black face camo as this may be my last night in WWE I gave the WWE Universe a night to never forget.

I got off the truck and made my way into the cell as I had the armour still on and took it off as we awaited our special guest referee to arrive.

Next big thing hit and Here Comes The Pain, as his WrestleMania return after several years absent he was back. Lesnar came out wearing a ref's shirt and normal track pants as he did his warm up and made his way down and stopped outside the cell and did it again while looking at the cell as he stopped and entered the cell and the introductions were made.

"The following contest is a Hell in a Cell under iron Man rules match, and it is for the WWE Championship!" Justin Roberts announced.

"Now in this match there are no disqualifications and no count outs, the only way to win are by pinfalls and submissions the winner at the end of the sixty minute time limit will be the WWE Champion!" he explained the rules.

"However if Michael Storm loses he will have no rematch, if Xander Cage loses he must leave the WWE!" he announced our sacrifices.

Lesnar shot us both looks as both Storm and me were face to face as then Lesnar ha the belt and held it up signifying it was a title match.

The bell rang and the timer started…and it was on!

We just darted for one another and the fists were flying as I got in a take down and was on top of him pounding away while he covered up but he could not as this was my game, I bashed away at his face thinking of all the pain, suffering and humiliation he put me through all these months I just kept on going as already he was busted open from the head and that was making me more vicious.

I got up and was making a primal scream and beating my chest as the entire of Phoenix was on their feet.

I went back at him as he crawled to the outside and I pursued him and grabbed his ankle and remembered what he did to mine and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine as I dragged him over to the steel steps I broke them apart and placed his ankle on top of the bottom ones and put the other part on top of his ankle as it was sandwiched and everyone knew what was coming as I went under the ring and pulled out a steel chair and I looked to crush the ankle of the champ.

Looking at him trapped like an animal I went up to the steel steps and got ready to bring down the steel on the foot…STORM GOT OUT ON JUST BEFORE I HIT HIM!

The shockwave of steel on steel threw the chair out of my hands and he nailed me with a low blow from behind.

Now Storm was in control as he got to his feet and grabbed the steel chair and just wailed on me as each shot was as deafening as the next like gunshots going off, I screamed in pain from each shot, it was the worst thing I felt as Storm finally stopped he threw the now crippled chair to one side and brought me up and rammed me head first into the steel of the cell as he then grinded my head into the steel and threw me down to the ground.

I was busted open, the blood flowed from my face as I was beginning to lose my vision from all the blood in my eyes, Storm brought me back up and threw me in the ring as he looked under the ring and pulled out the baseball bat and was looking at it with such delight and everyone knew what he was going to do next as he entered the ring and was setting me up…I GOT NAILED IN THE GUT AND THEN THE HEAD!

He went for a cover but with one foot, 1-2-3! STORM GETS THE FIRST PIN!

The champion was I front but me I was still out as Storm was now gloating to the crowd that he was already winning and even gloated to Lesnar who just glared at him.

He picked me up and then threw me back to the outside and I fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes still not moving, he followed me out and was looking to go for a second win and inflict some more damage he grabbed the steel steps and was looking to take my head off with them and was waiting for me to get to my feet as I slowly did using the cell to get myself back up my face covered in blood I looked up then I turned around and I saw him running at me with the steps…I COUNTERED WITH A DROPTOEHOLD!

Storm fell face first into the steel and now the match just turned around for me, I was on my knees but I began to rummage around under the ring and pulled out a steel chair and getting back up I just brought it up above my head and bashed his head in between the steel.

The adrenalin was pumping and that gave me the fuel to get this into gear, I grabbed a garbage can and as Storm was up on one knee he was blinded as I shoved the garbage can over his head and the entire of Phoenix were in fits of laughter as he then walked into the cage and dazily staggered to the corner of the cell and was left sitting up in the corner of the cell as I went under the ring and pulled out a kendo stick.

I went over to him and took the garbage can off of Storm and just bashed him over the head but then I then wedged the kendo stick across of Storm and in between the cell as it trapped him and then trapping him even further with the garbage can, I then grabbed the steel steps and everyone could guess what was coming as I went to the other side of the cell and I ran full force and used the steps…I JUST CAME IN WITH A DROPKICK TO THE GARBAGE CAN CRUSHING STORM!


I went coast to coast as I used the cell to my advantage and Storm was down, I dragged him out of the wreckage and called Lesnar to make the pin on the outside as he counted it, 1-2-3 I GOT A PINFALL! We were tied up as now there was a glimmer of hope.

I pulled him up and just delivered the fists to his bloodied wound on his head and threw him back into the ring and began delivering the knee drops to his head as it was the main target of my offence, I then went to the top rope and I NAILED A LEGDROP! 1-2- THR-NO STORM KICKS OUT!

Bringing him back up to his feet I started nailing the strikes to the body with my fists as it backed him into a corner and I was throwing the fist at him just blindly hitting him but then I got stopped as Lesnar broke it off and I started to argue as he then warned me and I backed off.

But Storm crawled to the outside and gave himself time to recover as I noticed he was gone and looked for him and saw his legs underneath the ring as it seemed he was trying to hide.

I went after him and I grabbed the legs of the champion and pulled him out from his hiding place…I JUST GOT NAILED IN THE HEAD WITH A TOOLBOX! Storm had pulled out a desperation move and I was near knocked out but still alive as Storm then saw the scattered tools and looked around for anything useful and picked up a screwdriver as he went over to me still down on the ground and he had the object in his hand and just drilled me in the open wound on my head with the tool.

The blood just gushed out even more as I clutched the wound trying to stop the pain and blood but all I saw was red as Storm was back in control, he grabbed my head and started talking trash to me as then he rammed me head first into the steel and just grated my head into the steel, as the steel just ripped into the flesh on my face he just threw me aggressively to the ground.

He then threw me back into the ring and went under the ring and brought out a steel chair and slid that into the ring as I was trying to get up he set the chair up in a standing position as he brought me up to my feet but had me positioned right next to the chair and STORM JUST DROVE ME FACE FIRST INTO THE STEEL! He used a standing version of the complete shot but it was a more brutal version as he covered me, 1-2-3 STORM GETS THE SECOND FALL!

Storm was back in front and I was laid out in the crushed steel he looked on ever so satisfied to what he'd done.

I had no clue on what was going on as all I could see was red and echoing sounds as he brought me out of the remains of the chair and was enjoying every moment of my agony as he then held me up by my face and started slapping me across the face and talking more trash to me as he then floored me with a huge slap utterly humiliating and disrespecting me.

It was becoming clear to everyone I was going to lose but then I began to hear the chants…"LET'S GO CAGE! LET'S GO CAGE! LET'S GO CAGE!" The WWE Universe was chanting my name as Storm picked me up by my hair as the energy I felt from the fans did something as I dropped down to my knees and I HIT STORM WITH A LOW BLOW! Getting some measure of revenge on his earlier one I managed to buy myself some time.

Storm was howling in pain holding his stinging jewels as I crawled to the ropes and used them to get myself back up to my feet, I was on jelly legs but now it was my turn to humiliate the champ. I came off the ropes and I nailed a knee drop to the back of Storm as I kept on hitting them one after another trying to weaken it as I then decided to take a page out of his book and I grabbed him by the legs as I LOCKED IN THE SHARPSHOOTER! Storm was screaming in pain as the shots to his back and the blood flowing from his face made it worse as he could not take anymore, STORM TAPS OUT!

It was all square yet again between us and it was insult to injury and revenge for what had happened at the Royal Rumble using the same move he screwed me with to beat him.

However I just went right back on him as I brought the fists down on his head trying to open up his wound even more, the blood stained my gloves as each blow was weakening him, I took him up and threw him hard into the corner as the ropes held him up I went at him and again I nailed fists to him but then I got pulled back by Lesnar who threw me at a distance as I did not give Storm a minute to rest from the last fall.

Lesnar checked on him as I just shoved him out of the way and grabbed Storm but he grabbed me and just got in my face and warned me not to challenge him as I knew what he would do to retaliate and I backed off.

I gave him it and just darted after Storm who rolled to the outside as I threw him head first into the cage as I saw the cell door and opened it up and slid him halfway out and grabbed the door and just smashing it right into his body repeatedly as he screamed in agony I stopped and dragged him out of there and now we were outside the cell and I just threw him into and over the barricade right into the crowd.

I followed him as Lesnar was tailing behind us I grabbed Storm and by his head we went over to the stairs leading to the next level as I just bounced his head off the wall of them, he staggered away but I grabbed him again and we went through the crowd and all the way out to the backstage area.

I bounced his head off a wall as blood stained the white stone, he tried to get away but I was right behind him as we then entered into the parking lot as he quickly raked my eye giving himself some time, but I came back at him and just rammed him back first into the garage door as he staggered off towards some parked cars, I came after him again and he quickly got me with a kick to the gut and threw me head first on top of a car bonnet denting it.

I was strewn across it as he then got on top and was bleeding just as bad as I was but the rage and adrenalin was his fuel as he just brought the fists to my open wound and then lifted me onto his shoulders and HE NAILS THE DRAGON DRIVER RIGHT THROUGH THE CAR BONNET! 1-2-3 STORM GETS A PINFALL!

It was now even again and the metal in my back was bad enough without the blood pouring from my head. Storm threw me off the car as I fell to the ground and looked around for something and picked up from the side a huge led pipe and was looking to break me in half as he waited for me to get up and took a giant swing but I ducked it and he smashed the window of a car, I kicked him in the gut and he dropped the pipe as I grabbed it and swung it into his ribs as I then hit another shot across his back.

Not letting him get anytime to recover I threw him back first into a van as he bounced off it and fell to the floor I went up high as I was on top of a car waiting for him to get up as I was lining him up and from the top I NAILED A SPEAR FROM THE TOP OF A CAR! I was too dazed to go for the cover but we were both down and out.

I managed to get myself back up to my feet and dragged Storm up with me as we made our way back out to the entrance stage, I bounced his head off the side of the titantron and he staggered over to the edge of where the entrance crew were, as I looked to throw him off the stage he quickly low blowed me and got back up to his feet as he just grabbed me and like he did back at the night of the Slammys HE THREW ME OFF THE STAGE RIGHT INTO THE ENTRANCE EQUIPMENT!

I was out and possibly had broken some bones, but the echoing of "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" rang throughout the entire centre as Storm looked down at me lying there possibly unconscious as he then hopped down and looked up at a scaffolding next to where I was and knew what he was going to do as he scaled it and was already halfway up but decided to go up higher as he was almost ten feet in the air but went to the near top of it and now fifteen feet in the air STORM JUST JUMPED FROM THERE AND NAILED ME WITH A FROGSPLASH!

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" was heard again as Lesnar surveyed the carnage and saw Storm draped over me and counted it, 1-2-3! STORM GETS ANOTHER FALL!

The entire of Phoenix were on their feet but now Storm was two ahead of me and I needed to back in but both of us were unable to move after that but somehow Storm was still moving as he slowly rolled out of the wreckage and then dragged me out of there, as he grabbed a wheeled crate and grabbed my body and put me on top of it as he carted me down the entrance ramp but however before we got near the ring he then pushed the cart down the ramp as fast as he could I JUST WENT FACE FIRST INTO THE CELL!

I collided with the steel as I was laid out again and Storm was loving it as he took a moment to boast to the crowd as he was talking trash yet again and was saying I was out of here.

He walked over to me and brought me up by my head and took me around the ring and we were at the announce table and he bounced my head off it as King, Cole and Grishham watched on as Storm then cleared the table of everything pulling cables and monitors out and threw me on top as I laid there bleeding and practically unconscious, he left me there and looked to the top of the cell and he walked to it and was climbing up.

Storm wanted to destroy me as he was halfway up the cell but unaware that I was off the table and began going after him with nothing but adrenalin fuelling the fire within me as I began climbing up the cell as he saw I was coming and was making his way up to the top as he then got there and rolled away to try and get some distance until I arrived.

I got there and saw he was waiting for me as we both got to our feet and the battle was now on top of the cell we walked the steel and the fists were just flying as we exchanged one for another as then I got in a heel kick, I had to get a fall so I then locked in the Deadend on the top of the cell as Lesnar from below was watching it and was keeping his eye on us as then STORM TAPS OUT AGAIN!

I got a fall but was still one short as I dragged him back to his feet and knew what I was about to do next could literally end both of our careers but my anger took over and I took him up I NAILED THE XANDER ZONE AND IT BROKE THE CELL ROOF AS WE BOTH CRASHED THROUGH IT!


The chants got even louder this time as both of our bodies were just strewn across the ring as the steel remains of the cell roof was among the carnage left in the ring and Lesnar checking on us both as he started a count to ten for us to get back to our feet.

I was moving but so was Storm as we both used the ropes to get back up before the count of ten as he then quickly went to the outside as did I and we both searched under the ring for a weapon as I pulled out the barbed wire four by four but I saw that Storm had got himself a steel chair and I went straight into the ring as did he and both of us were armed and ready.

We charged at one another and our weapons just collided as the echoing sound was heard and the force of that forced me to drop my weapon as I fell to the floor and got back up but saw a steel chair coming at me…STORM NAILED LESNAR BY ACCIDENT WITH THE CHAIR!

Storm realised his mistake taking the referee out and seeing my chance while he was distracted I kicked him in the gut and hit all three of my suplex combinations as that was able to ground the champion as now the time showed there was only ten minutes left.

I had to act now in order to tie this up as I waited for him to get to his feet and I took him up on my shoulders and I HIT HIM WITH THE DRAGON DRIVER! But there was no referee as I went to revive Lesnar after the chair shot his upper forehead had been cut open.

He was conscious but dazed as I saw Storm was still down and I decided to get hardcore and went out of the ring and looked under the ring and pulled out a table as I slid it into the ring and began to set it up as I had it ready right in the middle of the ring I then went back out to the outside and went under again and pulled out a ladder and threw that into the ring and set it up as everyone knew what I was attempting.

I went for Storm and saw he was nowhere in sight…I GOT CLOBBERED WITH A STEEL CHAIR FROM BEHIND!

It was Storm and he was back up and caught me off guard as he had me down and then just wailed on me with the chair repeatedly as each shot was heard and each one was sending jolts throughout my body as I screamed from each shot he eventually stopped to take a breather from punishing me.

Looking down at me he went to the outside and was searching for something and it was the baseball bat and he wanted to do more damage, he got back in the ring and circled me as he put his foot across my head to hold it and was looking to crush my skull with the bat and finish me once and for all.

He rose the bat over his head…IT WAS TAKEN OFF HIM…BY LESNAR!

The Pain did not look happy as his head was seeping blood and was enraged as Storm knew what was going through his mind and just clocked the ref but it did not phase him as he kicked Storm in the gut took him on his shoulders LESNAR DELIVERED AN F5 TO STORM!

Lesnar warned us he would retaliate if provoked even by accident and Storm felt the full force of his retaliation as he was laid out from that F5.

I was beginning to regain consciousness and saw that Lesnar standing over the now prone body of the champion and knew he'd retaliated for the chair shot and now my window was there and I took it as I then dragged a lifeless Storm and placed him on the table ad I then ascended the ladder which was still set up and now at the top I HIT A 450 SPLASH RIGHT THROUGH STORM AND THE TABLE DESTROYING THEM BOTH!


I was on top of Storm still as Lesnar made the count 1-2-3 I GOT ANOTHER FALL! it was now all tied up between us as there was only several minutes left but neither of us were moving among the wreckage.

But then I began to roll out of there and for some crazy reason Storm was also moving as we were both now literally trying to fight our way back into this match as we both had something to lose, I crawled to the ropes as did he and we used them again to get back up as we both struggled to do so but finally I was up as was he but the amount of blood we both lost took it's toll on us.

I felt like I just went though a blender as every part of me ached, Storm also by looking at him felt the same way as we just marched towards one another and the fists were exchanged.






"YEAH!…YEAH!…YEAH!…YEAH!" I hit several shot and took him into the ropes as he came off but he ducked it and he hooked me from behind and HE NAILS THREE GERMAN SUPLEXES!

Storm took me off my feet and now he was back in control as he grabbed my legs and he turned me over and LOCKED IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!

I was in the submission hold and knew it was all tied up and had to try and get out of it but he quickly sat into the hold and the pain was excruciating as I saw the countdown was now one minute I had to hold on.

I gritted my teeth…I clutched both my hands together to make sure I wouldn't tap out as the timer was thirty seconds.

I held on for everything I had as my career was on the line, the blood poured from my face and my back near being broken I still fought tooth and nail to stay alive as then I saw it count down.




I was close, I had to hold on!




Almost there just stay alive!






The crowd was not happy with that outcome as Storm asked for his title Lesnar grabbed a mic.

"NO! this match will not end until we have a winner, as the referee I am ordering this match to restart…WE'RE GOING TO SUDDEN DEATH!" Lesnar announced as the bell rang and the match continued.

Storm grabbed me and took me up on his shoulders and HE NAILS THE DRAGON DRIVER! 1-2-THR-NO I GOT MY SHOULDER UP!

He could not believe I got up from that, he then took me up again but I countered it and I NAIL RAGE IN THE CAGE! 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT!

I couldn't believe it as well, I had to end it now as I went for Xander Zone but again he countered me, turned me around and hit me with his new finisher AS HE HIT ME WITH THE DARK MOON! 1-2-THR-NO I KICKED OUT AGAIN!

Storm was bashing the mat in frustration as I would not go down, he looked down at me as I tried to get back up.

"WHY WON'T YOU DIE?" Storm shouted angrily.

He grabbed me again and had me on his shoulders looking to deliver HE WENT FOR THUNDER STO-NO I COUNTERED INTO THE XANDER XONE! 1-2-3! I DID IT!

"Here is your winner and…NEW WWE CHAMPION! XANDER CAGE!" Justin Roberts announced me as the champion again for the fifth time.

Lesnar came back and handed me the title belt and I held it up in victory but I saw Storm bloodied on the floor and looking on in disbelief as I then extended my hand to him as he was hesitant but accepted it as I pulled him up and he raised my arm and shook it in respect as he left me to my victory.

I climbed to the top of the cell and held up my WWE title and also I was here to stay, my story would continue as I take on all comers.

Streak vs. Career match winner: The Undertaker

WWE Championship winner: Xander Cage

World Heavyweight Championship winner: Chris Jericho

Sheamus vs. Triple H winner: Triple H

Divas Championship winner: Aeon

Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs. Vince McMahon winner: Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Hardcore Championship winner: Hornswoggle

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio winner: Rey Mysterio

Unified Tag Team Championship winner: ShowMiz

Money in the Bank winner: Jack Swagger

So there we have it! But have no fear there is still one more chapter to go, the fallout.

What will happen now that our hero is champion again? What will Storm have to say about this?

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