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Chapter 43: New beginnings


"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome…Michael Storm!" Justin Roberts announced.

Down with the sickness hit as the arrival of the former WWE Champion Michael Storm was noticed as he got a mixed reaction after the events of last night were still being taken in and he showed the battle scars of last night with his head all bandaged up, his face covered in bruises and was limping down to the ring as he got in and asked for a mic.

"I wanted to come out here and make a statement tonight firstly concerning last night's events." Storm said as the crowd began booing him.

"Look I know your all expecting me to whine and complain about what went down last night…but I won't, I lost plain and simple, Xander Cage was the better man, I told him last night and tonight and admit that, we destroyed one another, we put our bodies and our lives on the line to prove who was the best and last night Xander Cage was the better man." Storm stated admitting all.

"Now the other reason I'm out here is to say, I'm sorry…I'm sorry for the way I've acted these past few months and hopefully one day you the WWE Universe, the locker room and the entire of the WWE will forgive me one day but now is not the time as every superstar knows in his career when to take a step back from it all and that is why I've decided to do so, I don't know when I'll be or if I even come back, but maybe then I hope to earn all of your respect and trust once more." Storm stated that bombshell as he dropped the mic and left the ring.

The cheering was heard from the crowd as he walked away without a look or a word he came back through the curtain and I was there waiting for him, my head was taped up, my face and body also covered in bruises and I had a nice looking shiner on my left eye.

"You're going huh?" I said.

"Dunno maybe, but only time will tell." Storm said.

"Indeed, but just remember everyone deserves a second chance so when you do come back…I'll be waiting." I said holding out the spinner WWE title which I had brought back.

"I'll hold you up on that offer." Storm said with a smile as we shook hands and he walked off as I watched him leave without a word.

I hoped he would decide to return but that remained a mystery as now Shawn was leaving here tonight and I had already said my farewell to him earlier on, it would be hard to see him go, WWE won't be the same without The Showstopper.

But one more thing was on my mind…WHO'S NEXT?

Wow! Storm has left the building but will The Black Dragon return?

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