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"Hey Everybody! It's your favorite host Chris McClain from the Total Drama Series. So we are doing a 5 year reunion show on all our old contestants. So here is Gwen."

The Boat of Losers pulls up onto The Dock of Shame, carrying a fair skinned woman with chocolate brown hair. "Is that Gwen?"Chris asks. Chef just shrugs his shoulders.

In fact it was Gwen; she had changed dramatically since being on the Total Drama Series. Her hair was dyed back its natural chocolate brown color, and it was cut into short swinging bob. Gwen had also become an art teacher at an elementary school. Her attire had changed too, her mini skirt and combat boots had been traded in for dark wash skinny jeans, and black peep toe heels, and her Hot Topic top for a white tank top with black accents.

"I can't believe I'm still under contract! I hate this place and I am going to gag if I have to stay in the same cabin with Heather again!" Gwen complained.

"Oh Yeah, constant complaining that is Gwen!"Chris said beaming with his own brand of sarcasm.

Gwen walked onto the dock ,greeting Chris with a grimace. "Okay our next camper DJ!"

DJ looked basically the same except for taking off the beanie, and beefing up a little bit more. DJ has gone to veterinary school, and has been working for the ASPCA, and living in New York with his fiancé Katie.

"What's up my man!" Chris said while giving DJ a "bro-hug" "Notin' much Chris." "Oh Hey, Gwen!" DJ said while giving Gwen a hug bear hug.

"Here are our next campers Geoff and Bridgette."

Bridgette had bangs down to her eyelids and long wavy layers down to her upper back. She was wearing a green bohemian style tunic as a dress, and brown gladiator sandals. Bridgette had become a surf instructor and secretary for husband Geoff's catering company Baja Bites.

Geoff had stayed almost the same except for the fact that he exchanged his pink button up for a white one and he actually buttoned it up.

Bridgette and Geoff greeted their old friends. [AN: I am only introducing the main characters]

Next to Arrive are Beth ,Cody ,Eva ,Ezekiel ,Harold ,Heather ,Izzy ,Justin ,Katie ,LeShawna ,Lindsay ,Noah Owen, Sadie, Trent, and Tyler.

Courtney came up to the dock with something in her arms. As the boat got closer everyone except for her close friends Bridgette, Geoff, and DJ became shocked that it was a baby. This child had to be only 3 months old and it also looked a lot like a certain camper, Duncan.

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