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"Good Morning, Campers!" I heard Chris holler. I opened my eyes to have the bright summer sun shine in them, causing me to close them again. I felt Duncan's strong arm around my waist. Man, has he beefed up, I mean he was sexy before, but now, let's just say I wouldn't mind having a few more children with him. My eyes began to drift down his Adonis-like body. His abs were; rock hard and his… Oh my god, he's naked. Then I pressed my hand to my own chest. I'm naked too.

"Duncan!" I screamed.

Startled, He fell down to the hardwood floor with a thud and grunted, "Ouch, Good Morning Princess."

"Duncan, Did we?" I asked while wrapping the old grungy, cabin bed sheet over my body trying to cover up.

"Well, One I've been away from you for a year; Two I have been with a bunch of dudes in Afghanistan for a year; Three judging by the fact, that were both naked. I'd say yes we did have sex." Duncan cockily said while grabbing a pair of boxer-briefs and putting them on.

We both rushed to put some clothes on, I decided to wear a pair of seventies-like jean hot-shorts, a red v-neck baby tee, and I put on a pair of comfy flip-flops. Duncan grabbed a pair of khaki cargo shorts, white t-shirt, and his old red chucks.

I smiled when I saw his old shoes; he caught on to my grin.

"What are you smiling at?" Duncan asked while tying the vintage red shoe.

"Nothing at all, Dunky." I innocently said while biting on my index finger. I soon felt Duncan come behind me and pick me up bridal style.

"Well if you won't tell me anything now. I may, have to punish you later." He whispered with a sultry tone into my ear.

I just giggled as we walked out to the Dock of Shame.

As soon as I got outside to the dock, I saw Cole and Bridgette, I ran to my son.

"Hi honey, how was the night with Auntie Bridgette?" I cooed while snuggling my three month old son.

Chris then got on his megaphone and said," Courtney, We all should be asking you, about your night last night." My eyes bugged out and I looked over to Duncan who looked cockier than ever giving Geoff a high five. I huffed." Yeah, next time you do the deed in my camp, try to be a little bit quieter."

A wave of awkward laughter arose from the ex-campers.

My face turned a beet red, while Duncan remained calm.

Chris proceeded with his morning report," Okay ex-campers, Today, We are… I mean you are, going to split into teams, again. So when I call your name go to my right. Beth, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Sadie; you are the Feminine Ferrets."

I walked over to Chris's right and sat on the tree stump that was painted hot pink. I looked down at Cole, and rubbed his black curls.

"Okay guys, you all go to my left. Cody, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Geoff, Harold, Justin, Noah, Owen, Trent, and Tyler; you are the Masculine Muskrats."

All of the guys rolled their eyes and sat down on the tree stumps that were painted navy blue.

"Why didn't you just say we were split into males and females?" Noah asked with a pessimistic bite in his voice.

Chris rolled his eyes, and ignored the cynical comment.

"Today's challenge is… an obstacle course!"

We all moaned and groaned, even little Cole gave me a grimace that mirrored his father's.

Chris ignored the groans again," Okay, there are three parts to this challenge. The first part," Chris pointed to the cliff on the other side of the island," to run to the cliff with your team's baton. Once there you will pass it off to the person at the top of the cliff."

Chris pointed to the top of the cliff. "That person will then jump into the water, and swim back to the Dock of Shame and hand the baton off. That person at the dock of shame will run back to the campfire. Does that sound good?"

We all looked at one another and seemed to come to a non-verbal understanding. "What if we don't want to do the challenges? I mean we don't have to. It's not like this show is being filmed or anything? So, how about we just relax and catch up?" Duncan said while earning everyone else's approval.

Chris shrugged," Whatever I'm not even getting paid enough to care." Just like that Chris and his lackey Chef walked back to their fancier cabin to do whatever it is they do.

Duncan walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. We are going to spend the day together, just the three of us he told me. Cole cooed and Duncan grabbed him out of my arms. He snuggled his son close to himself, and I could feel the love coming from him towards his son. There was this bond that was already forming between them, even though they only met last night.

I smiled at the two, "We will have lots of family time, how about you spend the day with your son."

Duncan smirked back. "Yeah, I think I'd like that."

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