This is a story that has been through a lot to get posted. Firstly, I don't own the Dukes or it's characters and do this only for fun. It started out as a role play between myself, Hilery Davenport and BL Davenport. At one point, Hilery and I tried to re write it into story form but it was hard to re create the magic the RP had. I really liked some of the main ideas and have worked on my own to try to solo write this story. I let Bethie 88 read part of it and since she has jumped in with her character Beth. This story is not part of Dangled Fool or the Going Home series so it can be read separately or together. I want to give Hilery Davenport credit for her input on the basic story as well as a character, Sam Freeman, that will appear in later chapters that we together created. I have tried to contact her for permission, but have been unable to do so, but she helped give Sam his 'style'.

Also, a couple of warnings before we get into the story. First, drinking at key points of this story could be dangerous to your keyboard and screen. Secondly, this story contains adult situations and though most of it is pretty tame there are some very adult scenes. The history parts are as historically correct as I could research. Now, if you are still with me, onto see just how much trouble a 100th birthday for Hazzard can cause!

Dukes of Hazzard Meets the Dukes of Old

Chapter 1

It was a 'normal' day in Hazzard, if Hazzard had such days. Daisy Duke hurried to her bright yellow road runner, her arms full of brightly colored material. She glanced at the clock high above the Hazzard Courthouse and saw she had exactly five minutes to be at the Boar's Nest several miles outside of town. Boss Hogg would never understand her being late for work even if she told him she had been picking out the material for her dress for the Hazzard centennial. The celebration of Hazzard's hundredth birthday promised to be a big event, completed with all the citizens of Hazzard wearing costumes of the era as well as managing with as little modern day comforts as possible for the entire weekend.

Daisy saw Cooter Davenport look up from the car he'd been working on and tip his garage cap in her direction. She placed the material in the car and waved back at the local mechanic who was as much of the Duke family as her cousins were. Then she jumped in the car and sped off to work.

Inside Boss Hogg's office, Boss Hogg puffed his cheap cigar proudly and said to his Sheriff, "I think this time, ... I have finally come up with a money making scheme that those Dukes can't possibly mess up. Especially if they don't have that danged orange clunker car!"

Rosco giggled and asked, "Do you really see them not using the General Lee for a whole weekend?"

Boss Hogg smiled and thumbed through the large stack of papers on his desk which contained every citizen of Hazzard County contract giving their words they would not use modern comforts, equipment, transportation, or clothing during the celebration. Each person also was also to discourage or remind others if they saw them using anything that folks of the1880's did not have, "They all agreed to the ground rules for the centennial."

Rosco laughed, "Yes, yes, they sure did! They sure did at THAT!" He continued to giggle and added, "Oh, and Boss, I've been reading up on all the laws on the books way back then and they are some lou-lous! Why did you know that it is illegal to ride a horse in excess of ten miles per hour?"

Boss frowned, "Never mind about such petty things as using a radar gun on a horse, ROSCO! We have more important things to do!"

Rosco giggled, "Yeah, we sure do and I'm just gonna get them DUKES!"

Boss glared, "You HAD better!"

Swallowing hard, Rosco said, "Uh, yeah, right. I think I'm just gonna go do some more reading."

Boss set in his barber chair and turned his back to the Sheriff, "You just do that. You've only got another day to be ready."

Rosco mumbled as he left, "Yeah."


Bo stopped chopping wood and leaned on an ax, "You know Luke this centennial thing sounds like fun."

Luke set another piece of wood up on a log to chop, "I don't know Bo. We got a lot of things we take for granted that folks back then didn't have."

Bo frowned a bit, "Yeah but if our great - great grandparents did it, we can surely make it without that stuff for ONE weekend."

Luke stopped chopping wood, turned to Bo and asked, "Even the General?"

Bo stopped looked strangely at Luke and replied, "The General? ... surely they don't expect us travel ..."

"... by horses." Luke finished his cousin's sentence, then added, "That's exactly how all of Hazzard is going to be traveling this weekend."

Bo frowned and let his silent thoughts voice themselves, "How are ya suppose to make out on a horse?"

Luke laughed at his younger cousin, "Well, ya know Bo, back then they sorta done things differently."

"How do ya mean?" Bo asked.

Luke grinned a mischievous grin and said as he heard Jesse pulling up in the pick up truck, "Let's just say, if we did what we do on any given Friday night at the Boar's Nest back then, we would have been long ago married or SHOT!"

Bo frowned as he watched Luke begin to stack up the chopped wood. He couldn't help but wonder what Luke had meant by that comment.

NARRATOR: "Friday at 5:00 pm signaled the time for all of Hazzard County to turn back the hands of time to an era set loosely between 1850 and 1900. A time of horses, buggies, and oil lanterns ... and without cars, electricity, and much to the boys distress, girls dressing in dresses with far too much material."

The boys didn't have too much to change about their normal work clothes and boots to be able to fit into the swing of the celebration, however both had borrowed a set of red suspenders from their Uncle Jesse and were now working on getting them adjusted to fit them. Luke was wearing a vest over his blue shirt.

Daisy walked out of her room in a dress that would have made Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler proud. She turned around and around letting the yards and yards of material swing in the air as she asked, "Well? What do ya'll think?"

Bo and Luke were used to seeing Daisy in a lot less clothes. They looked at her brightly colored dress for several minutes and from top to bottom, then looked at each other.

Finally Luke attempted to word his thoughts carefully, "Daisy, Sugar, it's real nice, but ah, there's something..."

Bo added, "Different ..."

Luke as well as Bo noticed that as hard as it is to imagine, Daisy's waist was several inches smaller while her breasts were a bit bigger. Luke said, "Ummm, yeah, different. Daisy your figure has, ummm, changed."

She rolled her eyes and replied, "It's the corset, dummies!"

Bo frowned, "Corset?"

Luke nodded. He'd heard of them but never seen one on anyone he knew before. He attempted to explain, "You remember in 'Gone With the Wind' the thing that Mamie was putting on Scarlett to make her waist look smaller?"

Bo shook his head 'no', "I must have went for popcorn during that part. I only liked the war stuff about that movie."

Luke sighed. Bo had been pretty young when they had gone to see it at the movies.

"Never mind, Bo." both Luke and Daisy said at the same time.

Uncle Jesse said as he put on his hat, "Well, we best be leaving Daisy if I'm gonna get you there on time."

Bo said, "You don't normally work until 7. Why are you leaving so soon?"

Jesse whispered, "Cause Pete and Gypsy just don't have the speed that the pick up or the Roadrunner do."

Luke laughed, "Yeah, Bo, if we're going I guess we had better go saddle up General and Lucky."

Bo sighed, "We're really not taking the General Lee?"

Jesse sent him a warning look, "Now, Bo we've been through this enough all week to go through it again. You, as well as everyone else in the County has agreed to the conditions of the centennial."

Bo ducked his head a bit and said, "Yes, Sir."

After the relatively short horseback ride to the Boar's Nest both Bo and Luke dismounted and walked a bit awkwardly to the local bar. Upon entering the familiar place both noticed that the entire place looked a bit different as all the modern signs and advertisements had been taken down and replaced with decorations that were or appeared to be from a long ago time. The normal low powered lights were turned off and had been replaced by candles and lanterns which gave a totally different look to the place. As they walked over to the bar, Luke said, "Wow! This place sure looks different!"

Daisy replied, "I sure hope so! Took us a long while to do."

Bo rubbed his backside a bit and said, "I hope it wasn't as long as that horseback ride to get to here. How about a nice cold beer?"

Daisy laughed, "Two beers 1880 style coming right up!" She turned to the keg of beer and poured two beers from tap. "Here ya go fellas."

Both boys were eager to taste the cold brew. Bo took a healthy drink and nearly spit it across the bar, while at the same time Luke had taken a much smaller sip of what he expected to be ice cold beer. When it touched Luke's mouth it was much warmer than he had expected. He swallowed, frowned, and asked, "Warm beer?"

Daisy shrugged her shoulders and said, "Ice wagon hasn't got here yet."

"Ice wagon." Luke nodded in understanding.

Bo fumed, "You could have warned us."

Daisy grinned and said, "Sorry fellas." She turned to Cooter who had just walked in, "Hey, Sugar. What will it be?"

Cooter replied, "Think I'll try a cold beer to cut the dust from the ride over."

Before Daisy could say anything to him, Luke replied, "Beer maybe. Cold not."

Cooter looked confused for a moment.

Daisy began, "The ice ..."

Bo finished stressing his first word, "Wagon hasn't got here yet."

Luke let out a low whistle and said, "Well, it better hurry or those lovely things are just going to melt away."

Cooter and Bo turned to see two girls they knew walk in dressed much like Daisy in several yards of material that covered up their long tan legs but sure showed off their figures. Just as Bo was getting up to go try his luck at getting the ladies to join them, Ernie Ledbetter and his brother John walked in and joined the ladies at a back table.

As the night went on Luke and Bo had moved from the bar area to a back table. Jesse had left a bit ago after telling the boys he'd leave the buggy to bring Daisy home and he'd take Luke's horse General home with him. Cooter was still setting at the bar talking with a couple other friends as well as the bartender and Daisy when they weren't busy.

It was almost closing time when Bo and Luke's dates excused themselves to go to the restroom. As they returned and passed Ernie and John Ledbetter's table, Ernie, in the poor lightening and in conjunction with the tap beer mistook Luke's date for his date. He reached out and put her on his lap.

Stacy had never been the tiny cheerleader type. In fact Bo had referred to her as looking like a linebacker. So instead of waiting for Luke to come to her defense she quickly jumped back up and kicked Ernie square in his private region which not only hurt but took the big man by surprise. Stacy quickly made her way back to Luke and Bo's table.

Luke had seen some of what had happened and was on his feet to intercept Ernie who was intent on grabbing Stacy. Luke said coldly, "You better think again Ledbetter."

Ernie did and instead of swinging on Stacy, punched Luke instead.

Luke and Ernie had been rivals for years. They had been here before. Both had punched the other. Both had won their fights. It usually had a lot to do with what they were fighting for and more often that not depended on who had drank more. Tonight it was Ernie who was in the wrong and had been drinking steadily all night long.

Luke smiled, "I'm glad you did that." as he swung his own punch which sent Ernie to the floor.

John jumped up and said, "You can't hit him."

Bo was ready as he said, "He just did."

John swung his own punch at Bo, as Ernie was back on his feet and tried to tackle Luke. It didn't work. Luke took the man's feet out from under him. It was a typical all out brawl as Rosco came back in from getting Boss Hogg into his buggy.

Rosco drew the 1880's style pearl handle Colt from his hostler and fired a shot into the ceiling. "Hold it right there! All of you four are under arrest!" He then began to mumble as he cuffed the four, "Can't even have a celebration around here without you four showing off like this!"

Bo tried to protest as he wiped a bit of blood from his mouth, "Rosco. Daisy can't drive a team of horses home."

Rosco mumbled, "Horses? Tiddly Tuddly! Horses or not you two are still under arrest."

Cooter had hoped Bo's idea about Daisy would work, but seeing that it wasn't going to he remarked, "Well, you two have a nice stay at the Iron Bar Hotel and don't worry about Daisy I'll see her home."

At the jail, Rosco had wisely put Ernie and John upstairs and Bo and Luke down stairs. Bo noticed Luke seemed more worried than he normally was in situations like this. "What is it Luke? You seem concerned."

"Ah, nothing. I guess this sentential thing has got me thinking maybe more than I should about past times." Luke said as he went to the window to look out. Finally he added, "Just thought Cooter was a bit more eager to take Daisy home than normal. ... you know Bo, in the 1880's it wasn't acceptable for an unmarried man to escort an unmarried lady unchaperoned."

Bo laughed at the thought, "Yeah, but Luke this isn't the 1880's and you're talking about Cooter and Daisy for Pete's sake."

Luke nodded and stretched out on the steel bunk, "Yeah, I guess you are right."


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