This story was started on or near New Year's Eve 2007. After several writes, re-writes, and partners this is the final chapter. Do to some reviews, however, there may be a longer more detailed alternative ending. I came up with this ending months before finishing the story, so the last few chapters were guided toward this ending. It popped in m head on night about 4 am while working hoot owl and thought it was just priceless. I can see this happen and had to write it this way. There is another chapter in the works but do to 'life' BL Davenport and I both had schedule conflicts with working on it at the time, so rather than leaving it 'hang' I wrote this chapter mostly solo so that the story would have an ending to it, but you all know Hazzard, endings can be just the beginning. Enjoy and please let us know if you'd like to see an alternate ending posted. Thanks, Dix.

Chapter 30

Luke woke up and for some odd reason felt very much alone even before he opened his eyes. When he did open his eyes he saw his room, his and Bo's room. He first glanced at the bedpost, no gun belt; he looked at the dresser, no washbasin; then to the nightstand, no oil lantern but a night lamp. Turning over in the twin bed he also found no Dixie, but across the room in the other twin bed was Bo sound asleep as always. Luke set up and as he pulled the blanket back looked at his left hand which suddenly looked very empty. In fact his ring finger felt as if it were missing something. It was the feeling you get when you've worn a watch on the same wrist for a long while and take it off to have a battery replaced and you keep looking for the watch.

Jesse knocked on the bedroom door, "Let's get a move on boys."

"I'm up." Luke replied as he put on his jeans and boots. He went to the foot of Bo's bed and tapped his foot, "Bo, let's go. Chores are waiting."

Bo roused from sleep automatically making sure Beth was covered then glared in the direction where Luke was, "What're you doing in here?"

"I sleep in here, remember, ... this is OUR room." Luke replied.

Bo rubbed a hand over his eyes getting them fully open now he looked to his side, Beth wasn't there, then he took a quick look around the room everything was the same as it had been last night when they went to bed.

After hearing Bo's words then watching him take stock of the room the way he himself had done Luke was certain he wasn't crazy after all. He headed to the kitchen with Bo only slightly behind him. He was relieved to see the modern appliances as he got his coffee. Jesse was talking about what work needed to be done but Luke hadn't heard a word. He was listening to the sound of Daisy singing as she came down the hall. He held his breath hoping, ...

Daisy came in the kitchen already dressed in a tank top, shorter than short shorts, hose and heels, "Morning boys, Uncle Jesse. I've got to hurry and get to Ruebottom's this morning before everyone picks over the material for the Centennial."

"Centennial?" Luke asked, totally confused at this point.

Bo echoed the seemingly foreign word. "Centennial?"

Now it was Daisy and Jesse that were confused, but Jesse spoke first, "Now, I know ya'll were drinking quite a bit later last night, but we were all setting at the table early last night with Cooter and Luther when Boss Hogg announced the Hazzard Centennial would be next weekend."

Strangely the memory of this announcement did make it's way back to both the boys minds, but it seemed soooo very long ago. Surely it couldn't have been last night. In Luke's mind he hadn't drank a beer with Luther in nearly a year.

Daisy added, "Yeah, Luke you had just brought the wrecker back to Cooter and Bo you was waiting on Linda to show up."

Now that got Bo's attention. He'd not even spoke to Linda since being with Beth, ... however, the night that the Centennial had been announced, he was indeed waiting on Linda.

Luke set his coffee cup down still half full, "Bo we got work to do."

Bo had barely taken a couple drinks of his coffee too, but suddenly he didn't want it, "Comin'." he said.

The boys had done their chores in silence, both trying to make sense out of the conversation that they had been a part of in the house.

Bo couldn't stay quiet any longer, "Luke? There is something strange here."

Luke nodded in agreement, "There surely is." he paused, "I ain't drank a beer with Luther in nearly a year..."

Bo added, "Well, I sure ain't waited on Linda since I been with Beth."

They looked at each other for a long while, both still thinking their own thoughts. They heard a car coming up the drive way and stepped out of the barn.

Dixie and Beth were both dressed in short shorts and halter tops as they got out of Dixie's car. Seeing the guys come out of the barn, both waved, "Morning guys." They called still heading toward the house.

Bo and Luke watched the girls well built small frames disappear into the house.

Luke looked at Bo, "They are here to go shopping with Daisy..."

Bo added, "For material to make dresses for the Centennial."

Luke said slowly, "Sooo, Bo since the Centennial hasn't happened, just who do you plan to take?"

Bo turned around with a goofy look on his face, "I just might as Beth."

Luke paled, "Are you sure that's sure a good idea?"

"LUKE! We had to have dreamed all that." Bo said, "So who are you going to ask?"

"No one." Luke said, as he started across the yard. Remembering in his dream that he had not asked Dixie in it either he added, "I'm not going!"

Bo followed, "But Luke, I've been telling YOU it was a dream. Surely it ALL was just a dream." Then, it clicked in Bo's mind, excitedly he chased after Luke, "Yeah, Luke ALL that was ONLY a dream!"


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