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Chapter 13:

I froze... damn my best friend she knew just how to corner me... thoughts of Riddick (drool) and Aragorn and Legolas and... I jumped from my Slytherin bed, and started shoving supplies into my backpack.

"Whatcha doin'?" Alex asked, a triumphant (and childish) grin on her face.

"You know what I'm doing now pack before I pack for you!" I exclaimed. Alex laughed, maniacally and began copying my actions. I considered my wand and then shrugged, stuffing it into the bag just in case.

"Ready?" I asked, turning to Alex.

"Ready." She replied, her smile so big it put the Cheshire Cat to shame. I nodded and grabbed her hand.

We navigated the confusing tunnels of Hogwarts, searching for Alex's (rather dangerous) machine.

"Leaving so soon?" two voices inquired, in perfect unison.

We turned to see Fred and George,

"Sorry, but we've got places to go, people to meet, worlds to conquer." Alex said, sadly and dramatically.

"You're not allowed to even LOOK at any kind of weapon and you're NOT getting a shine job." I told her without turning towards her. I knew she pouted at that. I hugged the twins,

"Dont' worry, we'll be back... maybe." I nodded,

"You two had better come back." Fred replied.

"Or we'll come after you." George added.

"You're the most fun..."

"... We've had in ages."

Alex smirked and then who came around the corner? Snape and Draco.

The sight of the blonde made dirty thoughts run through my head and a little voice in the back (let's call her Mini-Alex) said: It's now or never. I grinned, my best Alex Pre-Rape Grin, and glomped the boy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a disgusted Snape, two amused Gingers, and Alex, pretending to tear up.

"I'm so proud of her." Alex sniffled as I attempted to rape Draco on the floor... except he wasn't fighting very much, so it wasn't really rape-like.

Eventually I was pulled off, both Draco and I mussed and breathless from the heated make-out session. Draco tried to gather his dignity but that wasn't happening around the twins.

"I didn't know Malfoys liked to be on the bottom." Fred teased.

"And with a Muggleborn at that." George added. Those two, gotta love 'em.

"Goodbye everyone!." Alex and I shouted, and we were off.

One Rocky Trip through the Space/Time Continuum (or whatever it is Transdimensional... I'm not Alex I have no Idea) Later:

We arrive on a hill. A grassy hill, surrounded by trees and filled with little forest critters like squirrels and rabbits and,

"Where are we?" I asked. Alex looked around, and shrugged,

"No idea. LET'S GO EXPLORE!" she headed off in a random direction and began looking around for some clue as to where we had landed. After shoving the STUED as far into her backpack as possible, we were on our way.

"Alex that thing is only supposed to take us to TWO worlds, right?"


"This isn't Riddick."

Alex looked around again.

"You're right, Gwen, it's not..." she said, stroking her imaginary moustache/goatee.

"RUN!" a voice echoed through the forest and the little animals ran away.

Two, very short, very adorable mini-people ran out from the tall trees, carrying an armful of vegetables. They had curly hair, both blonde, but one was golden blonde with tints of strawberry, and one had dark blonde, almost light brown. Alex squealed and attack-glomped the hobbits, Merry and Pippin. They looked horrified. Oh dear, I know where we are.