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Scene 5: The carpark

(Bella is standing by her truck, when all of a sudden a van skids around the corner and nearly hits her. Edward jumps in front of Bella and saves her)

Bella: Yays! Wait, how the *beep* did you do that?

Edward: Do what? (innocent expression)

Bella: Lift the van off me!

Edward: No I didn't. You must be imagining things.

Bella: Then explain how you're holding the van with one hand, Mr. Smartboy.

Edward: Imagining, imaaaaagining…..(drops the van, jumps over the car and runs off)

Bella: Stupid shiny Volvo owner.

Scene 6: First Beach

Jacob: Hi!

Bella: Hi, how are you?

Jacob: I'm a werewolf. And the Cullens are vampires.

Bella: Really? Well that's nice. Any other news?

Jacob: Umm…Bella? I've just told you that 5 people from your school are mythical bloodsucking creatures and you ask me if I've any other news? Are you sure you haven't got brain damage from falling over all the time?

Bella: Look, I heard you, I'm not deaf. And I'm not clumsy either. (Falls over)

(Two figures jump out from behind a rock, knocking Jacob backwards into the sea)

Jess & Angela: It's SHOPPING TIME! (They stuff a sack over Bella's head)

Bella: What are you doing to me?

Angela: You're going to help us pick out dresses for the dance!

Bella: Oh God no! Help, Jake! I won't go!

Jess: Tough luck. Get in the car.

(They leave. Jacob climbs out of the sea, spluttering)

Jacob: Bye Be… Oh, she's gone. Darn.

Scene 7; A random clothes shop

Jess: Hey Bella, what do you think of this dress?

Bella: I think it's ugly, like your FACE! I'm off to find a bookstore and perhaps endanger my life!

(Bella stamps out of the shop and straight into a glass door)

Scene 8: In street

Bella: mutter stupid Jess mumble Angela *beep* mutter

(Bella sees three figures in the shadows)

Pencil Jerk 1: (To other pencil jerks) Hey, guys, look. It's that girl we saw in the shop.

Pencil Jerk 2: Wow, you're right! For once.

Pencil Jerk 3: Can she be my girlfriend, because I'm the prettiest?(looks in a mirror and sighs)

Pencil Jerk 1: Hey look! She's getting away! Avada Kedavra! (everyone stares at him) Oops, I forgot that was just a special effect.

Bella: Let me go jerks! Hiiiya!(kicks jerks in the face)

Pencil Jerk 3: No, not the face! I paid good money for it!

Volvo: Screeeech! Thump, thump thump.

Pencil Jerk 1: Aaargh!

Pencil Jerk 2: Aaaaaargh!

Pencil Jerk 3: Mummy!

Edward: Growl…get in the car, Bella!

Bella: What's the magic word?

Edward: Look, this really is not the time…

Bella: (crosses arms) He-hem…

Edward: Fine. Get in the car, Bella. Please.

Bella: That's better. (trips over and fall into car)

5 minutes of awkward silence later…

Bella: I know what you are.

Edward: Suuure you do.

Bella; You're a vampire!

Edward: *Beeeeeep* etc…

10 minutes of non stop swearing later…

Edward: *beep beep BEEEP*

Bella:Finally! Are you done now?

Edward: Yes, no wait *BEEEP*. All done.

Bella: So, tell me about yourself.

Edward: I'm 108 years old, I sparkle in the sun and I eat mountain lions for lunch.

Bella: Oh yeah? Well I'm 17, I burn in the sun and I eat sandwiches for lunch!

Edward: *sigh* This has been a loooong day…

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