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Book 1:The Journey Begins

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference

~Robert Frost

Chapter 1

Jane found him outside sitting in a circle of tall bushes.

"Are you okay?"

"No..." He said. He stared at the ground. It was still odd seeing him. He was the only one of his kind within over a hundred miles. Jane sat down in the grass by her unique friend.

"It's hard to believe he's leaving isn't it?"

"Yes," He groped for words. "It's hard to-to say goodbye."

"I know how you feel. He's been here over three years, and now he's going away, but he said he'll come back and see us sometime. It's not like Danny is going away forever."

"I know, it's just that, he was our leader. He accepted me, he treated me just like I was... normal" He stared off into the setting sun. "Three years. Three years of good times, bad times, and times where it's a miracle that we all made it through. But those times are over now..."

"Look on the bright side," Jane said. "A whole new time is starting. Danny's going back to college. That's going to open up a whole new world of possibilities for him, just like it has for us."

Jane looked over at her friend. She felt very sorry for him. He was indeed unique. Yet sometimes he seemed to be just like a normal person. Most of the local people knew him. The scientists of the area were especially interested in him, the only pokemorph in the area, which was a vast region. Jane's friend had a feathery blue tail, the icy blue wings of an Articuno on his back, dark blue eyes, and sky blue hair that accented his wings and tail perfectly. Jane thought that Kyle was very lucky. Kyle didn't always feel that way. Sometimes he felt alone, very very alone. Especially now, one of the more difficult times in his life.

"You're right, but it's going to be hard. I'm really going to miss him." Kyle said to his friend.

"Don't worry Kyle, we'll be there for you."

"Thanks Jane." Kyle said and stood. "I've got to get to the center. I'm supposed to help serve dinner tonight to all of the trainer's that come in late."

"Want some company?"

"Sure, Some of the trainers aren't quite prepared when they come in and they tend to get a little..." Kyle snickered and trailed off. Jane noticed a bruise on Kyle's arm.

"What happened?"

"Some kid came in late last night. He was tired and not seeing straight. He took one look at me and threw a pokeball at me. It hit my arm, so I picked it up and threw it at him. It hit him in the side of the head and knocked him out cold.

"You're kidding! What did the on-duty nurse say about it?"

"She thought it was hilarious."

"You're lucky that grumpy old woman wasn't in charge."

"Yeah, Carol can be such a pain."

Kyle and Jane walked from the Youth Center to the pokemon center. They arrived to an almost empty building. It was a slow week for trainers. Kyle was sure it had something to do with the tournament in the neighboring city, which was about five miles away. Kyle checked the schedule. He was slotted for late-dinner again. He slipped on his apron and looked out in the lobby. A few trainers were lounging on the sofa watching a documentary on how to safely train dragon pokemon. The lights were dimmed to the evening setting and no one was eating or waiting to eat. Kyle sat down on the other side of Jane's table.


"Cards" Kyle sighed. He was tired already and tomorrow he was supposed to be at the pokemon lab by eight. More boring tests...

"So, Anything exciting happen around here lately?" Jane asked as she shuffled the deck.

"Not a whole lot. There's some big tourny going on and lots of the trainers are staying there. I'd hate to have a tournament here. I don't think we could accomodate one. What about you?"

"My mom bought me a Vulpix. She says that I should train pokemon. I'm not so sure though. I hate to go charging off on some grand adventure thing without anyone going with me."

"What about Chelsea? Isn't she going?"

"Yeah, but she's traveling with her sister. Those two are impossible to live with when they're together."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"You ever thought about going on a journey Kyle?"

"Not really much serious thought. It would be fun I guess. The only pokemon I've got is this little Pikachu I found digging around in the garden a few days ago. He's lots of fun, but he's a bit..."

"What happened?" Jane asked, sensing a good story.

"You know that crabby nurse I was telling you about, Carol?"


"Well she came out here a few nights ago and found me sleeping on one of the benches. She woke me up and bawled me out for falling asleep without closing the kitchen down completely. Anyways, my Pikachu had come over to see what was going on. That old woman turned around and tripped right over him. He gave her quite a shocking afterwards."

"Ooh, I bet she was mad after that!"

"Yeah, it wasn't funny until later... much later."

"Well where is he now?"

"I left him in the back. There's a room back there where people drop their small pokemon off for the afternoon sometimes. It's sort of a pokemon playroom."

"Oh yeah? Maybe I should drop my Vulpix off there some time." Jane said as someone entered the pokemon center.

"I'll be back in a second," Kyle said and got up to go help the man.

Jane opened her bag up and dug out a special pokeball that her club had sent her. It had a few extra things on it, one of the settings allowed her to adjust the temperature in the pokeball in case the pokemon was a fire type and prefered high temperatures or an ice pokemon that liked to be cooler than most other pokemon. She fingered the ball and watched the conversation between Kyle and the man. The man was short and slim, probably in good shape, and carried a gym bag over one shoulder. He was the typical person you would expect to see coming into the pokemon center so late at night. Most of the younger trainers had curfews set by their parents. Jane's curfew was eleven. She didn't really mind though, there weren't many interesting pokemon still awake at midnight anyway. Her curfew, like all other trainer's curfews, was programmed into her pokedex. It would notify her parents if the pokedex wasn't inside a pokecenter by eleven. It was rather annoying at times since occasionally she would forget it in a friend's car and then have to go through the mess of getting all of the settings restored later on. The man produced his pokedex from a pocket and handed it to Kyle. He thumbed a few keys and waited for the dark green pokedex to display the man's trainer ID number. Kyle popped the number into the computer. It registered as valid. The Articuno morph went to the back and came back with two pokeballs and returned them to the man, their owner. The man thanked Kyle and left. Jane was surprised that this particular man didn't stare very much at Kyle. Most people were so unused to seeing pokemorphs that when they saw Kyle they couldn't believe their eyes or felt a bit overwhelmed.

"Who was that?" Jane asked as Kyle returned.

"That was Robert. He brought a couple of Nidoran in for a check-up this morning. They've been ill a lot lately. He's here pretty often."

Kyle and Jane played cards for about an hour before a few travelers strayed in at around ten-thirty.

"I'd better go see what they need." Kyle said, dropping his hand upside down onto the table."

"Yeah, it's getting late. I'll see you tomorrow. There's some sort of class at the center tomorrow that I've been hearing about. It's supposed to be pretty good and it's only an hour. You wanna come?"

"Sure, I'll bring my Pikachu!"

End Chapter

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