Chapter 2: The Class

Jane arrived at the pokemon center at eight-thirty, half an hour before the class was due to start. Her mom always bugged her about being late when she was younger, so she always arrived very early. Kyle was cleaning up the center getting ready for the class to start. Jane could tell right off that he was exhausted. He didn't show it outright, but she could tell by the way he held his wings.

"Are you okay? You look like you were up half the night!"

"I was. That last crew decided I didn't need any sleep. Every half an hour they rang the dumb bell until it woke me up. I got sick of it around three and unplugged it."

"That stinks."

"Yeah and look who's coming."

"Hey birdy, how's it going?"

"Yeah whatever Ben"

"Aw whatsa matter? Did the birdy not get enough sleep last night?" Ben said in his best condescending voice.

"You would know wouldn't you?" Kyle gave him an obviously fake smile. "I know, maybe if you paid a little more attention to where you were going, you wouldn't have ended up here in Crimson City instead of Vermillion? Do you need a map? They're only a dollar. Wait, I forgot. You're all out of money. Too bad, You're girlfriend will be very angry with you, what with her birthday coming up so quickly."

"How-How did you know that?!" Ben was beside himself.

"You shouldn't talk in your sleep so much. It's rather entertaining for those around you though." Kyle snickered. "By the way, how is...OOF!"

He was cut off by Ben kicking him in the chest, knocking him down. Kyle sprung up to his feet and used his inertia and a quick flap of his wings to launch him five feet into the air. For a moment he hung still in the air, enough time for him to regain his balance, then landed hard on both feet. Ben threw a punch, but Kyle threw his hands out in a blocking gesture. Ben's hand connected with a small disk of ice. Kyle coiled his right arm back and formed a ball of freezing energy in his right hand, but it fizzled out. Kyra visibly slumped, he was out of energy. Ben snickered seeing Kyle suddenly deprived of his main method of defence. He called out his Arcanine just as Kyle recovered from the moment of shock. He shook of the fuzziness just in time to see the Arcanine lunge at him. He threw up his hands trying to grab hold of it or something, but it was way too late, he went straight to the ground. Arcanine went with the flow of the impact and ended up standing over the downed Cuno morph. Kyle struggled to move for a moment, but the Arcanine had appearantly handled birds before and had both his wings pinned to the floor.

"That's enough!" Someone shouted.

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief.

"Get that thing off of him!"

"But but but"


Kyle suddenly felt the crushing weight lifted from his wings as the Arcanine disappeared into Ben's pokeball. Jane helped Kyle stand up and brushed the dust off of his shirt. Lori, Ben's girlfriend was still bawling him out for attacking Kyle.

"I think we better get to the class. It starts in about fifteen minutes. Do you have your Pikachu?"

"Yeah, what did you bring?"

"I brought both of my pokemon."

Kyle and Jane went into the public meeting room connected to the lobby of the pokemon center. A few people were already standing inside talking. Kyle and Jane mingled with the other early birds until a young man in his mid twenties went to the front of the room and quieted everyone down.

"Did everyone bring a pokemon with them?"

"Yes" came the general reply.

"Good, lets see, looks like we've got a good crew here today, about 14 or 15 aspiring young trainers. Good. Just remember, most of you will be leaving any day now on your pokemon journeys. Your friends who are off messing around are going to be left behind. Let's get started. Today's lesson is about type advantages."

"But we already know about type alignments" someone hollered.

"Yes, but there's more to know than just that. First of all, weather. Now some types have abnormal blood temperatures. Fire types have high blood temperatures. Now the heat you're feeling around you changes in intensity depending on the difference between your temperature and the temperature of the air. So when it is cool, fire types might feel cold, and an electric type or an ice type might feel comfortable and do a better job of battling. Alright, now we're going to go outside and do some experiments. Everyone bring your pokemon and the notebook you were handed when you came in."

An hour later the class filed back into the room. Everyone had learned that there was a lot more to types than effectivity against other types.

"Well then, I hope everyone learned a lot! I'll be back in three weeks for another session. It will be a totally different class, and I hope everyone attends."

Everyone stood and began to leave.

"Kyle and Jane, can you two please stay for a moment?" the teacher asked.

"Yes? How did you know our names?"

"The Center manager told me you would probably be here Kyle. She said that you would be the only one with wings, and that you always hang out with a girl named Jane. You two did very well today, but that's not why I asked you to stay after. I have a favor to ask of you."

"First, who are you?"

"That's right I forgot to tell you that. My name is Luke."

End Chapter

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