Chapter 4

"What is that Kyle?" Jane asked, astonished.

"I-What are you?"

{They're coming! Please! Help me! Don't let them hurt me!}

"Who's coming? Why do they want to hurt you?" Kyle asked, confused. This creature seemed totally innocent of anything and seemed to be very friendly.

{Them, I don't know. They don't like me and they keep blasting things at me!}

"Are they shooting at you? With guns!? Big metal sticks?" Jane inquired.


"What!? Those jerks!"

{Uh-oh, they're here!}

"Then we're not! Quick into the trees!" Kyle said in a harsh whisper. Jane raced into the trees followed closely by Kyle who was carrying the creature in his arms. They ran until after sun down.

{There's a cave over that way!} the creature said. Wearily, Kyle and Jane struggled into the cave.

"It's very dark in here." Jane commented absently.

Kyle felt the creature rise out of his arms. It somehow hung in the air without support.

"Giiaa!" It yelled and smashed its paws forward, a spot on the ground burst into flame. The white and blue creature slowly descended to the ground and landed on its huge feet. It stood about a foot and a half tall and looked a lot like a Mew. It's fur was a very light blue color. It had two darker sea blue crests over each eye, a long white tail with two bladelike blue swipes on the thicker part at the end. There were also two rows of blue fins protruding from its back, and two small white wings that connected at his shoulder blades and almost brushed the ground as he walked.


"Huh?" Jane said, snapping back out of her fascination with the creature.

{Well you just keep looking at me...}

"Well uh... what are you?"

{I am Mewgia}(*pronounced Myuu-jee-uh*)


{Yep, that's me!}

"Why were those people chasing you?"

{I think they made me.}

"Oh?" Jane asked questioningly.

{I don't know though, I hatched from and egg and they were all crowded around me. They poked at me with stuff for a few hours, and I got sick of it, so I teleported out of the building! Cool huh?}

"Yeah" Kyle yawned.

"Sorry little guy, but we've been walking all day and we're tired. We need to get some sleep. We're heading north again in the morning."

{Can I go with you?}

"Why?" Kyle asked, surprised that a pokemon as rare as this wanted to go around with a couple of trainers.

{I'm all alone, and you saved me. I like you and I get scared when I'm alone.}

"Well sure you can go with us I just didn't think a pokemon as rare as you would want to deal with trainers." Kyle responded.

{YAY! Thank you!} and that ended all prospect of a peaceful evening for Kyle and Jane. Mewgia kept them up half the night with his singing and cheering about things. One thing was very clear, all Mews are excessively happy about everything. Kyle keyed up his pokedex and scanned Mewgia with it. The pokedex couldn't produce and data on him, but it did bring up an entry on Mews that said they seemed to have an unbelievable amount of energy and rarely ever got tired.

Jane was woken up early the next morning by Mewgia. It was just after sunrise.

{Come on! get up! let's go!}

Bleary-eyed Jane stared at the bouncing blue and white hybrid in front of her.


{Yeah now get up!}

"Mewgia it's like seven in the morning. Go back to sleep."

He was silent for a moment, pondering Jane's command.

{Back to sleep...Back...Why?} He asked, puzzled.

"Mewgia, humans have to sleep a lot more than you do. We have different metabolisms and sleep like six to ten hours a night.

{Ten hours!} Mewgia was stunned. Jane took his moment of silence to go back to sleep. Mewgia saw this and tried again to rouse her again, but failed. So he moved over to Kyle. He was asleep, but awake enough to have heard Jane and Mewgia's conversation. Mewgia grabbed one of Kyle's limp wings between his small paws and tugged on it, yelling {Come on! Sun's up! Get up!}

"Mewgia, I need sleep too."

{But you're not a human. You can't trick me. See} He held up Kyle's wing proudly. {You are an Articuno}

"Yes, but I'm human too."

{That's a pretty lame excuse.}

"From your point of view."

Mewgia finally gave up and waited impatiently for almost two hours before forcing Jane and Kyle to get up. The two pokemon trainers trudged wearily down the path with Mewgia prodding them along.

{Where are we going anyways?} Mewgia asked for what seemed like the billionth time.

"We're going to Purity Valley Mewgia." Jane answered flatly.

{Purity Valley? I thought we were going to Crosspoint?}

"Then why did you ask where we were going?" Jane said tersely.

{I wanted to make sure you didn't change your mind.}

"Why would we change our minds?" Kyle asked in a much friendlier tone than Jane. Mewgia stopped dead in his tracks.

{Because of me...}

"Because of..." Jane was thinking.

"Mewgia, are you afraid we're going to decide to take you back to those people that were shooting at you?"

He nodded slowly.

"Mewgia, don't worry. We're your friends. We'd never take you back to those creeps!" Jane said, feeling sorry for yelling earlier.


"Yeah, we promise."

{Yippee!} Mewgia jumped into the air and landed on Kyle's shoulder.

The odd trio spent all day walking down the path. For being so young, Mewgia had a lot of stories to tell, and by the end of the day Jane and Kyle thought they must've heard all of them at least twice. But every once in a while the little winged cat would come up with something new to talk about and surprise them. Kyle was surprised that by mid afternoon they still hadn't come across anyone else traveling on the path. Jane was relieved, traveling with a legendary hybrid and an Articuno boy made for some interesting, and sometimes unpleasant, encounters. About an hour from sundown someone did finally show up. He was a young trainer named Thomas, Tom for short. He wore a bright green shirt that said 'Master' on both sides. He had an annoying vioce, short black hair, and quite an excessive amount of confidence, and displayed it very openly.

"So what are you anyway?" He asked Kyle.

"I am an Articuno pokemorph."

"A pokemorph? Never heard of one of those."

"I'm not really surprised. I've never actually met another myself."

"Hey what's that!?"

"What?" Jane asked.

"That thing hiding on bird boy's back!"

"I'm not a 'bird boy'" Kyle said giving Tom a threatening glare.

"Fine but what's that thing?"

"This is Mewgia, he's a Mew/Lugia hybrid." Jane said, tugging Mewgia off of Kyle's back.

"What's it for?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well it sure doesn't look like it could fight. It looks weak."

{Weak?!} Mewgia levitated up into the air and glared harshly at Tom.

"Woah it talks!"

{Yes I talk, and much better than you!}

"So can you fight?"

{Yes!} Mewgia whirled in a quick circle and stopped abruptly, flaring his wings in a battle stance.

"Alright you're on! Go pokemon!"

Tom threw a ball to the ground. A Flareon hopped out and landed nimbly on all four paws.


Jane and Kyle exchanged worried looks. They were at least thirty minutes away from the town, and neither of them had seen Mewgia fight yet. He was so very young, would he be able to fight at all?

The battle began almost at once. Flareon shot a burst of flames at Mewgia, but a bright blue bubble formed just in time to deflect the flames. The shield was badly damaged, but Mewgia was able to keep it up long enough to evade the attack. The shield wavered and vanished. Flareon kept at it. Mewgia suddenly found half a dozen balls of flame speeding towards him. The first one went wide, and he was able to dodge the next two and he batted the fourth one away with his tail. The other two nicked his right leg and left wing.

"Mewgiii" He bawled in pain but stayed in the air. Flareon was gasping in air trying to prepare more fire. Now it was Mewgia's turn. He put his paws together and then slowly spread the wide. A blue hole formed in front of him. His eyes glowed a fierce blue. Energy shot out of the hole and caught Flareon in the side. Flareon rolled and slammed into a tree. It sprang back up and turned back to face Mewgia. Flareon clenched its teeth tight. It strained for several moments, Jane noticed bits of flame leaking through its teeth.

"Mewgia look out!"

Flareon's jaw snapped open at lightning speed. Five tiny bits of hardened, superheated stone ripped through the air like bullets homing in on Mewgia. Kyle heard a loud warbling sound and watched as the very reality around Mewgia seemed to distort. The molten bullets raced towards the distortion. Mewgia was already beginning to dodge the shots. He was moving at an incredible speed.

Inside the distortion Mewgia watched as the bullets approached in their deadly path. They struck the edge of the distortion and immediately slowed to almost a quarter of their original speed, giving the appearance that they had struck a giant ball of mud. Outside the distortion they still seemed to keep their original speed. Mewgia contorted his body around as the bullets still moved closer. One crept past his tail, another soared over his shoulder, barely missing his snowy white wing. One then another whistled towards, then past his head. He just barely managed to twist out of the way. But the fifth molten chunk crashed into his shoulder and burned in deep.

"Giiaaaa!" He wailed as the distortion shattered around him, the other four bullets instantly shot off into the trees.

"Mewgia!" Jane shrieked and raced over to the fallen pokemon.

"Stupid Flareon! Now look what you did! I told you never to do that again!"

"Forget about the Flareon, Mewgia needs to get to the pokemon center and now!" Kyle advised as he placed his hand on the bleeding wound. He cooled the area, slowing the bleeding. Jane scooped up the winged cat in her arms and took off running down the path.

Twenty minutes later, they burst into the pokemon center, only to be greeted by two men with heavy rifles. One pointed his rifle up into the air, his partner kept his trained on the party. The first man stepped forwards and spoke with a cold grating voice.

"I suggest you surrender that pokemon."

End Chapter

Finally I found a way to introduce my Mewgia character into a storyline ^_^ Note that I am not the only one to create a Mew/Lugia hybrid. Mine is different from others in several ways though. Part in appearance and part in some really cool techs he can do that will astonish and amaze ^_^

Sorry about the mistake, I didn't realize I'd already upload the first two pages of this chapter. Make sure you re-read them, as I made some key changes in Mewgia's appearance.