Chapter 6 - Encore Une Fois

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The days left at Hogwarts were growing thinner and thinner, until finally, it was their last night back. They would be taking the train back to King's Cross the next day. The atmosphere around Hogwarts was mixed, as it always was, with students torn between their final preparations for the journey home, and the fantastic June weather to be had on the castle grounds.

Pansy Parkinson, like the rest of her dungeon-dwelling friends, was not on the grounds. Instead, she found herself tailing . She had a suspicion as to where he might be going, but she couldn't be sure. So she followed him, making sure he would never see her. She couldn't imagine what it must look like to an observer, but she didn't have any time to think about that. Draco was taking a non-stop stream of shortcuts. She needed to pay attention so she didn't lose him.

But of course, eventually her thoughts drifted back to what she was trying to do, which was seduce, and she lost him. She had had it with his games. She was sick of him holding out on her. She wanted him to fuck her brains out already, and she'd be damned if she didn't get what she wanted. She could only hope she knew where he was going.

She hurried onward, up to the seventh floor corridor. She stalked toward the bathroom that no one she knew used except for him. It was too far out of the way. She had no idea why he'd go all the way up here just to use the bathroom, but she didn't care. It meant that she could fuck him in there and no one would ever walk in.

Pansy inched the door open and peered through. He was sitting against the wall, below the single window, which was streaming in the mid-afternoon sunlight. He was still dressed, mostly, but she was shocked to see that he had his cock in his hand. His eyes were closed as he jerked it up and down, slowly. There was precum covering his hand. Pansy figured he had probably been at it for a while. Not surprisingly, she realized that she was extremely horny. Her hand had wandered down into her own jeans, and she stifled a moan as she slipped a finger inside of her. And then another. She wanted yet another still, but she'd have to take her jeans off to manage that, so she settled for two, pumping them in and out of herself as she stood there, watching. Her fingers were soon soaked with cum, and she couldn't help it, she let out a moan. Draco's eyes flew open and darted to the door.

And then she did something only Pansy Parkinson would do. "I hope you're thinking of me," she smirked, as she stepped through the doorway. She began to undress. Quickly. Draco looked up in surprise and his eyes widened as he saw what was happening.

Pansy began an elaborate strip tease. She tugged at her shirt, pulling it up to show her flat, milky stomach. She began to slowly drag it up until at last it had made it up over her breasts (she wasn't wearing a bra), and then pulled it right over her head.

She was smiling a wicked smile. She kicked off her shoes (she had considered heels but she figured they weren't the best for stealth) and began unbuttoning her pants. He could already see the curves of her hip bones, her jeans were so low. She had specifically chosen these because they had four buttons. She began undoing them slowly, one by one, while she swung her hips back and forth to an invisible beat. Draco still sat there, his face betraying nothing.

Finally, her jeans were unzipped. She began to slide them down, slowly, turning around so that he could see her ass while she bent over to push them down. She was wearing a white g-string, so Draco could see every detail of her ass as she bent over. She turned around again, and then he could truly see how wet she was. The fabric of the g-string was nearly transparent.

Smirking, she hooked her thumbs in the string at her waist and pulled it down, giving him a tease of her smooth, hairless pussy.

"Like what you see?" she cooed.

"No. Sorry, Pansy. I'm done here." Putting his cock away, he zipped up his pants and left. He had disappeared into the Room of Requirement before she had even moved. He was done with Pansy.

For a long time, Pansy stood there, naked save for her g-string. She couldn't believe that her best effort had failed. He'd stopped masturbating once she'd come in. She didn't understand it. But she understood one thing- she was done with men.

She never would've admitted it to anyone, but since she had stopped having sex with Draco several weeks ago, she hadn't slept with any other guys. Only girls, Cho Chang being the most recent. She wanted to be with someone who treated her right, and Draco was the only guy she saw herself being with anymore. But he wasn't an option. If he wouldn't treat her right, she'd go to someone who will. She'd find a girl. They always knew exactly what she wanted. More satisfied with herself than she'd been in a long while, she departed the bathroom alone, with a smile.

Hermione, personally, had seen more of the castle grounds than any of her friends thanks to her last adventure with , so she was inside, packing away all of her things. Ron and Harry, however, were a much different sort of being, and lacking that fantastic night with Draco, wanted nothing more than to stretch their legs outside. It suited Hermione fine. They'd be the ones frantically checking to make sure everything was packed tomorrow.

She was just packing away her undergarments (and lamenting the number of ruined panties from the last month- she would have to buy some new ones), when she noticed something curious. Inside one of her bras was a tiny slip of parchment. Instantly she dived for it and unfolded it. With a burning excitement not entirely void of her nether regions, she read:

Seventh floor corridor. 3 PM.

She sighed and checked her watch. It was only just after one o'clock. She knew that Draco would take her back for one last time. Hermione was desperate for it. They hadn't seen each other at all during the exam period, and she found herself needing to cast 'muffliato' around her four poster every night to keep the other girls from hearing her. She didn't want to think of what the others would make of it if they heard her growling 's name while she fingered herself.

But of course it was never the same. She could shout herself hoarse while masturbating and remembering all of the things they had done together, but the orgasm would never come close to anything he could deliver.

She gave a sudden thought to the summer. Her mind reeled. What would she do? Two entire months without sex sounded painful to Hermione now. She would've found it ironic, since she had managed to go the first seventeen years of her life without anysex, (perhaps, besides Viktor Krum lazily trying to cop a feel- which she didn't suppose counted these days), but she was too devastated. She would be staying at The Burrow. A house full of boys. Really, how hard could it be?

But they were all her friends. She loved the Weasley family like her own. That made things infinitely more complicated. Perhaps she should revisit the idea of Ron...

Ugh. She didn't need that to turn her off while she thought about Draco. But she couldn't help it. Ron... would be interesting. He wouldn't be a , at least not yet, anyway, but by all indications he could certainly compete with Mr. Malfoy size-wise. Which might be a problem. Hermione prided herself on how tight she was, even after all of her time with Draco. Not a slut, she thought happily. But even if she could somehow get Ron interested in her (or interested enough to act- the whole world knew he was into her), she would have to find some way to convince him she was a virgin (there was no way she would ever tell a soul about this, and she figured she could forget it if she tried to play it off like it was a one-night stand). Ron might be many things, but naive wasn't one of them.

She shook her head. But why think about Ron? She had for now. She'd worry about the rest when the time came.

So she passed the time by packing up her things. Before she was completely finished with her underwear, however, she changed into the only green pair of panties she had. She had never worn them in front of Draco before (she preferred black since it did a much better job of covering how wet she was), but she decided that, since this was the last time, at least for now, it would be alright.

The other girls began to filter in as the afternoon wore on, and the conversation made the time pass quicker. Hermione could chat along, one half of her discussing her plans for the summer, the other half imagining the sex she would be having with . If shedid have to go without for two months, she thought, she had better pull out all the stops for this time.

Almost before she knew it, it was time for her to leave. No one asked where she was going. Most of them probably figured she was going to find Harry and Ron, and if they asked, that's what she would've told them. But of course instead of heading out to the grounds, she made her way to the seventh floor corridor to find Draco.

She hadn't given much thought as to where they'd be doing it. Obviously this corridor was just a meeting place- the corridors were much too heavily travelled for it to be safe. She hoped that wasn't what he had in mind; it was the middle of the afternoon and all. When she considered passageways, though, she did find that she liked the idea of doing it in one of the secret shortcuts, behind a tapestry somewhere. That bubble burst at the thought of Filch or Harry taking the wrong one. No, better bring her to some place absolutely, permanently deserted, or there would be trouble from her.

She arrived at the seventh floor corridor and found it empty. She paced around a bit, pretending she was examining some of the paintings, waiting for him to appear. At exactly 3 PM... Draco stepped out of a door that had materialized in the wall.

He was in the Room of Requirement.

A whirlwind of thoughts cascaded through Hermione's brain. How did he know about the Room? Was that where he was taking her? Was Harry right? Was Draco really up to something, then? Maybe he just knew about the room. Maybe he'd found it on his own and just used it as a place to bring girls. She forced herself to stop thinking. She smiled at Draco.

"The Come and Go Room," she said, smiling, "a very curious choice, Draco." She chose to use the alternative name, just in case.

"Oh, you know about it too?" he asked suspiciously. This confirmed her thoughts. Relieved, she figured that Draco only knew about the room in a specific context. She doubted that he knew of its full potential.

"When you have Harry Potter as a best friend, there aren't too many things you don't know about this castle," she grinned.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say."

"So, are you going to invite me in?" she asked smugly.

"At once, milady," he made a mock bow and held out his hand for hers. She laughed and he stood up, smiling. "Of course not, just get your arse in there before I pick you up and toss you in."

"You don't need to tell me twice." She stepped in through the door and found herself in the Room of Requirement. But it wasn't like she'd ever seen it. The Room was massive and filled with things. She noticed in particular that a large wooden cabinet stood out, having had all of the other junk around it cleared away. Curious, she thought, but paid it no mind. She was here to fuck senseless, and that was exactly what she planned to do.

"What is all this stuff?" she asked.

"As far as I can tell, it's all stuff that other people have tried to hide over the years. Anything from contraband to extra furniture," he said, throwing himself down on a large black sofa with green trim. It looked very much like it had once could have resided in the Slytherin common room. He was lying on his side, his head propped up with his hand. She decided to take a seat in a matching chair across from it.

"Hmmm... the chair. I like the way you think," he said, and got off of the couch immediately.

"Well, get up," he said. She got to her feet in a hurry, wondering what this was about, when he swept in and kissed her, hard. Harder than he'd ever kissed her before. For half a second her brain went crazy, convinced he was trying to suffocate her, but then she relaxed into the kiss and began to push back, first with her lips, and then with her tongue.

She felt his arms begin to twine around her, his hands smoothing her back, lifting up her shirt. They were icy cold, perhaps because she was so warm, and they instantly sent goosebumps up all over her body. She revelled in the feeling of his hands against her naked flesh.

The kiss deepened. It wasn't enough. Before she knew it, she was breaking the kiss to pull his shirt from him, to feel his hardened chest against her fingertips, to dig into it with her nails. Her shirt vanished also, leaving only her bra between Draco and her large, round breasts.

Just as she began to rake her nails across his chest, he began to massage her breasts. As her fingertips traversed under his arms and around to his back, she felt his kneading get more insistent, and finally, he reached around and unclasped her bra.

If her mouth wasn't completely entwined with Draco's, she would've let out a small gasp. Draco's cold hands against the softest of skin had made her shiver involuntarily, and her nipples had become instantly hard. He seemed to like this, rubbing the nipple back and forth with his thumb while he kissed her, using his hands to gently squeeze her breasts.

And then he wrapped his arms around her, crushing her against him, the kiss growing more intense, and his tongue fighting ever harder against hers for dominance. She loved the feeling of her breasts being pushed into his chest. It was like pushing them against a solid wall of flesh.

The kiss finally ended and Draco began to descend down to her breasts, teasing them with his tongue and sucking on them with intensity. They proceeded like this for a while, neither caring that the other was still half-dressed. Finally she tried to whisper (though it was more like a strangled cry), "My turn."

He spun around so that his back was now to the chair. Hermione quickly unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down so that he could step out of them. They began to kiss again, and she grabbed his cock, which was now thoroughly hard, through his boxers, and began to stroke it slowly. She was hellbent on making this as good as possible. It certainly seemed to her that Draco had the same intention.

She could feel the precum soaking his boxers as she stroked him. Soon her fingers were sticky with it. She broke the kiss to bring her fingers up to her lips, smearing the precum on before licking it off. Draco only growled in response, his passionate lust evident in the way the tip of his cock was pressed against her abdomen. She figured it was time for his boxers to make a disappearance, so she pulled them down, stretching them over his cock so as to not interfere. Once they were clear, she threw them to the ground. "Sit," she breathed, pushing him into the chair. He sat.

Hermione got on her knees, and resumed stroking his cock. She could see the clear precum coating the tip of his cock, just above her hand, and she longed to suck it off, to take him in her mouth. Wait, she told herself. The longer you wait, the better it'll don't wait too long, another voice cautioned, or you'll never last.

She tried to strike a balance. She let the precum pool around the tip, stroking faster and faster, until it was dangerously close to dripping down his shaft. He was grunting low in this throat by then, and when she wrapped her lips around the tip, cleaning away all of the precum with her tongue, he let a loud groan. "Oh, fuck," he grunted. She smiled inwardly. She was getting better at this.

She began by sucking the tip, bobbing up and down on it with just her lips. And then she introduced her tongue again, swirling it around the head. She began to take more and more of his shaft in her mouth, until she had fit all that she could. She held it there, swirling her tongue around the shaft, before returning to the head again. She repeated this a number of times, especially focusing on the head with her tongue, dragging it back and forth. She knew how it drove him wild, and by the moaning he was doing, she was sure it was having the desired effect.

Finally, he stopped her, having gotten close enough. "Trade," he growled. And so she got up from her knees, and he got out of the chair. Belatedly, she realized that she was still dressed from the waist down. How had that happened? She had no time to wonder as Draco speedily undid her pants and peeled them off.

"Well, well," he smirked. She looked down and realized with embarrassment that she had left her panties on far too long. The wet spot was sizable and unmistakable.

"Merlin, Granger, you're leaking like a faucet."

She blushed slightly before regaining her composure. "So what are you going to do about it?" she said smugly.

Draco said nothing, but instead he spun her and pushed her into the chair. She spread her legs over the arms and leaned her head back, making sure that her dripping pussy was front and center. He immediately found her clit through her panties and began to stroke it. She gasped. She hadn't forgotten, by any means, how good it felt, but at the same time, the explosion of pleasure completely defied all of her memories. It was infinitely better than she was capable of remembering.

She felt her pussy growing even wetter and knew that she had to get her panties off. She leaned back further and straightened her legs. Draco took it as his cue to remove them, pulling them down over her legs and tossing them to the side. She spread her legs once more, and how her glistening pussy was on display. Draco could see the pearly cum lining the folds and longed to collect all of it with his tongue. Instead however, he slid his middle finger inside of her, burying it to the second knuckle. He was pleased when she shuddered and let out a long moan.

He slowly withdrew the finger, until it was completely outside. He grinned when he noticed it was covered in her cum. He pushed the finger back inside, and then pulled it out again, faster this time. In this way, he began to build a steady rhythm until Hermione was leaning back as far as she could, her legs spread wide before him. He squeezed another finger inside of her, and used his free hand to push against her clit with his thumb.

Draco stared hungrily at her pussy, which was now dripping with cum. When at last he could wait no longer, he took his fingers out and buried his face in her pussy. He attacked her clit with an intensity that would have scared her had she not already been only semi-conscious with pleasure. His tongue collected every last drop from her lips and folds, and then he pushed inside her with it and began dragging it up and down furiously, forcing it in deeper and deeper until his entire tongue was inside of her pussy.

The ecstasy was nearly unbearable for Hermione. She could barely keep her eyes open, and eventually she stopped trying, letting them slam shut as she moaned. Her breathing was irregular and scattered at best. It was taking a great deal of concentration on her part to remember to breathe in the first place.

Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer. "FUCK ME, DRACO!" she yelled. His face lifted from between her legs and she knew he was more than eager to comply. He growled and grabbed her legs, pulling her closer to the edge of the chair. Standing, he positioned his cock, positively dripping precum now, at the entrance to her pussy. He looked her in the eye, and jackhammered his entire length into her in one thrust. He leaned over her, grabbing the top of the chair for support as he swung his hips, slamming his cock into her like his life depended on it.

He started by pulling out entirely, until his cock, the entire length coated in her cum, was completely exposed to the air, and then he would slam it back inside her. She was wet enough that he could slide in and out of her easily, but it didn't make her pussy any less tight. He groaned and managed "Merlin, Granger..." marvelling at how tight her walls were, how they clamped around his cock. Soft, and wet, and so warm. There was absolutely nothing in the world like it.

He crushed against her. His thighs pressed against her. Skin on skin. They became one fluid being on that chair, moving in a perfect rhythm, completely in sync with each other.

And then Hermione did something she'd never done before.

She motioned for him to stop. "Pull out," she whispered. He did so, a look of curiosity on his face.

"It's time to put you to the test, Draco."

She got on her knees once more, this time still on the edge of the chair. "Hold still," she told him. He was standing in front of the chair, his fully erect cock standing out in front of him, covered in her cum. She took her breasts in her hands, and enveloped his cock in them. "Oh, FUCK," he cried as he felt the milky smooth skin against his cock. His knees nearly buckled. She began to slide her breasts up and down his cock, and he began to respond in kind, swinging his hips.

"Fuck my tits, Draco," she whispered. He groaned. "Don't you love how soft and round they are? Don't you love how they feel against your cock?"

He couldn't manage a reply. He groaned again, and she took that for an answer.

"Cum for me," she ordered. He looked up at her, surprised. "Already?" he gasped.

"Who said we were done?" she moaned. With that, she pushed him back and dropped to her knees on the floor once more. She grabbed his cock and slammed it in her mouth, sucking it like she had never sucked before. She was going much too fast, and Draco had absolutely no choice. She felt his cock twitch between her lips, and then she felt it. His cum.

Spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum coated her tongue and the back of her throat. She swallowed it all. It was salty, but almost sweet at the same time. She found she liked the taste almost as much as she liked him cumming in her mouth.

Draco collapsed backward into the couch behind him, struggling to catch his breath. He was grateful the leather was cool against his skin, because he was burning up. His platinum blond hair was matted with sweat. "Now what?" he croaked.

"Well, I certainly haven't orgasmed yet," Hermione said, with a roguish grin. "So you'll have to take care of that however you see fit."

"Give me a minute," Draco grinned back. It would take a bit to recover, but the time flew past as they both rested from the extreme workout they had just undertaken.

Hermione waited patiently, giving Draco a full ten minutes to recover. Or something close to that, by her count. But she could only be so patient. She was horny as hell and burning for his cock, after all. And so eventually, she spun around the sofa so that she was facing the back on her knees. She grabbed the top of the chair and swung her ass up so that it was the most prominent feature of her display. "Fuck me, Draco," she growled. "Fuck me harder than you ever have before."

"Yes," he moaned, and pushed inside of her with a fury she had never seen before. He didn't even slow down to pull out all the way again. He started fucking her like he was about to die. Like the world was coming down around him, and this was the last good thing he would ever know. He pushed into her with such force that she was sure her ass would have bruises from his pelvis. She didn't care. She wanted him even harder. He could fuck her until her whole body was broken and she wouldn't care. She wanted it harder.

Suddenly, his rhythm slowed, and he leaned over and whispered in her ear. "I'm going to do something I've never done before. With anyone."

She grinned, "Bring it on, Malfoy," she said between breaths.

She had no idea what was in store until she felt what he was doing. The head of his cock was against her ass, very slowly pushing in. She began to let out a stream of curses that would have made Vernon Dursley blush.

Draco laughed. "Something wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," Hermione said through gritted teeth, "It only just feels like you're TEARING ME IN HALF."

"Oh, right," Draco said quickly, pulling out.

He stuck each of his fingers in her pussy, coating them in cum and rubbing them on his cock for a lubricant. He positioned his cock against her ass again, and pushed. This time it gave way easily, and soon half of his cock was inside of her ass.

This time Hermione let out a moan.

"Better?" he gasped.

"Keep... fucking... going," she panted.

It was incredibly tight. Draco had thought that her pussy was tight, but it had absolutely nothing against her ass. She seemed to be pushing against his cock from all sides. The feeling was different too, coarser. It was just as warm as her pussy. Draco found he enjoyed it. Hermione also found she enjoyed it, but she liked it even more when she reached up and began to finger her pussy while Draco fucked her ass. It was like having twice the pleasure.

When he had pushed as far as he could go, and her ass had taken as much of his cock as she could, Draco began to build a rhythm. Because of the extreme tightness, he could only take tiny strokes, but that also meant he could go faster. Hermione was now positive that there would be bruising from this.

He was slamming into her ass. Thrust after thrust, his cock was stretching her out, just as her body pushed against him. She was now rubbing her clit furiously. "I'm getting close!" she shouted.

Draco pulled out of her ass and immediately impaled her pussy with his cock. She was moaning his name now, as quickly as she could manage between breaths. She was holding onto the chair for dear life, now, as he fucked her. He was going so fast now she couldn't keep with his rhythm. She just held still, bracing herself for the orgasm of her life that she knew was approaching.

Eventually his name just became a continuous moan. She couldn't form coherent words. Draco kept going faster, and faster, and faster. His hands were digging into her hips as he thrust harder and harder, until at last he gave an almighty cry and spilled his cum inside of her.

It was bliss. There was nothing she had missed more than the feeling his cum spraying the inside of her pussy, coating her inner walls. It always drove her over the edge. Always.

This was no exception. Her pussy clamped down around his cock and she began to cry out as the orgasm hit her. She was screaming. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't see, she couldn't even think. The pleasure wrapped itself around her and consumed her whole body. She was shaking against his cock, her pussy clenching and unclenching as she went through the most intense orgasm of her life.

It seemed to last for ages. Waves after wave of it pounded into her, until she was completely spent of energy, and every last drop of cum had been drained from Draco.

She fells sideways into the chair. Her mind was still reeling from what she had experienced. Each time she was with Draco, he took her to new heights. She had no idea that she could ever go this high. Draco, too, seemed amazed at what had occurred.

"That was... beyond..." he began as he sat on the couch.

Hermione shushed him. "Don't bother," she said with a smile. "Words can't explain it. But I know."

He nodded and fell silent. That was another thing they both loved. There was no pillow talk. There was no need to try and describe their feelings for each other. They could talk about the sex if they wanted, but there was no reason to try and justify any sort of relationship. It had all started as an honest mistake, and neither of them had forgotten that.

Eventually Hermione collected her clothes and got dressed once more. Draco did the same. Finally, she said, "Well, I'll be seeing you around, Draco."

"I'd like that," he smiled back.

She departed from the Room of Requirement. She realized as she entered the hall that the sun was setting. Ron and Harry would be looking for her. She made her way downstairs, pleasantly unaware that, even as she set off toward the Great Hall, with thoughts of dinner and wonderful sex in mind, Draco had vanished through that very same wooden cabinet she had seen earlier.

In the months to come, it would haunt her. But she never told a soul. And she never regretted it.