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Trying to Find the Truth

Chapter One: The Beginning


10:00 p.m.

There she lay fast asleep, not knowing that something very dangerous happened as she slept.

She suddenly started to hear yelling and stomping. She brushed her black hair away from her eyes. She got up and slowly started to open her light blue eyes.

Her door flew wide open she then saw the man that always took care of her. He hurried to the side of her bed and quickly picked her up. He said, "Come with me you are in danger." So, without asking anything she followed him down a secret door hidden in her closet.

They left; the path in the hidden closet they appeared through a tree. She looked at it, the tree she always climbed on, hid behind never knowing it was a secret passage way to her room. They got in a car then as they drove away. Before they got to the front gate they noticed that the house was on fire. Then the man said, "Ayume don't look back."

Ayume answered back, "Yes Mr. Parker."

He sighed then said, "Ayume that is not my real name. But never mind that. I just have to get you out of here."

"Why?"Ayume asked peering over his seat. "You have to understand that a lot of people want your family dead. What is happening now is that someone broke in to kill you and your parents, I have to take you somewhere safe."

"Seatbelt Ayume. We've talked about that. If you're not fasten in you're going to get hurt." He said glancing at her.

Ayume answered back with hesitation, "Wh.. Where are we going?" as she grabbed her seat belt and put it on.

He said, "We are going too Japan. I know someone there we can stay with."

"What about mommy and daddy?" Ayume asked. He looked back at the little girl whose eyes gleamed with concern about her parents.

"Ayume your parents are strong. Whatever happens they did everything to protect you." He answered driving faster and farther away.

Ayume asked, "How long are we staying in Japan?"

He answered, "Till you are at least 15."

Ayume question back, "Why do I have to be 15 and what is your real name?"

He answered her back, "Because when you are 15 you are going to meet someone there who is going to help you. My name real is Mr. Akatsuki."

"Why didn't you use it?" Ayume asked hugging her stuff teddy bear.

"Your parents and I were very close but they didn't want my past to affect you. That is until it is needed." He said.

Ayume didn't say anything after what he said. She was trying to think about what he had said. Then they had arrived at the airport. Ayume had only one bag. She was looking around while Mr. Akatsuki bought the tickets too Japan. They got in the plane and left for Japan.

Ayume understood they were no longer going to be Italy. They had finally arrived in Japan.

The next thing Ayume noticed is she had been in a taxi. She looked at the taxi drivers' digital watch; it was 7:00. Even if she was only 5, her parents made sure she had the best tutors so basically she was smart for her age.

She saw a boy walking with his mother, she thought, "That boy's hair really stands out." They had arrived at the man's house.

His name was Takahiro Ryo.

10 years later

6:30 pm - In Mr. Akatsuki room.

The doctor just informed her that her long time care taker was diagnosed with cancer.

With Mr. Akatsuki on death road Ayume didn't know what to do without him. She didn't know who to trust. The family doctor said he had about a week to live or maybe not even a week. Ayume didn't know what to do except to take care of him. Until the next night he decided to tell her the truth about her life and that was the final night he could.

He asked one of the lady's there too call Ayume.

"Ayume." He said in a fainted voice.

"Yes." She answered back slow and quietly.

"I have to tell you something about your life." Mr. Akatsuki said.

"What do you mean?" She asked with a curious voice.

"You might be shocked but, listen. You are not an... on...only child." He said with hesitation.

"What do you mean? I'm pretty sure mom and dad would have told me?" Ayume said with confusion.

"I know but it's true. But, you were too small to remember. You have a brother. His name is Ichijou. He was 14 when he left. He had a fight with your parents. Your father said to him that if he left too never come back. So, he kissed you bye when you were asleep. I still knew where he lived. But, I promised him not to tell. So, I didn't tell I gave him pictures of you. You have to find him. He is coming too Japan but, I don't know when. You might meet a guy named Dino-sama he knows a boy named Tsuna Sawada. All I know is he has orange hair. Dino-sama will tell you the rest. You also have to know about the..." he said with his last breath.

"Mr. Akatsuki... Mr. Akatsuki!" she yelled out trying to wake him up. She said, "Please check him?"

The doctor went to check him, "I am so sorry. He is gone."

Ayume answered back trying to hold the tears, "Can you take care of the funeral."

The doctor answered, "Don't worry I am the family doctor it is my job to take care of that kind of stuff. But, when do you want it to be?

Ayume said with tears in her eyes, "I don't know just inform me when it's done thank you so much. I'm going to go to sleep. I'll be leaving at 7 in the morning."

The doctor said, "Okay do you want for dinner?"

Ayume said wiping the tears in her eyes, "No I'm not very hungry."

She gave the doctor a long hug; she left the room and ran into .

Ayume looked up at the man who took them in. "Thank you for everything Takahiro-san."

"Of course Akatsuki was a dear friend. Will you be okay dear?" He asked.

"I'll be fine. There are just things I need to get done." Ayume said as she started to think, 'The thing about was that he was only 2 years older than me. Apparently he and have known each other from a long time. Something about his family and family ran in the same circle. They never really did tell me about that kind of thing. 's family had died so took him in.'

"Ayume-chan." went over and hugged her.

"Ayume-chan this is for you." He said giving her a piece of paper.

"What is this?" Ayume asked opening it.

"It's my will. I don't have any more family and Akatsuki is gone. So I have decided to give you everything. Something tells me I won't need them anymore." He said.

"Sir I can't take this." Ayume said handing the paper back.

"I want you to." He told her pushing her hand away.

"I want you to take care of yourself okay?" He asked.

"Yes." Ayume said as he smiled and kissed her forehead.

He took his leave and she went to her room to sleep.

Monday in the morning

Ayume woke up she still felt sadness in her heart. She looked at the clock it was 6:30. She got ready to leave. She only ate a piece of bread then left for her long walk. She wondered the streets not knowing where she was going. Then she noticed that she was in front of Namimori High School. She saw an orange haired boy. She remembered what said about the orange haired boy. But, she wasn't sure if he was actually the one. Either way she couldn't go to him she
was in no position to talk to anyone.

So, she didn't even think about how this could be her only chance to see him again but even so she continued her walk. When she took a turn to the right, she saw a group of boys. She tried to leave but before she could turn around. One boy saw her and yelled and ran toward her. Ayume hesitated she was too scared to move. He grabbed her arm then she let out a loud yell. One of the boys slapped her too shut up.

Thankfully before she hit the ground she was in a boy's arms. Two other boys were in front of her.

One of the boys holding bombs said, "Raising your hand against a woman. Didn't your mother teach you better?"

The other boy holding a bat said, "You are really mean people."

"Yamamoto, Gokudera-kun please don't hurt them to bad." The boy
holding Ayume said.

The next thing she noticed she was in a room. When she woke up she saw three people.

Ayume sat up and grabbed her body said, "Where am I? Who are you guys?"

"A thank you would be nice." said the boy with the bombs.

"Be nice Gokudera. It is not her fault. Hi my name is Takeshi Yamamoto. Nice too meet you. He is Gokudera Hayato. Don't worry he is always like that." He said with a calm voice.

"Shut up baseball nut." Gokudera said with an anger voice.

"Calm down Gokudera-kun." said the boy with orange hair.
"Yes 10th."said Gokudera.

"Hi I am Tsuna Sawada. You are at my house. Yamamoto carried you here. Don't worry we haven't done anything except patch up your cheek." Ayume touched her cheek, where she felt a bandage.

"Thank you."

"What's your name?" Tsuna said with a nice voice.

"My name is Ayume Shinazawa." She looked around the room and looked back at him.

Ayume just remembered, "Sawada? You said Sawada right!"


"If you don't mind me asking so forward but do you know a Dino?"

"Why yes I do." Tsuna said

"Do you mind if I see him?" Ayume asked.

"Well he is not here he went back to Italy a few days ago. But if you don't mind me asking why do you want to see Dino-san?" Tsuna asked with a curious.

"He is a friend of my" Ayume said with hesitation in her tone.

"Are you okay?" Yamamoto asked with concern.

"Yes I just have to find my brother." Ayume said with sadness in her voice again.

"Sorry but, where is he at. Did you two have a fight and he left?" Tsuna asked.

"Why should we bother we saved her now she can leave." Gokudera said with a mean tone.

"Being mean to someone you saved how rude. Excuse my brother he is just like that. Hi, I'm Bianchi, Hayato's older sister." Bianchi said.

Seeing his sister's face Gokudera clutched his stomach as if in pain and fell to the ground, "Uhhhh..." he groaned.

"Mama says lunch is ready." Bianchi said as Reborn jumped on her shoulder and left the room.

"Who was that baby who jumped on her shoulder?" Ayume asked.

"That was Reborn he is my tutor. But, never mind that. Let's eat first." Tsuna said.

"I can't stay." Ayume said

"Yes you can it will be no problem." Tsuna said.

"Okay I don't want to fight with the people who saved me." Ayume replied.

"I... I will be down 10th." Gokudera said.

"Ohhh... I guess I have to go and thank your family." Ayume said as they walked down the stairs. Ayume heard kids' voices. Ayume saw three kids she could not hold back. She ran to the baby with an afro.

"What a cute baby. Do you want candy? I have a lollipop." Ayume said hugging the baby.

"Yes." Said the little baby.

"What is your name?" Ayume asked.

"My name is Lambo-san a fearless assassin." Lambo said. "Aww so cute!" Ayume said.

"Hi I am Fuuta-kun. This is I-pin-chan. Nice to meet you." said the kid.

"Hi my name is Ayume it's nice to meet you Fuuta-kun, I-pin-chan and Lambo-san." She continued, "Ohhh... It is nice to meet you as well Bianchi-chan and Reborn-san."

"Nice too meet you too Ayume. But, please call me Bianchi."

"Okay, hi you must be Tsuna's mom. Thank you for making me stay." Ayume said with a kind tone as she bowed.

"My name is Nana Sawada. It is no problem Tsuna brings a lot of friends home." Tsuna's mom said.

Gokudera came down. She noticed that Bianchi was wearing sun glasses. "Gokudera hurry so we can eat."

"Everyone lunch is cooked. I hope everyone is hungry." Nana said.

Ayume stayed for a long time talking and getting to know Tsuna and his family. She couldn't remember the last time she laughed so hard.

2 hours later

"Who wants to go to the park?" Nana asked. "We do." The little ones yelled.

Nana asked if Tsuna could take them to the park. So we decided to go ahead and go. On the way we met up with two girls.

"Where are you guys going?"

Tsuna replied, "We are going to the park."

"Can we come?" They asked.

They looked towards me. I could tell they wondered who I was. "Hi my name is Kyoko Sasagawa." The girl with orange hair said. "I am Haru. Nice too meet you." The girl with brown hair said.

"Hi I am Ayume Shinazawa. Nice to meet you to." Ayume said

They got to the park. Lambo I-pin and Fuuta we're the ones who had so much fun.

Ayume started to think how it would be nice to have had fun when she was here. "I looked around and saw of these people having fun. Ever since I came here I never had friends. I stayed in the mansion every day. always said that it would be dangerous. Except for
that time he took me out for my birthday. I remember going to the park and we watched a baseball game. I remember seeing this guy in the crowd he was at the front. His eyes just sparkled watching that baseball game. I thought it was pretty cute. I wondered what life
would be like if I had made friends. I never had that chance to though."

"Yo!" Yamamoto said. "Hi." Ayume had dozed off until he caught her attention.

"Sorry did I bother you." He said rubbing his head. "No you didn't." Ayume said.

"So Ayume-chan how long have you been in Japan?" Yamamoto asked with a
smile. "Since I was 5."

"Wow I wonder why we never met before." He said. "I couldn't go out that much." Ayume said.

"Yamamoto-dono come play with us." Fuuta said pulling his arm.

"Alright alright. Talk to you later Ayume-chan." He said leaving.

About 30 minutes after all the kids fell asleep on the bunch. Ayume carried Lambo-san. Tsuna carried I-pin-chan. Yamamoto carried Fuuta-kun. They back to the house and put them to bed.

"I have to go now. Thank you for taking care of me." Ayume said as she was about to leave the house. Ayume walked home but, when she got to the front of the gate, she saw a sight that froze her in her tracks.

The house was on fire. She stood there in shock and was about to run in and check on everyone. She noticed that a car full of people drove up to her. A man in the car said, "Ayume run don't follow us. Go somewhere safe don't worry about us we have a few scratches. But, we will be safe. They think you are with us we will lead them out of town for you to get out."

"Wait where's ?" Ayume said looking in the car to see he was not there. Everyone in the car looked at one another with a sad face.

"No." Ayume said as she ran inside. "Ayume!" The driver said getting out and running after her.

Ayume ran into the burning building. The whole second floor looked like it was on fire. She heard a cough from the living room. She ran in and saw on the floor.

" !" Ayume said running to him and putting his head on her lap. "Ayume-chan what are you doing here? You have to leave!" He said.

Ayume looked at him and saw blood in his hand. He was shot in his stomach he just kept bleeding.

"You'll be fine. I'm here! See I'm here." Ayume said holding his wound and fixing his head so he was looking at her. "It's not safe you need to leave." He said.

"I can't leave you." She said. "Shikama take her." He said to the man who chased after her.

"No not without you." Ayume said."I knew this would happen." He said.

"Akatsuki said that if he died they would come back to look for you. That's why you need to leave." He said. "I can't." she said as she started to cry.

"Ayume-chan can I ask a favor just this once can you call me by my name." He said.

"I've always cared very deeply for you even if I am 2 years older then you and I knew your caretaker. I have fallen in love with you. All I wish is for you to call me by my name." He confessed. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" Ayume asked.

"I knew how you felt about things like that, you never got use to people saying 'I Love You'. I was always somewhat of a stranger to you but I wanted to keep you by my side even if that meant keeping my feelings a secret." He said. "Please we're running out of time." He said one last time.

Ayume started to feel everything get hot. She knew she couldn't get him out and he wouldn't go. She looked at him as he waited for her to speak...

"Thank you for everything Ryo." Ayume said she saw him smile and kissed him on his forehead. "Thank you Ayume-chan." then that was it... he was gone. Shikama grabbed her and took her out. They ran back to the car and he gave her a paper.

"Here is the cemetery where care taker is buried. Take care Ayume-chan this is goodbye."

"Please be safe and this isn't goodbye one day I'll come and look for you all." Ayume said tears in her eyes. "We'll be waiting for that day. Now go far from here."

Ayume didn't know where else to go. She knew that things were bad and that she needed to find Dino. So she ran all the way back to Tsuna's house. She went in circles just a few times to make sure she wasn't being followed...

But, she was dead wrong.

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