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Chapter Thirty Two: A Temporary Peace

On the boat ride home everyone went to go and participate in activities on the boat besides Kaiya, Hibari, Meori, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Ayume who stayed in the lounge area where there weren't any other passengers.

Meori and Gokudera were sharing a bowl of ice cream near the window enjoying the fact that they were now in a new relationship. Hibari on the other hand was sleeping in the couch at the corner of the room while Kaiya was reading a book at the edge of the same couch.

Yamamoto was sitting on the couch in the center of the room as Ayume laid in his arms while they listened to music.

"Hey do you guys know if we will be able to go back to school Monday?" Meori asked dipping her spoon back into her banana split sundae.

Quickly everyone turned to the one person they knew would have an answer. Hibari, with his eyes still closed, told them what they wanted to hear, "Yes the cleaners will have the rooms back to normal."

"How bad was the flooding?" Ayume asked.

"It was small problem at first but there was an idiot who turned on the water before they were ready so a pipe upstairs broke flooding the entire second floor."

"Well at least we can start going to school now." Yamamoto said playing with Ayame's hair.

"True and you have practice Monday." Ayume pointed out as she looked through his phone to play another song. "Do you want me to stay back?"

"No it's fine I'll just come over after practice. Don't forget Reborn-san asked if I could help you with your box so you still need to pass one more thing." He said poking her cheek.

"Mmh alright."

Gokudera let out a soft cough before quietly saying, "Did you want me pick you up in the morning?"

Meori slightly shocked with his offer broke out in excitement. She jumped out of her chair and onto his lap. "Will you really?"

Gokudera's face lit up like a bright red tomato. "Well...to make up for hurting you before I thought since we're together it's only natural." Meori smiled and hugged him tight.

Kaiya closed her book and set it down,"Okay I'm leaving because there is just too much lovey-dovey feelings in the air."

"I seriously think she needs a boyfriend." Ayume said as she turned her head back to stare straight at Hibari. He felt her gaze and as he opened his eyes they made eye contact he then just went back to sleep.

"Don't rush anything…" Yamamoto said turning her head back forward,"...and speaking of boyfriend. Do you have plans tomorrow?" Yamamoto asked.

"No I don't think so why?"

"For our makeup date I have an idea so you need to be free tomorrow."

"What's the idea?" Ayume said sitting up.

"Okay well tomorrow I wanted to introduce you to my dad."

"Your...your dad?" Ayume started to get nervous now that she had put thought into it she never really sat down to have a conversation with him.

"Don't be nervous he really wants to meet you." He said as he pinched her cheeks.

"Alright." Ayume said moving his hands and reaching up to kiss his cheek. "Now I'll be back I'm going to hunt down Kaiya."


Kaiya stood near the side of the boat, breathing in the air of the sea, looking up at the moon. *Sign*

"Aww was it that bad to see us together?" Ayume asked standing next to her.

"No it's not bad just weird you know being around everyone who is paired up."

"You could be paired up with someone." Ayume nudged her shoulder. "I really thought you two were going to get past this stage when I was gone."

"We're not in any stage." Kaiya continued, "Hey can I say something?"


"When you're with Yamamoto how fast does your heart pound?" Kaiya didn't even realize she was holding her hand near her heart.

"Are you actually asking me that?" Ayume said laughing.

"This is serious."

"Kaiya I can't say exactly my heart is always pounding around him and some days so fast it scares me."

"Can I make a confession?" Kaiya softly said. Ayume could tell by her expression she had something on her mind.

Ayume's eyes shot open, "Well now that you have peaked my interest there's no backing out now."

"I...well...you see my heart pounded like how you described one time I was with Hibari."

Ayume didn't know if she should be shocked or if she saw it coming. "What time?"

"The night after you saved me. I met with Hibari to thank him and lets just say I experienced that whole my heart pounding that it freaked me out."

"So you finally admit you do like him?" Ayume asked slapping her arm.

"I don't know but I'm going to figure this out. I want to spend time with him and figure out if there is more to this feeling. I just don't want to feel as if I'm running away from something."

Ayume couldn't hold back her excitement she began jumping up and down and then pulled Kaiya into a hug, "I'm so excited you're finally giving this a chance. Because I just know that if you don't get together soon someone could appear and steal one of you away."

"Well it would be hard to find someone who could handle him."

Ayume let her go, "True...anywho Takeshi just said that I'm going to meet his dad."

"Wow. You ready?"

"I'm nervous but I'm happy his dad wants to meet me." Ayume said.

Kaiya gave Ayume a pat on the back for good luck. The rest of the boat ride went pretty fast. After they got back inside everyone went off to go get some sleep well all except Yamamoto who waited for Ayume so they could walk back together. Their trip went by pretty quick before Ayume realized it she was already at the front of her house.

"I just got home." Ayume said talking to Yamamoto on the phone. "Yes I'll see you tomorrow….No don't worry about picking me up at my house. I'll be fine….Alright. Night. I love you too."

Ayume's mom opened the door and welcomed them with a big hug.

"Welcome home." She said holding Ayume in a long embrace.

"It's so nice to hear you say that." Ayume thought to herself that this was something she had to get use to since now she had her mom and brother back in her life.

"Where's Ichijou?" Kaiya asked noticing he wasn't there to greet them.

"Ohh he just went out with Dino." She said as she told them to sit down while she brought out cups of tea. "Anyways how was the trip?"

"It was fun and training was successful." Ayume said. "And I'm also meeting Takeshi's dad tomorrow."

"Aww that's so sweet one day you should invite them over for dinner." Miyoko said.

"I'll let him know."

"So Kaiya what about you? You're practically my daughter too when do I get to meet your boyfriend."

"I don't have a boyfriend."

"Ohh I just thought you and that guy got to the next level." Miyoko teased.

Over dinner they got to catch up on a few things, Ayume told her a few details about the trials and how she completed them. After dinner Kaiya was unpacking a few of her stuff meanwhile Ayume spent more time trying to prepare herself for tomorrow.

-The Next Morning-

Ayume got ready to head out to Yamamoto's house. She headed downstairs and went into the living room. She looked on the couch and saw Ichijou and Kaiya talking.

"Good morning." Ayume said walking over to hug her brother. "I've missed you."

"Yeah I can tell judging by the day after you come home you're already going on a date with your boyfriend." Ichijou teased.

Ayume looked straight at Kaiya who just sat there drinking her tea. "Heyy I did miss you!"

"I know. Don't worry we'll be fine. We'll catch up once you get home." He said rubbing her head.

"Alright I'm going now I'll be back later."

Ayume left but as she was about 10 minutes away from her house she heard the sounds of someone approaching from in front of her. If she'd learn one thing from the trip and trails it was to be aware of her surroundings. She looked up and was shocked to see Yamamoto walking towards her.


He smiled gently at her and ran up to her, "Morning, I was just on my way to pick you up. I couldn't wait at my house."

Ayume threw her arm around his waist to hug him, "I thought I told you not to pick me up?"

"Well you said not at your house so I was going to wait for you outside." He said as he settles his chin on her head. "You ready?"

"I'm nervous but I'm excited."

It didn't take that long for them to arrive at his family's restaurant it was called TakeSushi. Ayume walked in first and saw his dad at the counter setting up a bunch of food. The restaurant was completely empty. She wondered if it was because of them meeting but it was more realistic if it was just because it was a Sunday and they'd be closed.

"Ahh so this must be Shinazawa-san!" His dad said coming out from behind the counter.

"It's very nice to meet you . Please call me Ayume." Ayume said bowing to him.

"Ahh such a sweet girl. Please call me Tsuyoshi it's weird calling me by my last name."

Ayume slowly raised her head she started to wave her hands back and forth, "I couldn't possible be so informal with you."

"Don't worry one day you'll probably be a Yamamoto too and call me dad so you aren't being informal at all." His dad said taking no idea how much this sentence affected her.

Ayume turned the reddest she probably ever been. She turned to Yamamoto who was slightly shocked by his dad's words but returned to his smile.

"Well thank you so much for inviting me over Tsuyoshi-san."

"Please sit down."

Ayume sat down as his dad sat next to her.

"Takeshi before you eat go make sure the dojo is locked up." His dad said. Yamamoto followed his father's orders and left.

"A dojo?" Ayume asked wondering the story of it.

"Yes it's connected to the restaurant as well as the house. Takeshi and I train once a week there and if you ever want to try I promise I won't be to extreme. " He explained. "Besides that Ayume-san Takeshi has told me so much about you."

"He has?" Ayume said as he poured her a glass of water.

"Yes he talked about you so frequently I was surprised he didn't bring you over sooner."

"What has he told you about?" Ayume asked knowing her curiosity was killing her.

"Well the first time he mentioned you was when he came home one day and said that he meet a new friend from Tsunayoshi-kun. He talked about how you two have class together. There were a lot of times to be honest. But the one I must say thank you for is when he told me about you visiting my late wife's grave. I know she would have liked you very much."

"Thank you and I really enjoyed meeting her." Ayume said tearing up. "Sorry that's just so sweet."

"I'm just glad to see my son treasures you so much. His mother wondered who would be the girl he showed so much love too. I'm glad to know you are that girl. " He grabbed a tray of sushi. "Here please try some sushi."

Ayume took a piece and when she ate it she realized it was the same taste as the sushi Yamamoto brought her for her birthday. "Tsuyoshi-san this is delicious! I forgot I never said thank you for the bento box."

"Bento box?"

"The one you made for my birthday." She said taking another piece.

All of a sudden he started to laugh, Ayume was confused as to what he found funny. "I apologize Ayume." He reached for another tray of sushi and handed it to her. "Try this."

As Ayume did she noticed that the taste in this sushi wasn't exactly the same taste from the other ones it had a taste that was probably gained through a lot of experience.

"This one has a different taste but its still really good."

"This was the one I cooked." He said pointing to the tray he just handed her. "The other was the sushi Takeshi cooked for you this morning."

It took a second for Ayume to realize what this meant. "Wait so…"

"I'm back."

They turned to look back at him, "Takeshi!" They both yelled together.

Yamamoto came back in but was soaking wet. "What happen?"

"I was locking up but it started raining really hard."

Ayume got up and ran up to him, "You have to change what if you get sick. You have practice Monday."

Yamamoto's dad started to laugh, "She's right Takeshi. Ayume if you go upstairs there are towels on the shelf so you can go up and help him. All the food is almost done so we'll eat when you get down."

Ayume followed Yamamoto upstairs and grabbed a towel. She threw one over his shoulders and tried to dry his hair.

"Honey you are way too tall I can't reach you." She said trying to jump up.

Yamamoto laughed and grabbed her sides lifting her up. "Better?"

Ayume smiled and started drying his hair. She remembered what his dad had said,I'm just glad to see my son treasures you so much. Ayume threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

"What's that for?"

"Everything you do for me. You know I love you right?" Ayume said as he set her down.

"Yes I do." He said kissing her forehead.

Yamamoto led Ayume into his room so he could get a dry shirt. She went and sat on his bed.

"This is the first time I've been inside your room." She whispered.

"Well it was going to happen one day…" Yamamoto paused after he said that and just smiled shyly at her. "Hey about what my dad said earlier sorry about that."

"What do you mean?"

"About the whole you'll be a Yamamoto too."

Ayume blushed bright red after the last thing they talked about she totally forgot about that part. The idea that his dad was so comfortable with having her as his daughter-in-law seemed so fast.

"It was sudden and I mean we won't get married right now but later in the future…" Ayume stopped herself because of her own words.

She quickly stood up and ran up to him, "I mean…no.. not that I was thinking… of such a thing."

Yamamoto laughed because her reaction was such a clear lie. He returned his attention to focus on finding a shirt. "I'll be honest he thinks that way because of what I may have said."


He pulled out one of his baseball style shirts. "I may have said at one time before we started dating that if I get married I hope it would be you walking towards me."

Ayume was speechless they haven't even been dating for 6 months and yet Yamamoto is already thinking about such an important event. But it wasn't like Ayume would disagree deep down she hoped for the same thing.

"I love you and there are things I feel doubt in but right now I'm certain about one thing and its you."

Ayume smiled and thought, "Can I really be dating such a sweet guy?"

"Well since I don't plan on letting you go you're stuck with me." Yamamoto took off his shirt.

Ayume quickly covered her eyes and turned around.

Yamamoto laughed as he put on his shirt and hung the wet one outside his window to dry.

"We better head down now." He said holding his hand out. Ayume took his hand and they went back to join his dad.

His dad watched as they walked down the steps with their arms linked. He admitted he really liked Ayume and saw she was making him very happy. They sat down by the counter and prepared to eat. Ayume didn't know why she was so worried about today. Yamamoto's dad really made her feel welcome. There was now not one story about him growing up she didn't know. In the middle of the meal Tsuyoshi got a phone call.

Ayume remembered what his dad said earlier about him cooking the sushi for her and wanted to ask Yamamoto about the bento box. "Takeshi can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Remember my birthday when you gave me the bento box of sushi?"


"Was it you that really made it?"

Yamamto was quiet for a few seconds before he scratched his head and smiled like he always did, "Did my dad tell you?"

"He hinted at it I tried the sushi you made earlier and when I thanked him for making the bento box. He started to laugh I eventually caught on after that." Ayume continued, "Why'd you say he made it though?"

"Because I was worried about how you would react to the Zodiac animals so I was freaking out and spent that morning thinking of you. Then I resulted in cooking and I felt weird if I brought you two gifts so I said my dad made it for you." Yamamoto felt embarrassed and covered his face.

"You know Yamamoto Takeshi…" Ayume grabbed his face and leaned into him. "...why is it that your secrets just make me fall more in love with you."

"So you don't think I was creepy for those actions?"

"There is no way in the world I would have thought that. You are seriously the sweetest guy I know." Ayume said kissing his cheek.

"How did you know the difference between our sushi?" Yamamoto asked.

"Well I say this with lots of love and don't get me wrong I love eating your sushi but with your dad's own it was slightly better."

"Well he has been cooking longer than I have." Yamamoto said sulking as he turned away from her.

"Thank you Takeshi." Ayume said holding his hand. He looked back at her.

"You're welcome." He smiled then continued, "Anyways you'll have to get use to my cooking from I'll cook for you more often since I need to prove to you I can get to my dads level."

"That is going to take a long time." His dad said walking back in. "Sorry Ayume my longtime friend called inviting me out tonight. He won't be in town long so I must get going."

"That's alright Tsuyoshi-san."

"Please enjoy the sushi with Takeshi and be sure to come and stop by anytime you'd like." He said grabbing his wallet and jacket.

"It was really great to finally meet you." He said as Ayume went to give him a hug. "And let me know when Takeshi gives you a hard time."

"I will."

~1 hour later~

"I could have walked home by myself."

"Yeah but I don't like when you go off by yourself I get worried." Yamamoto said throwing his arm over her shoulders.

"Then make sure you call me when you get home." Ayume said.

"I will tell everyone I said hi."

They stopped at the front of her house.

"You sure you don't want to come inside?" Ayume asked fixing his jacket.

"Yeah I need to go work on some things at home before my dad gets back."

"Okay and thank you for the sushi." She reached over and took the bag from him.

"I'll come by and pick you up tomorrow." He said as he kissed her forehead. They went their separate ways and Ayume went inside to go and catch up with her brother.

"How was your date?" Kaiya asked.

"Let's just say I worried for nothing." She said as she opened the bag and took out the sushi to eat.

"This all looks really good! I guess you're lucky that your boyfriend owns a sushi shop." Ichijou said.

"Well he did tell me he is going to start cooking for me more. I'll be back I'll go change. Ohh yeah and remember we have school tomorrow." Ayume said as she excused herself.

Ayume came back and caught up with Ichijou and her mom after they went to bed to get ready for school tomorrow.

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