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Come Again?


'Wow, I thought it was only possible for Alice to get that completely happy so quickly.' Jasper thought to me with a smile stretching across his face. 'She really meant everything she just said Edward. Her love for you is so staggering it is difficult to tell which of you actually holds more love for the other. I am glad that you made the choice though. I could sense that she was starting to doubt that she would actually be able to persuade you.'

"Thank you, Jazz." I said in a low whisper as Bella continued to kiss my face and neck I then stood up and took us to my room. I laid her on the bed and she let go of me.

"Edward, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that you will be the one to change me." She said with a large smile on her face that I rarely saw. She was generally a happy person, when she was with me, or the family, but it was hard to get her so truly happy. She was such a worrier. I guess I should actually call her a warrior. The woman has absolutely no problem fighting with everything in her to make sure that all those around her are happy. I guess I should be happy that she is finally using that ability to do for herself. That is a very rare action. "Well, come to think of it, you probably do."

"What?" Why would she think that all of the sudden?

"Jasper" Was all she said with a knowing smile.

"He may have said something in the way of your total and complete euphoria." I said with a chuckle as she sat up on her elbows.

'Edward, you should see if she wants to stay the weekend. We can find something fun to do.' Alice asked

"Bella, Alice wants to know if you would like to stay the weekend. We could do something as a family." And there was that glorious smile again.

"I would absolutely love to spend the weekend. And I have always wanted to be a part of your family outings." She sat up completely on the bed and looked down at her knees suddenly.

"What is the matter, Love?" I asked as I sat next to her and cupped her face in my hands.

"I was just thinking that …" She sighed deeply and looked up at me with tear-moistened eyes. "I know that you said you would do this for me, but you are not going to loop hole it are you. You will still do it in a month like we originally agreed right."

"Bella, if you are absolutely certain that this is what you want, then yes. I will do it in just over a month. Your mother said that she would be here for a week after graduation since we will be leaving for college shortly after. I would not want to make you miss that time with her. Please, believe me when I tell you that your happiness and love are all I crave in this world."

"I know that Edward. I just want to be an actual part of the family that I love so much. I am just so happy right now I do not know what to do with myself. I feel like I am going to explode at any moment. You have always made me so completely happy before, but this is just such a total dream come true. Thank you so much Edward, for absolutely everything."

"Bella, you have no idea how happy you make me. I really just have one question for you … but I think I want to ask you that when we are alone. So, would you be willing to come to the meadow with me so that we can have a little alone time."

"Absolutely," She said with a sly grin on her face.

'You are going to propose to her again aren't you?' Alice asked I could hear the absolute joy even in her mind.

I ignored Alice's question and started thinking of the perfect way to ask Bella. She had turned me down once before, not so long ago and I understood her reasoning behind her answer. Even if it did hurt for her to turn me down. However, I was quite sure that this time would be different. At least…I hoped it would be.

*~* MMO *~*

It took me no time to get us to the meadow, I just flung Bella on my back and ran there. I was actually a little apprehensive when we got there. I needed just a little more time to get my own nerves under control. I knew that there was nothing more I wanted in this world, than to be with Bella forever. However, would she once again not join one concept with the other? Would she still see it as her physical age being too young to be married. This was all so nerve racking.

I was very happy when Bella got down from my back and took a few minutes to reacquaint herself with the loveliness of our meadow. It always was a very beautiful place, but she intensified the beauty exponentially. I actually found myself lost in her actions as she slowly walked around the perfectly circular clearing. She then made her way back to me with that gloriously beautiful smile on her face once again this morning.

"Edward, you said you had something you wanted to ask me." I was so lost in her eyes that it took me a moment to register that she had actually spoken.

"I am sorry, what did you say?" I asked as I shook my head and looked back at her beautiful face.

She giggled at my actions and brought her hand to my face. "I really love the fact that I can make you lose your train of thought. Even after all the chaos and heartache that has happened between us. I would actually venture to say that we are actually even more in love than we were before. It is like they always say 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.' … Hmm,"

"What are you thinking now my most beautiful Bella?"

"It just donned on me. If they say 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.' why do they also say that 'Time heals all wounds.'?"

"That does seem to be a great contradiction." I stated being sucked into her ever-glorious mind setting. It is really times like this that show just how observant and wonderfully different her mind really is.

"It is very annoying. It is almost as if the second is something that one would tell themselves to get over the pain of the fact that time apart is actually killing them. On the other hand, they may even be telling themselves that so that they can pretend that the people they have left behind are not actually suffering the same pain as themselves. Either way the second is a total lie while the first is total and complete truth."

I bent down and kissed her lusciously full lips slowly. I pulled back to let her breathe and kissed down her cheek to her neck. I then stopped, bending down on one knee I took her hands in mine as I waited for her to open her eyes again and look at me. When she did, her eyes became very wide. I decided that thought was not something I needed right now. We both tended to over think things at the completely wrong moments, which led to crucial misunderstandings.

"Isabella, my Bella, I love you. You have just proven to me yet another reason why my life could not continue without you. That wonderfully original mind of yours pushes me beyond all reason. You know, there is nothing that I would not do for you. You have finally broken through the last of my resolve and I find that I am actually even happier than I was just yesterday. You stated that you cannot wait to be an actual member of the family. Therefore, I hope you will accept this time, and agree to be my wife. For now - for always - forever. I love you. Please marry me."

I watched Bella carefully her eyes were streaming with tears. I told myself once again to refrain from thinking I needed to let her tell me what she was thinking. I could not let her actions give me the wrong idea yet again. I waited patiently - well as patiently as I could with a crying Bella before me - for her to calm down and speak. I stayed just as I was. I did not want any sudden movements to startle her. Not that she was really one to be startled by me. But, there was always a first time for everything. Moreover, here I was letting my mind run rampant. I took a deep breath and continued to focus on the lovely creature before me.

"Edward, I was actually afraid that after turning you down last time you wouldn't try again, at least, not for some time. I am so happy that you have proven me wrong. I would love to be your wife."

Before she could blink, I had her in my arms again, and was kissing her more passionately than I had before. And here I thought that I could not possibly feel any happier than the moment I realized - a month ago - that she believed me and still loved me. Yet this was a million times better. I spun her around the meadow while I continued to kiss all over her face.


"Yes Love?"

"Can we go tell the family now?" She asked as she bit her swollen bottom lip.

"I would love nothing more… well, that is a lie... I would absolutely love to stay here with you all day. However, if that is what you would like to do than that is what we shall do."

"I love you, Edward." She said as she hugged herself to me fiercely.

"I love you, too." I then placed her back on the ground as I stuck my hand in my pocket. "I almost forgot." I said as I pulled the ring out of my pocket and placed it on her finger. Bella looked down at it and beamed. There was truly no better sight in the world than a happy Bella. I could not wait to get her home and tell everyone the good news. If Alice had not done it for us already, that is.


I really believed that this day could not get any better than when Edward finally said that he would be the one to change me. It was amazing the way he could make me feel so enraptured. This man loved me so much and he was going to let me prove to him just how much I loved him back. I could not possibly be any happier. As he ran us back to the house I thought about how we were going to tell Charlie. There was no doubt in my mind that the Cullens would be nothing short of enraptured for us. Charlie, on the other hand, would see it as just another step in me leaving him forever.

As much as that is exactly what I was doing, I could not let him think that way. The way I saw it, this is my last month with him. I wanted to prove in that month just how in love Edward and I were. That way when we faked our death it would be a little easier on Charlie. I would ask Edward to have the wedding after my change that way we could tell Charlie that it was going to be a long engagement. (In addition to the fact that I was sure to remember it that way, I wanted to have only one wedding in my life. Now that I was planning on having one.) If Charlie believed that we would not be married until after we graduated college he may be a little better at accepting it.

"Bella," Edward said softly as he stroked my face. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I am perfect." I said giving him a large smile while noticing that my eyes were still stuck staring off into the distance. I unfroze them from the scenary I hadn't noticed and looked into Edward's beautiful topaz eyes. "Just thinking about how to break it to Charlie."

"Are you sure you are alright? I know that you love me… you did not need to accept my proposal to prove anything to me."

"I know that Edward, and, you say that I am silly. I would never play with your emotions that way. I am happy to marry you. I meant it when I said that I was actually afraid that you would not ask me again for some time. However, Charlie is a very delicate matter. I have decided that since we will be leaving in a little over a month we can use that time to show Charlie just how happy we are together and how in love we truly are. This may actually help him to accept my death later on. He will know that I was happier than I have ever been and that may help him through the grieving process."

"Did you come up with all of that in the five minutes that it took for me to run us home?" He asked with humor and astonishment in his voice.

"Yes." I said bashfully as I turned red. "I also thought that we could tell him that we will not be getting married until after we graduate college. This way we can have the wedding after I am changed and he won't expect to be there."

"Are you sure about that, Bella? Don't you want your father to walk you down the aisle?"

"I would love to have that. But there is no guarantee that if I have a human wedding that I will remember it. And I refuse to let my one and only wedding be something I forget. Besides, I am sure Carlisle would be willing to walk me."

"I am sure he would be honored to." Edward said as he pulled me into a tight hug. "Your beautiful heart and mind will never cease to amaze me." Edward said softly as he then kissed me tenderly.

"Let us hope not. Then who would keep you on your toes?"

Edward chuckled as he led me into the house. I noticed that Emmett and Jasper were in the living room watching TV. I could hear someone in the kitchen as well. Edward cleared his throat then winked at me as he called everyone to the living room.

"Can we have a small family meeting please?" He said no louder than if everyone was already in the room with us. It made me think about the fact that we had just had that conversation on the front lawn. It was more than likely that they had just overheard us and were just waiting for us to say it to them ourselves. That was actually very kind of them. I was a bit surprised that Alice was not already down here hugging us and trying to plan it all to happen next weekend. I suddenly also wondered if Edward said that about Carlisle because he had relayed the information to him silently.

It took about two seconds for everyone to be in the living room sitting with there significant others on the varying furniture.

"We have something that we would like to officially tell you." I decided to say as it was obvious in the eyes of all three women that they already knew. "Edward has just asked me to marry him." I said as I took my hand out of my pocket and held it out. "And I happily to accepted." That was all that needed to be said. The exact reaction that I expected happened in the blink of an eye. Before I could do or say anything else Alice had pulled me from Edward's side and the girls were admiring my ring. Edward was surrounded by the guys, who were congratulating him.

I looked over at him as he looked to me with the same goofy grin on both of our faces. He mouthed that he loved me and I did the same. I was pulled back to the women around me as Alice started in about the wedding. She already wanted to know about dates, colors, flowers, dress styles. My mind was spinning when Jasper sent calm through the living room to try and help us both. Edward then came to my side to rescue me.

"Alice, Bella has decided that she doesn't want the wedding until after we leave." She was about to protest so he held a hand to her mouth and continued. "Yes, you can HELP plan it but it is Bella's day. You are only aloud to help as long as you give her the final say, and, you are not to initiate wedding planning. If she wants to work on it she will." I stood on my toes to kiss Edward's cheek. He was always so considerate of me, and tended to think of everything.

"Well, if everyone is alright with it we have to go." I said to the room at large.

"What, where?" Alice asked

"I think that this is going to need softening for Charlie. I need to make him a special dinner. But don't worry, I will be back tonight." Alice gave me a hug and a kiss then smiled at me.

"Don't worry Bella, everything will work out. He is expecting something like this soon enough." Alice said with a knowing smile. I smiled back at her as I turned to Edward.

"Are you ready to go tell Charlie?" I asked Edward.

"As long as he doesn't try to shoot me we will be fine."

"If he didn't try that back when you came back a month ago, I doubt he will try it now. Besides, you are bullet proof, not that he needs to know that." I said with a slight chuckle.

"Exactly," He smiled as he leaned in to give me another kiss.

This was officially the best day of my life.

*~* MMO *~*

It did not take long to go to the store and get the ingredients needed to make a special dinner for Charlie. I decided to make some of his favorite fish fry. We got a couple side items from the store and went home. I hadn't even thought about the fact that I had left my truck at the Cullens until we pulled up to Charlie's and it was parked in its usual spot.

"Do I even need to ask?" I asked Edward with a smile.

"Alice brought it back for you. She thought that Charlie would be worried if he came home and it wasn't here."

"You guys sure do look out for me in every possible way. Thank you so much. I love you."

"We only do it because we love you too, Love. Though, none of them love you anywhere near as much as I love you." He said back with a grin.

"Come on Mr. Smooth. We need to get dinner started so that when Charlie gets home it will be done."

Edward was out his door and at mine before I could even turn my head. I could not wait until I could do that too. That made me think of something. I did not really know how Edward would take the question though so I tried to push it to the back of my mind. Once we were inside the house and everything was on the counter Edward sat in one of the chairs at the table and pulled me down onto his lap.

"Okay, what are you thinking about now? You have had that far off look for the last couple of minutes. What is worrying you now?" He asked concern crystal clear in his voice.

"It isn't anything really," I said as I bit my lip again. I could see he was not going to let me get away with that now so I took a deep breath and asked my question. "When you first became a vampire was it at all disconcerting when you moved so fast. Did it ever make you dizzy or give you motion sickness. Because we already know that it gave me motion sickness the first time I experienced it."

To my complete surprise Edward started to laugh in earnest as he moved the hair from my face. He leaned forward and kissed my pouting lips before he answered me. "No my Love, It is just something we are able to do. It really just feels like moving at normal pace, unless we are trying to run extremely fast, for whatever reason. It will come completely natural and you will not get motion sickness. After all, you didn't this afternoon."

"I didn't even think about that. Thank you Edward." I said as I got off of his lap and started to prepare dinner.

"Any time Love. I always love how your mind never spits out what any other mind would. You are so refreshing. And I love you all the more for it."

"As long as it stays that way we will be fine."

Edward was suddenly standing behind me with his arms tightly around my waist. "It will always be that way, for the rest of eternity. For as long as time goes on." He whispered into my ear. I could not help my eyes from closing as a shiver shot through my spine. Once he started to kiss my neck though, I was a complete goner. My knees buckled and I had to grip onto the counter to keep from falling as my brain started to haze over. He needed to back up or this dinner would never be made.

"Edward," I somehow managed to get out with a shaky breath

"Love," He said back as he continued down to my collar bone. I tried to take another breath but all I could think or feel was Edward. "Sorry," Edward said as he gently let go of me. I am not sure what it was that brought him back to his senses, and I am not sure if I am happy about it either. Yet it was a good thing, in the end. In a month, we would have all the time in the world to enjoy each other's company. Right now, I needed to get dinner made for Charlie so that we could break the happy news to him.

I took a couple steadying breaths as I went back to making dinner. "It is quite alright. I would love to have not had to stop you. But we have pressing matters that need to be attended to at the moment." I said hoping the formality of the situation would help to steady my pounding heart and raging hormones. I was happy to notice that it was helping, a little.

Within twenty minutes, the vegetable casserole was in the oven and I had started to fry the fish. It was going to be completely ready by 5:00. Just in time for Charlie to walk through the door. Alice had said that he would be home early today and that is when he would walk through the door. I thought that I would make the vegetables to give Charlie a bit more health food. Maybe he would like it and I could feed him a little healthier before we left.

Edward and I talked about school while I cooked. We had decided to get together with some friends from school to form a study group for the SAT's. It consisted of Jessica, Tyler, Mike, Lauren, Conner, Katie, Ben, Angela, Alice, Edward, and me. We would all be meeting at the Port Angeles Public Library every day after school Monday through Friday. We would study for the tests along with our finals materials.

Then on the last Saturday before graduation, being June first, we would all take the test together. Everything was all set to start on this coming Monday. Therefore, this was really our last lazy weekend for a while. I kind of felt bad that I was going to be spending it completely with Edward. Nevertheless, I could not make myself really regret that enough to even think of changing those plans.

I was just taking the last piece of fish out of the pan when Charlie came in the door. I had Edward take the casserole out of the oven and put it on the table for me while I moved the large plate of fish there as well. I figured that if he did like it all he could take some tomorrow when he went fishing with Billy.

"Now that is one delicious scent you have permeating this house, Bells." Charlie said with a smile on his face as he walked into the kitchen.

"Hello Charlie." Edward said polite as always.

"Hello Edward. Bella, what is that wonderful scent?"

"That would be the vegetable casserole I made to go along with your fish." I said with a matching smile as we all sat down.

Edward made me a plate as I made one for Charlie. "Aren't you going to eat Edward?" Charlie asked as he always did.

"I would, however, Bella wasn't so sure about the casserole and kept having me try it. I am now quite stuffed." And the man says that my mind is quick, I almost believed him, he said it with such conviction and his voice was thick as if he was trying to ignore the food that was laid out in front of him. Which I am sure he was on some level. He really did put up with so much for me. I was going to have to come up with something nice to do for him sometime soon. Maybe I could get Emmett and Jasper to help me. Maybe the girls would be a better source of help. I thought with a slight giggle. Or, I am sure I could ask Carlisle and Esme. They would be sure to give me helpful advice to do something nice for their first son.

I looked up from my plate to see Edward looking at me questioningly. I must have giggled louder then I thought. Then again, even the softest I could ever speak would be audible to a vampire. I smiled and patted his hand. He smiled back and took my hand in his as he brought it to his lips and kissed my knuckles. I blushed as I went back to eating. I was debating whether I should talk about the engagement now or wait until after dinner. I decided that I wanted him to know now.

I winked at Edward and cleared my throat. "Dad, can we talk to you about something." I could see the fear in Charlie's eyes as he looked up at me from his plate. We were not exactly the type of family to talk during meals. However, when we did, it was always something important. I was not too sure what was running through his head at the moment. I looked to Edward to make sure that it was not anything too bad. He gave my hand a slight squeeze and I took a deep breath as I began.


It often amazed me, especially today, just how much Bella was able to take me off guard completely. I was so wrapped up in her and my thoughts of her that I didn't even realize Charlie's immanent arrival until he was actually on the block. He was thinking about fishing this weekend with Billy. He was actually debating whether he should cancel on Billy in hopes of spending some extra time with Bella. He knew that this next month was going to be quite hectic for her.

He then thought about the fact that there was never really anything that they did together. He loved her so completely but he had spent too much time alone. He still had no idea how to break himself of his loner tendencies. Maybe if I told Bella this it would help her mind settle about her leaving him - he would miss her terribly there was no getting around that - however, he would be able to survive after she leaves just as he did before she came back into his life.

In the end, he decided as he was getting out of the cruiser, that he would keep his plans with Billy unless she made any hit that she wanted to spend the extra time with him. He did not doubt that she loved him he knew that she didn't know what to do with him anymore than he knew what to do with her. Their together time mostly consisted of breakfast and or dinner and the occasional night where he would watch sports on TV and she would read or do homework. That would not really be categorized as quality time for the typical family, but it was time spent together, and that is what mattered to the two of them.

His thoughts quickly changed to his unnoticed hunger when he walked into the house. I now knew where she got the tendency to forget to eat for it was apparently an inherent quality; one that she no doubt got from both parents. She had said on more than one occasion that Renee tended to be quite scatter-brained 'a missed meal here and there never hurt anyone either.' she would also say.

'My God, that girl can cook. I am amazed that the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen didn't leak out of the house it smells so good. I cannot believe that I forgot to eat lunch again. I had better not say anything though Bella yelled at me last time for that.' I could hear the slight chuckle in his mind at the thought of Bella reprimanding him for the loss of a meal. 'I have got to find a way to learn how to cook some of these things for when she is gone. That or see if she will come back from time to time and take pity on her old man. Don't think about that. She is not leaving yet … soon, but not yet. I still have some time with my little girl. Not that she was ever really a little girl. Especially by the time she came back to me. I am going to miss her so much. Better stop thinking about this before she realizes and breaks down again. I hate when she cries so much. I feel so useless. I don't even want to know how Edward deals with it.'

I was pleasantly shocked that there was absolutely no malice in his thoughts when he thought my name. It seems that his little pep talk to himself last night did him some real good. I would be happy to report to Bella this wonderful discovery. Just then Charlie stepped into the kitchen with a large grin on his face. His expression did not even change when he saw me next to Bella at the table.

"Now that is one delicious scent you have permeating this house Bells." He said

"Hello Charlie." I said as he went to sit in his usual chair.

"Hello Edward. Bella, what is that wonderful scent?" He asked never dropping his smile. His mind was actually stuck on the scents in the air and wondering if the food could possibly be as delicious as they smelled.

"That would be the vegetable casserole I made to go along with your fish." Bella said smiling as well as she sat down.

"Aren't you going to eat Edward?" Charlie then asked as he made himself a large plateful of his special dinner.

"I would, however, Bella wasn't so sure about the casserole and kept having me try it. I am now quite stuffed." I said quickly as I set a plate in front of Bella. She started to eat and I could not help but to watch her. She seemed to be working on autopilot as she ate. Her eyes showed just how far away her mind was. All of the sudden she started to giggle. It was so low that I was sure that Charlie had not heard her. She may not have even noticed that it was audible. I took a quick look to Charlie to see if he had in fact heard her too. He was still eating and thinking about the wonderful taste of the food. He really did like the vegetable casserole.

He liked how the carrots and broccoli's slight crunchiness mixed with the softness of the rice. I marveled over the fact that he could be so completely consumed by the simplest parts of the meal. He made me think of the other day when Bella and I were board at the house and found ourselves watching Iron Chef America. His thoughts made me think of the judges on there and how they always made their comments about the little aspects of the dish instead of thinking of the dish as a whole.

I turned back to look at Bella. I wanted to know what had her giggling. I loved anything that made her happy and carefree. I was hoping that whatever made her so happy had something to do with me. I immediately chastised myself. I knew that I was an incredibly selfish creature, however, that was just pathetic. She was her own being and was free to have thoughts that had nothing to do with me. Even though I knew that I would do absolutely anything in my ability to make her happy at every minute. I also knew that she found joy outside of just me, and my presence.

Bella looked up at me and smiled as she patted my hand to show that there was nothing to worry about. I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it she blushed slightly and went back to eating. After another couple bites, she looked back up at me with a wink and cleared her throat to get Charlie's attention.

"Dad, can we talk to you about something." Charlie looked up from his plate with slight terror in his eyes. 'Please no. Do not let her leave me yet. I want … no … I need this last month with her. I knew that he would take her from me eventually. But please let me have my month.'

I squeezed Bella's hand. I knew what was running through Charlie's head but I had no idea what was running through Bella's with the look that was currently on Charlie's face. I was sure she needed as much calming as he did. I suddenly wished that we had asked Alice and Jasper to come with us to help with the calming process.

"Sure Bella, what's going on?" I was very astonished that he was able to speak so confidently with how panicked his mind was.

"Dad, no one knows better than you how much I … no we … have been through in the last year and a half. I also know that you have your doubts about our love. And, honestly, I cannot fault you for that. Nevertheless, I need you to have faith in the fact that I am happier than I have ever been. I have come to realize that it is all about a balance. We needed to find our balance. It was very unfortunate that it took something so dramatic to find it. However, we now know the limitation to our love. We know that we cannot possibly be without one another. We are completely dependant upon each other. Some may think this unwise or even unhealthy. That is how things are though. So, with that in mind, we are telling you now. Edward asked me to marry him this morning and I gladly accepted." Bella ended her little speech by placing her hand flat on the table in front of Charlie so that he could see the diamond ring glinting from her left ring finger.

Charlie's mind was oddly blank as Bella said all of this. I must admit that mine was as well. This woman always made the easiest things so complex, yet she could turn the most complex into the most obvious. Charlie's mind slowly became unfogged.

'Okay, I can deal with this. She said nothing about this meaning that they will leave any sooner. Is there a reason he has proposed now? Does this mean that they are not really going to go to college? There is no way that his parents would go for that. Have they even told them yet? They were always very easygoing about this relationship so I am sure that they have already been told. So college must still be in their future. But how will this actually affect them. Please let this not be something that has to be done. Stop thinking like that Charlie. Bella is not that kind of girl. Bella is responsible and would not let anything like that happen between them so soon. He has always been a complete gentleman also. He would never push the relationship. God, I hope he would never push the relationship. Look at her face though. She really does sound and look so happy. Stupid, Charlie! Say something already. She is very quick to twist quietness for disapproval.'

Charlie was having his own internal battle. He really could be as quick as Bella to notice the little things. If there was anything he had noticed in Bella's little speech it was the fact that at no point did she say that we would be taking away his last month with her. He was truly happy for that fact. I could not help but be happy about the fact that he seemed to be accepting of our engagement.

"Bella, Edward, I will be honest, I do think you are a little young to be making such a commitment. However, I also know that you are a very determined young woman Bella. If you feel that this is something that you can and want to do there will be no stopping you. I just hope that this is something that you will take time, even now, to think through. Please do not rush into this. Do not let your past mistakes make way for future larger ones. Neither of you should feel the need to get married to prove that you still love each other. I love you Bella, I really do just want you to be happy. Edward, I want you to know that I am sorry for the way I have treated you as of late. I was guilty of being blinded by your past mistakes myself. I refused to give you the chance to show that you really did just have Bella's happiness in mind. But from one man to another I must tell you something."

"Sometimes we will find ourselves in the unique position of being in the doghouse. This will never, for one moment, mean that Bella does not still love you. It just means that you pushed your views for her happiness in front of her words for her happiness. I may have had limited dealings with Bella," He turned and winked at Bella here. I also turned to find tears streaming down her face and a huge smile on her face. I wiped away the tears and wrapped my arms around her. I then turned back to Charlie to hear what he was saying. "But I have still had more than you. So I can tell you that even though she tends to put herself last in her mind's list of importance, listen to what she has to say. She will know instantly if you have disregarded her words for what you think is actually right for her. She knows what she wants and needs. So just let her tell you, and never think you know better than she does. I am afraid that is the only pearl of wisdom I can give you when it comes to Bella. I am sure that she would still be astounding us even if we lived to be 1000."

I could not help but smile at this idea for I was sure that she would still be astounding me in one thousand years. By then I would be the completely open book to her not to mention all the antics she would get into with our, oh so loved, siblings. This was truly going to be a long month. For once, I had a reason to wish for the end of school other than the joy I got from escaping the daily minds of the adolescent humans.


Come again? Did Charlie just take that with complete grace? I know what Edward told me this morning but this was just too much. He was not only completely okay with this; he was giving Edward advice. I really did not think that this day could get any better. First Edward says that he will change me, then he proposes in our meadow, and now, Charlie is completely okay with it. I must be dreaming.

That must be it, I was so stressed after last night's argument that my freaky brain is now showing me what I could only get in a fairytale. Man, was I ever going to be sad when I wake up.

"This has got to be the most wonderful dream I have ever had." I said absentmindedly

"You are most definitely not dreaming." Edward whispered into my ear.

My eyes became wide as a blush crept up my face and down my neck. Had I actually said that aloud? I looked up at Edward who was looking at me with that intense gaze of his with that gorgeous crooked grin plastered on his face. I looked over at Charlie and he, also had a large grin on his face.

"Bells, I love you. You know that right. I know that I do not tend to say it often and we tend to avoid actual conversation, nonetheless, I really do just want what is best for you. I am sorry that things had to happen the way they did in order for us all to come to terms with how things should have been from the beginning. But I am glad that you were able to stick it out and that you are happy now. I truly only ever wanted that for you. I am so sorry for anything that I have done that didn't make that clear to you."

I knew that it was stupid to do, there was that little voice in the back of my head that told me - or rather yelled at me - that I was moving much too fast. Yet I could not bring myself to listen. I was so completely touched by the words that were coming out of Charlie's mouth right now. It all worked out anyway. I had actually moved so fast that Edward was stunned and was not able to catch me for once. But that did not matter. I fell right into Charlie's arms and squeezed him tightly. It took him a moment to come to his senses. I was very pleased that once he did he actually hugged me back.

I think it will be very hard to ever top this day. The only thing I can think of that might actually be able to top this day will be the day of our wedding. But, I need to try not to think about that day. It will not be for some time. Even though I am quite sure that if I were to tell Alice a date now she would make sure everything was ready by then. I would actually have to talk to Edward about that. We would have to come up with a date so that I could tell it to Alice. I actually had a great idea to just think about the wedding and a specific date and hope she got the message. I was sure that she would.

I was brought back to the situation at hand when Charlie started to speak again. "Bells, I think you really need to be more careful. It would be very bad if you landed yourself in another cast so close to graduation. Then how would you get across the stage?"

I playfully glared at him and stated with total conviction. "If anything I always have Edward to carry me across said stage. He would love to do that. wouldn't you Edward?" His crooked grin was all the conformation I needed.

"So what are your plans for your last free weekend?" Charlie asked

"Alice wanted to have a sleepover since Rosalie and Emmett are back for the weekend. They also will be studying hard for their finals over the next couple of weeks so we won't be seeing them again until graduation." Edward was able to spew this all out so easily. I had to make sure to ask if coming up with stories on the spot was a vampire trait or just something they picked up in their quest to seem more normal.

"That sounds like fun. Make sure you tell your family hello for me Edward. Also, let Alice know that I would not mind a visit from her before you all leave. I realize that isn't going to be for a little while still, but it seems like time just flies by and before we know it an hour has turned into a day which has turned into a week." Charlie seemed to be spewing out a lot of feelings this evening. I was happy to actually be able to see this side of him for once. Even if it was slightly odd. I was just so happy that he didn't take the engagement badly. "One more thing Bells."

"What's that dad?" I asked with a smile on my face as I sat next to Edward again.

"When are you going to tell your mother about the engagement?"

The room was so completely quite for a minute I was sure that Edward could hear the crickets outside with defining precision.

"I actually hadn't thought about that. Do you think it would be better to wait so I can tell her in person? Or should I just call her so that she knows right away and doesn't feel left out?"

"It's completely up to you kiddo. But I say you decide soon because if you do decide to call her she will be hurt for you not calling her right away."

"Edward, would you like to come to my room with me while I call my mother?" I asked tentatively. He smiled at me and nodded his head.

"That was a wonderful dinner, Bella. And don't fret; I am sure your mother will be fine."

"Thank you dad, for everything." I kissed his cheek as Edward and I went up to my room.


Okay, I completely knew that even with her being such a bad liar, Bella had a very good - if not overactive - imagination. However, for her to think that this was all a dream. I would have to find a way to prove to her everyday that she is living out her actual life. Not that she would be able to dream soon though. I was still happy beyond anything about that fact that she thought and dreamt of me so much. But for her to only believe that the good things could happen in her dreams hurt to no extent. I was truly going to pay for eternity for hurting her so deeply.

I could only blame myself for her current state of thought. She had been through so much because of me that I would gladly spend the rest of eternity showing her my total devotion to her. I just wish that I could get her mind to stop putting up such hurtful roadblocks in our way. I would have to think about this later though. Today is a wonderfully beautiful day that I would not taint with my self-pity.

I must say that after last night, I was not too stunned, by Charlie's heartfelt words to his daughter about his love for her. I was more taken aback by the fact that he actually voiced them. It seemed like her leaving was making them both finally voice things that normally were implied but never stated before. It was obvious that they loved one another and tried to care for the other to the best of their ability, but neither one actually knew how to accomplish that with words. Only their actions really told of the fact that they thought of the other.

I was also quite amazed at the speed that Bella moved once Charlie's words were out of his mouth. Yet, I was not surprised at her quick actions making her stumble. Bella had shot up and run to her father so fast that he did not notice what was going on until she had tripped and landed in his arms. She hugged him tightly and he did not let the abrupt awkwardness get in the way for once. He, instead, hugged her back just as fiercely it was a very warming sight to see - made all the more special by the fact that I knew that it was such a rarity.

I tried my best not to show my amusement when Charlie started to chastise Bella for her quick movements. It was really a very Emmett-ish thing to say. To bring up her possibility of breaking her leg from such a simple movement. Even though it was completely a possibility for Bella. It was just something most people refrained from saying around Bella. With her tendency to blush so profusely from the embarrassment. I was even more taken off guard when Bella let him get away with the comment and just commented on the fact that I would just carry her across the stage and I would too, should she let me.

I was actually quite glad when Charlie changed the subject once again. He was fishing for information now. He still really wanted to go fishing with Billy. However, he had reserved himself to the fact that if she wanted the time with him he would be here for her. He also told himself that he could go out with Billy at any time once we were at college.

"So what are your plans for your last free weekend?" He asked while trying to tell himself to be nonchalant about any answer that was given. Therefore, I decided to help him out.

"Alice wanted to have a sleepover since Rosalie and Emmett are back for the weekend. They also will be studying hard for their finals over the next couple of weeks so we won't be seeing them again until graduation." I said with total conviction as if it had not just come to me. Charlie seemed even more pleased with this idea. As much as he was talking himself into being okay with this all he was glad that Bella would be with the girls.

"That sounds like fun. Make sure you tell your family hello for me Edward. Also, let Alice know that I would not mind a visit from her before you all leave. I realize that isn't going to be for a little while still, but it seems like time just flies by and before we know it an hour has turned into a day which has turned into a week." Charlie was now imagining just how quickly his time with Bella could actually fly past. I was immediately glad that his mind seemed to be at least a little like his daughter's. His thoughts suddenly turned to Renee, the fact that she would be coming up in a couple of weeks and what she would say if it wasn't until then that she was told about the engagement. "One more thing Bells."

"What's that dad?" Bella asked as she came back to sit next to me after placing her plate in the sink.

"When are you going to tell your mother about the engagement?"

It was obvious by the silence now enveloping the room that she had not actually been thinking about Renee before Charlie had asked about her. Bella thought for a minute about this question then started to bombard Charlie with questions about how to break it to Renee.

"I actually hadn't thought about that. Do you think it would be better to wait so I can tell her in person? Or should I just call her so that she knows right away and doesn't feel left out?"

"It's completely up to you, kiddo. But I say you decide soon because if you do decide to call her she will be hurt for you not calling her right away."

"Edward, would you like to come to my room with me while I call my mother?" I could not believe that she would ask as if she thought that I would actually say no. I was now noticing that there were still some things that we needed to talk about. I needed to clear the air and make sure that Bella absolutely knew that there was nowhere I would rather be than with her, supporting her in everything she did. I smiled for her and nodded my head. I was somewhat mad at myself and I did not want that to come through in my voice. I would do absolutely nothing to diminish this day for Bella. She was so completely happy today that I could not let myself do anything that would disrupt that even the tinniest bit.

"That was a wonderful dinner, Bella. And don't fret I'm sure your mother will be fine." Charlie said as we all got up from the table and he went to the living room already thinking about ESPN.

"Thank you dad, for everything." Bella kissed his cheek quickly and we went up to her room.