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I first started to post this story in the Fox Forum in feb, 2009 (and now it's over 300 pages long! and still in progress... LOL) btw: a HUGE THANKS to all the "pleasantly strange" persons that I've met there because they are definitely part of the reasons why I'm posting this here today, on many levels…(I love you guys! mouarf-ouarf-ouarff) ...

Now, about the story itself... it starts just after "The Itch" (season 5) So here are the things that you need to have in mind:

1. Cuddy has NO baby / 2. She and House already kissed once / 3. Wilson knows about the kiss / 4. House went to Cuddy's but didn't dare show himself, turned around and left... (yeah, stupid, stupid guy!...)

I'm warning you, at some point during the storyline you might want to cry, or shout at me, or just SHOUT... or bite your nails in frustration, or giggle for no reason… because it will be a rollercoaster, which means there will be UPS and DOWNS wrapped in angst, drama, pain, banter, joy, laughter, friendship, luuuuv AND... a little bit of "smex" (no… actually… more than a little bit of that one…!)

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** Chapter 1 **

House stormed into Wilson's office and went past the desk directly to the couch without even glancing at his friend. He plopped down onto the softness of the cushions and stretched his body, facing opposite side to the desk. He dropped his cane on the floor, crossed his forearms behind his neck and put his head on the armrest, as if he was making himself comfy for a shrink consult. Then he waited silently for his friend to react, which he didn't. That was awkward and unusual for Wilson… Maybe he wasn't here? Maybe House was so urging to come to his favorite, relaxing place that he hadn't realized the room was empty. House turned his head towards the desk doubtfully to check for Wilson's presence and there he was, completely ignoring him and quietly looking down at his paperwork, a pen in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He didn't even bother raising his head but kept on reading, instead, all focused on what seemed to be a great deal of responsibilities. House stared more intensely at him until Wilson was no longer able to ignore his presence and felt compelled to lift up his eyes. He stared back at House with a look of annoyance.


"God, you scared me!" House exclaimed, turning his head back on the armrest. "For a moment I thought you were working!"

"Actually I was. I…"

"Guess what I did last night?" House interrupted, ignoring the oncologist's serious statement.

Wilson sighed resignedly, knowing he had no other choice but to listen. This was part of the whole game anyway and he knew it. He put his pen down and, as he leaned against the back of his chair, took a sip of coffee and said:

"I suppose there's no need for me to guess since the purpose of you being here is to tell me anyway."

"Oh come on! This is fun! You trying to guess, me acting all secretive!"

"What are you, twelve?"

"Sorta… But I got a fake ID so I can buy booze." House turned his head towards the desk again and shot his friend a knowing wink…

Wilson slightly shook his head, faking to be appalled by House's childishness, but he couldn't hold back a smile.

"So what did you do last night? Monster trucks?"

"Nope. Although you may be right about the size of it…"

Wilson kept silent, not really knowing where this was going.

"Well, ass-size related, if you know what I mean," House added, avoiding his friend's gaze again, and looking at the ceiling.

Wilson widened his eyes in stupefaction.

"What? This is what it's all about?" he exclaimed, upset. "You've interrupted me to talk about a hooker?"

"Who said it was about a hooker? Man, you seriously need to date free women again! You do know that hookers aren't the only female species available on earth for us men, don't you?"

"Well… I… you," Wilson stammered, a little bit destabilized by the twisted mischievousness of the joke.

"Of course you do! Aren't these three specimens you managed to marry once living proof of it? Most certainly resentful proof now, but still-"

"So if this is not about a hooker, then what is it?" Wilson asked, ignoring the reference to a past he'd rather not evoke.

"Ah, see? Now you wanna know, you sneaky little bastard!"

"Are you going to tell me or not?" Wilson said, slightly raising his voice in exasperation.

"I went to her place," House stated hoarsely, finally putting an end to the guessing game.

"Her place? Whose place? Where did you go?"

"Geez! Are you doing this on purpose? Because it's getting really annoying, you know? I went to Cuddy's, you moron! Would you focus a minute on what's going on here?"

"Ooh, and what's going on?" Wilson whispered, looking suddenly very interested and checking frantically all around him as if he were about to hear the darkest secret of the world, and wanted to make sure he was the only one allowed to hear it.

House remained silent for a while and then answered in a low voice:


"You sound disappointed about that. What happened? Did she drive you off? Did she refuse to yield to the call of your male instincts?" Wilson teased, not quite noticing the gravity in his friend's tone.

"No. We didn't talk," House answered not feeling in the mood for an ironic retort about his sex skills…

"Whoa! You must have been freaking damn appealing and Cuddy very much sex deprived if she actually jumped you before you had the chance to say hello or… maybe I should probably have that last sentence reversed," he added, widely grinning at his own joke. "Whichever it is, I guess you've reached your own version of heaven since that must have been the ultimate House's sex fantasy: a woman willing to offer her body without saying a word."

"We didn't talk because she didn't let me in."


"And, before you say another stupid and unfunny joke about it, let me clear this for you: she didn't let me in because, actually, she didn't know I was there."

Wilson knew this was the moment for him to shut up and quit the jibe if he ever wanted to have the chance to learn exactly what happened. So he silently waited for House to continue.

"I drove to her place… but once there, I don't know I… turned around and… just left."

House sounded serious and Wilson felt suddenly concerned for his friend. He raised an eyebrow and cautiously asked:

"Ok… and was there a reason why you wanted to be there in the first place?"

"I don't know. You started this. You and your sick, annoying need to pry! You told me to go to her place! So you tell me. Is there a reason? I mean should I have one?"

Wilson barely believed what he was witnessing: House worrying about the consequences of his actions. He didn't recall having seen him so utterly serious about a woman, at least not since Stacy. That shook him a little as he suddenly realized House was relying on him to show him some support, or maybe give him some insightful advice. Both of which, he would probably mock eventually. Wilson wasn't sure it was his call, though, or if his opinion was the right one to share. But he also certainly didn't want to crush down this new, humane concern that House had allowed himself to display with a sarcastic remark. He tried not to push his friend's feelings too hard and proposed a careful answer:

"Well, you seem to like her. I mean I thought…"

"Oh, you thought?"

House smirked contemptuously and provokingly added:

"You know, sometimes, you just remind me of Cameron. You're like another version of her, but with testicles… of course I like her! But not your kind of mushy 'like her' like her! I just want my fair share of those things she's carrying in her bra, and one bite of that other big one in her panties, on which she's sitting right now, wondering how you managed to become an oncologist since you're always so emotional and fluffy about everything—"

"House, you're being rude—"

"Oh c'mon, I didn't say it made you a bad oncologist."

"I mean, about Cuddy—"

"What? Wanting to have sex with Cuddy is rude? You think she's not worth it? Oh no wait… you think she's not worth me?"

House rolled to the side to face Wilson and flashed a mischievous grin at him.

"Oh-oh! Isn't that a proof of your ever devoted friendship? Or, is it your way of warning me about an upcoming disaster?"

"What disaster are you talking about? You're not fooling anyone with your filthy jokes, House! Neither are you fooling anyone with your poor attempts at convincing me, or yourself that you don't give a damn about it. This whole situation scares the hell out of you, admit it! You care about Cuddy. That's why you went to her place and didn't dare to show yourself. You're afraid she might actually not feel the same way."

"Oh, look at you now! All proud of yourself because you think you've been so quick-witted about the whole thing! Except you're totally wrong! I've already figured out that we don't feel the same way a long time ago. It's purely biological, by the way and it's called hormones: men want sex, women want love. Simple! I even think they taught us that in Med School, maybe stated in different words, but we all got what it meant!"

"Or, maybe you missed the course where they said sex and love could coexist for both men and women."

House remained silent at this last comment. His eyes were closed and his thumb and index finger were making an arch on his forehead pushing his eyebrows down to frown. Suddenly, his eyes popped open and for no particular reason, he reached for his cane on the floor and used it as a help to pull himself out of the couch. Without a word, he stood up and started storming out of the room. As he walked past him, limping with his fastest pace, Wilson added:

"You should talk to her, House."

House didn't answer at first but, as he was about to walk past the door, he shouted:

"Nice chatting with you Wilson! Useless comments as usual but thanks anyway!"

Alone again in his office, Wilson stared blankly in front of him for a few seconds, unaware of the broad smile he had on his lips. Whatever reason it was that had brought his friend here, he knew he had found an answer to it. And as twisted as it sounded, he was also sure it was something that could hopefully turn out well for him. Suddenly getting back to reality, he took the pen again, sighed heavily and returned to his paperwork.