Author's Note! Hey, so I don't know if any of you have ever seen Kyle XY but it's one of my favorite shows. Matt Dallas is just so adorable! But, this fic is inspired by the episode Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish? and Stuttering by the Friday Night Boys (my latest obsession. The song is so good!). I loved the Josh/Andy moments in the episode, and when Josh was talking to his dad about his date. That's basically what inspired this fic.

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Back when Chad Dylan Cooper was still known as "Chad Burnson" he was very close to his dad. When he was six, he used to crawl into Henry Burnson's lap and watch baseball with him.

To this day, Chad can still remember the distinctive smell of cigarette smoke and soap that was his father. He remembers the feeling of his six-year-old body curled into his father's large lap, looking up at him with wide, inquisitive blue eyes when he would tell him stories. Henry's chest would rumble and his whole body seemed to shake the smaller boy.

There's one memory that will always stick with Chad, no matter what his last name is.

It was just after seven. His family had enjoyed a nice, quiet meal of ham and mashed potatoes. Chad had walked through the kitchen where his mother was chatting away on the phone while she cleaned the dishes. His father's eyes glittered happily as he watch Chad walk over to him.

"Ready for a story, son?" He had asked, pulling the blonde boy onto his lap with ease. Chad nodded his head eagerly. Henry let out a loud guffaw. "What story do you want to hear this time?"

"I wanna hear a story about you, daddy." Chad responded, his voice almost shockingly quiet in contrast with his father's naturally loud one.

"Alright, what do you want to hear about?" Chad furrowed his brow in confusion. Clearly, the boy hadn't thought that far ahead. Before either of the males could say anything else however, a large crash sounded from the kitchen, followed by a very loud curse. Henry shook his head, a ghost of a smile on his face. "Do you want to hear about how I knew your mother was the one?" Chad crinkled his nose.

"The one for what?" Again his father chuckled.

"The one I wanted to marry." Henry could see that his six-year-old son didn't understand what he meant by that. "Well, it was quite simple really," He began, lower his voice to his 'story-telling tone'.

"You see, your mother and I were set up by our best friends. Which means that my best friend and her best friend knew each other and they thought it would be fun if your mother and I met. So, we agreed to go out and have dinner together. The moment I met your mother, I thought she was the prettiest, nicest, smartest girl in the world-"

"So do I, daddy!" Henry grinned at his son and ruffled his hair.

"That's right sweetie. Now, your mother came and sat down and she started talking to me. Except there was one problem, I couldn't talk to her."

"Why not?" Chad asked, his eyes widening even more at the new development in the story.

"Because I kept stutt-stutter-stuttering." Chad giggled at his father. "You see, it's apparently when a Burnson has a met the girl he's going to spend the rest of his life with, he starts stuttering uncontrollably." Henry winked at his son. "So I guess now you know how to look out for the perfect girl."

Ten years later, as Chad Burnson, now known as Chad Dylan Cooper, stood across from a certain Sonny Munroe he faced a huge problem.

You see, the girl from his rival show, So Random! had once again ticked him off by engaging him in yet another one of her crazy shenanigans. This stunt had cost him a very important lead role in the upcoming movie 7 Again. He was so angry with Sonny that he couldn't see straight. He storm right into her prop room and began violently yelling at her.

That was 40 minutes ago, and they were still wrapped up in the heated argument.

Chad was, in fact, so fed up with the bubbly comedian at the moment, that he was actually stuttering over his words.

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