Missing Jack

Ianto missed Jack.

It was patently obvious to anyone who knew them both, even if that was just the three other members of Torchwood.

And Myfanwy; she crooned softly to Ianto when he fed her. Also, Janet actually seemed to be giving Ianto empathetic looks whenever he brought her dinner and still looked sad.

He needed to stop having a good cry after lunch every day. He hadn't (yet) fallen so far as to schedule time for it, and it always left him running behind until half-three.

But the tears inside his heart just wouldn't stay put. And even once they'd been cried, more would take their place.

Ianto started crying before bed, the sobs tiring him out enough to let him sleep dreamlessly for the first few hours.

The last time he cried was after Jack took him on their first date. Jack kissed the tears from his eyes and then bundled him off to bed, holding him securely in his embrace.

Ianto was so utterly knackered by the events of the day that he fell asleep almost immediately, to the words, "Dwy'n dy garu di, Yan," being whispered softly over and over into his ear (in the most atrocious accent), and woke up with the knowledge he hadn't just been missing Jack. He loved Jack. And the fact that Jack hadn't been there for him to tell was what had caused the tears to build up.

Now that he knew Jack felt the same… Ianto curled up next to Jack's sleeping form, watching over his sleep, as Jack so often did for him. When Jack's eyelids fluttered open, Ianto smiled.

"Dwy'n dy garu di, hefyd, Jack," he whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to Jack's lips. Taking Jack's hand in his own, he began to tell Jack all the things he'd been holding back.

When he finally finished, both their eyes were watering but the tears…the tears were missing.