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Cullen Family

Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen

Masen Family

Don Masen, Tracy Masen, Edward Masen

Hale Family

Ben Hale, Kerri Whitlock-Hale, Jasper Whitlock-Hale, Rosalie Hale, Dylan Hale

Swan Family

Charlie Swan, Isabella Swan

Allen Family

Phil Allen, Rene Whitlock-Allen, Vicki Allen

Jasper POV

So, I guess I should tell you a little bit about me. I'm Jasper Whitlock-Hale. I live in Forks, Washington with my mom, Kerri and her husband, my stepfather, Ben. My parents divorced when I was seven, eleven years ago. She remarried Ben seven years ago, and along with him came his daughter Rosalie. Rosalie's mom passed away when she was only four. Rose is nineteen now, a year older than I am. My mom and Ben had Dylan four and a half years ago. Thank the Lord they both married young, or the age difference between myself, Rose and Dylan would be way too weird. My mom is a dentist here in Forks, and Ben is a doctor at the town hospital. He works with Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

The Cullens are a nice family. Carlisle is one of Ben's closest friends. His wife, Esme, is such a sweet woman. She is the kind of mom every girl wants. She can play the best friend and the mom with balance. She is an interior decorator. They have twins my age, Emmett and Alice Cullen. Emmett and I grew quite close through football in grade ten at Forks High. Been like brothers ever since. His sister Alice is quite the girl. I have had a quiet crush on her since first semester in grade eleven, biology became my favourite class once the cute little pixie became my lab partner. Her brother has no idea though, no one does. It could become kind of awkward around Emmett if he found out I was after his sister. We are great friends though, even though I would love to have more. My parents and the Cullens frequently vacation together, and have weekly get togethers. Esme met Tracy Masen through an interior decorating job. Esme redecorated the Masen house when they moved to Forks from California last fall.

The Masen's are a nice enough family. They clearly hate it here in Forks, considering they are used to the warm sun in California, and only moved to Forks due to a job transfer. Don Masen is a company accountant. His job transferred him here last year. Tracy is a fairly decent woman, a tad gossipy though. She is a home decorating magazine editor, so her and Esme get along quite well. Their son, Edward is...a nice enough guy. He is a little stuck up sometimes because he is used to getting his way. He has toned it down since they moved here. People here in Forks are simple. He realized that quickly.

Life in Forks is great. I love the small town feel. The chief of police, Charlie Swan is a good man. He is quiet and dry, but he is very well liked. And people are buzzing because the newest member of Forks is getting ready to arrive. Charlie's daughter, Isabella Swan is returning this summer. I am incredibly excited because she's my cousin.

My mom's maiden name is Whitlock. Her sister, is Rene Whitlock Allen. Aunt Rene and Charlie divorced about fifteen years ago when Bella and I were three. Her and Bella moved to sunny Phoenix, Arizona not long after. She remarried two years ago to Phil Allen, a minor league baseball player. They just had a baby girl of their own, Vicki. Now, it seems Bella is being sent away to Forks so the cute new family can settle down. It makes me sick. Bella and Phil never had any problems until Aunt Rene became pregnant. Since then, it has been constant fighting and Bella appears to be on her own, receiving no help from my aunt even though Phil is way out of line. He just doesn't see Bella as an important enough member of the family now that he has a "daughter of his own". Poor Bella is moving here to get away, and Charlie gladly is taking her in. He has missed Bella so much since she stopped coming here for the summers a few years ago. After aunt Rene met Phil, Bella just...stopped coming. I miss her so much! I have been emailing her since I found out she will be moving here and we have arranged for her and Charlie to come over for dinner the night she arrives. Even through the divorce, my mom and Charlie stayed close. Family is family regardless, right? I think it's great, Charlie is awesome to be around. He and I have always gotten along great.

It's June 1st, and Bella arrives tomorrow. I can't wait to have a great summer with my favourite cousin.

Hey! This chapter is just to lead into the story so everyone's background is clear. In this story, highschool ends at the end of May…I know that's not realistic but I'm going for a longer summer like I have in University but I need them to be in highschool. Hope everyone is ok with that! I'm looking to take a different spin to the lives of the characters so I really hope you enjoy it! R&R