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She dreamt of him that night, visions more vivid, painful, and delicious than any she could remember having had before.

Potions class: chop, crush, scrape, stir. Establish a comforting rhythm, get lost in it. Cobalt blue shining fluid thickens to an opaque canary yellow. Clockwise stirring ignites a glowing sunset orange hue. Gentle, consistent heat will result in an amber hue, and proper cooling will produce a clear, hard solid.

Hermione is feeding the flames beneath her cauldron now, lowering it until the fire is choked back and the metal glows red in the smoldering embers. The viscous fluid begins to coagulate, she smushes the hard lumps, letting them break up.

"Miss Granger!" the voice is thick and sharp in her ear, his hot breath leaving goose bumps on her neck.

Defiant, staring straight ahead as he chastises her, she continues to slosh the lumpy mess and it dries and hardens, sticking in clumps to the side of the cauldron, burnt saffron. It has an enticing butterscotch aroma.

He had stood silently behind her, watching intently.

"Class dismissed" spoken abruptly, "Except for Miss Granger."

"It's not wrong." She said, not turning to face him in the empty room.


"It's not wrong."

"Stupid girl, you shouldn't have showed them. You should never show them." Ebony eyes bore into hers, and her legs feel weak

"I will have to discipline you, so you never forget again." Cold voice drips with loathing, but she can still sense his arousal.

Fingers twisting in her hair push her forward until she's bent over the table while his other arm reaches down to jerk her robe up, and her breath hitches as the arm wraps around her body. Heat floods her cheeks as an agile hand easily unbuttons her jeans, pressing against her body to pull down the zipper. Another rough tug and her pants are around her ankles, lacy boyshorts the only barrier left between her ass and his starving eyes. His hard slap stings through the thin fabric. Brown eyes flecked with green widen in surprise. The second impact is even harder, and her body cringes away from the pain even as the excitement electrifies her core. The moan escaping her lips drives him to spank her harder, and she finds an odd peace in the sensation.

For a moment, he pauses. Hermione's eyes are closed as her face rests on the cool table, torn between ecstasy and despair. Her body squirms as a tongue slides up her thigh, teasing the skin at the edge of her panties.

"please!" she moans, unable to stay silent, and she is rewarded with the sound of fabric being ripped away from her body. His tongue plunges between her swollen lips, and the intensity of the feeling creates brightness behind her closed eyelids. As he begins to finger her, his tongue drifts away and she can sense that he is standing now. Suddenly the fingers are gone and she feels the sharp sting of his palm on her bare behind. His cool fingers trace lightly over the blushing welts on her creamy flesh and he shudders with desire.

He presses his cock between her legs, the overwhelming hardness causing her body to grind against his. A sharp slap to her thigh causes her to become still as his tip slides over her opening. A new kind of pain shoots through her body as he pushes inside. She can feel from the tension in his body that it's hard for him to enter so slowly, and before she realizes what's happening he thrusts deeply into her. All the air in her body rushes out through her lips and the pleasure is overwhelming. He fucks her hard, and she can't tell whether the tears filling her eyes are caused by pleasure or pain.

Severus sat in his chair by the bed, watching a flushed Hermione struggle against the sheets that entangled her. He wondered if he should wake her. He couldn't tell whether she was having a nightmare or… something else. It was early afternoon now, but she needed the extra rest to heal.

The previous night had been a disaster. How could he have let things go so far? What kind of man could be aroused by the delusions of a sick and intoxicated young woman?

The fireplace glowed with life as Madam Pomfrey emerged from the flames.

"How is she this morning, Severus?"

"She has been sleeping since last night."

"Her color is better. It looks like that tea worked wonders."

"I would hope so, as I have no intention of allowing her to consume it again while under my supervision."

"Why not? It's helped her tremendously already, but a few more doses would help her feel like herself again much faster and maybe she won't fall so far behind in classes…"

"Her behavior last night was simply inexcusable. She tormented me like a spoiled child."

"What could she possibly have done that was so terrible?"

"She took my novel!" his face reddened as he realized how childish he sounded. Madam Pomfrey pressed her lips together tightly, and he suspected she was holding back laughter.

"You have no idea how obnoxious the girl can be!" he let out a defeated sigh. "Can't someone else handle this?"

Her face grew serious. "Hermione is a danger to herself right now. You know how smart she is, and that only makes things worse. You may not be fond of her, but she needs to be watched by someone with your attention to detail."

Snape felt tired and irritable. He had spent the night tossing and turning, haunted by fantasies of the young and troubled girl. The remnants of last night's firewhiskey created a haze behind his eyes, making his head ache slightly. Relenting, he sighed. "When does she need her next dose?"

"Tonight. After that she should be well enough to move to taking it every other night."

This was getting complicated.

"Poppy, can you stay with her for a while? I have to discuss something with the headmaster."

"Certainly, Severus."

He acknowledged her response with a silent nod and vanished in the flames.