Running for her life, Cera hoped that the Sharptooth wasn't going to be on her tracks now that he had woken up. Luckily, she ran fast enough to escape and find a way out of the earthquake gap.

Cera, now inside a dark cave for shelter, began wondering what how things would've gone differently.

"How could I be so stupid?" she huffed, pacing in circles. "Why did I have to wake up that dumb Sharptooth? It's not my fault he survived that fall." Then she stopped. "Maybe I should've brought…"

Cera thought of Littlefoot. The young longneck she met yesterday. He didn't seem bad to her. Neither was his mother. She helped the two children escape from the Sharptooth not too long ago, though she got badly hurt during the battle. Where was she, anyway? Did she and Littlefoot get separated from each other too during the earthquake? He never even told Cera about what happened afterwards when they last met.

Then Cera remembered when Littlefoot offered to help her while searched for the Great Valley, but she refused. But now that she woke up the Sharptooth with her carelessness, perhaps Littlefoot would've talked her out of it or something if he'd come along…

"Nah, who am I kidding?" she said, dismissing the thought from her mind. "I don't need any longneck to back me up. Like Daddy said, those flatheads have very small brains. We threehorns hardly need help from anyone. Besides, I can find the Great Valley on my own."

Then, a cold blast of wind hurled past Cera. She never experienced a breeze like that before. It instantly frozen her entire system within seconds and quickly thawed away.

"Brrr… I might not be able to make it alone with this kind of wind." she shivered. "But at least it's gone now."

There was worst to come. For what seemed to be bright outside the cave, was now covered by darkness. It looked to Cera as if the cave was closing in from behind her, trapping her in an endless night.

"Okay," she said, trying to stay calm. "This is just getting… weirder."

Suddenly, she heard something coming from the cave entrance. There was a faint clanking noise outside. It wasn't like any sound she ever heard before. But whatever it was, it began to get louder and louder.

"Uh oh…"

At that instant, Cera knew what that meant. The noise was getting closer. Right in her own direction. She ran, looking for any corner to hide in this cave. Unfortunately, the search went in vain for there was none to be found. She was trapped at a dead end.

"Great!" exclaimed Cera, terrified. "Just great! Why did I choose this cave in the first place?"

Then, she heard the noise closing in, slowly by the second. She couldn't see what the being of that dreadful sound was…

Until right now.

In an instance, a white figure filled in through the darkness and lifted its arms, giving out a ghostly wale that echoed across the cave.

It was the skeleton of a Struthiomimus, wearing some sort of long sheet that would be known as a night gown. On its head was long, white hair, rising up high and wavering wildly like fire. Captive bound and double-ironed around the being was a set of rock-made chains, each ending with a ball that weighed a ton.

Hearing that goblin-like wale, Cera quickly cuddled up against the wall, trembling with fear. "J-j-j-j-just get this done already!" she cried out, stuttering slightly. "What do you want? What do you want with me?"

"Much," said the specter in a long, windy tone.

Cera gulped. "Who… who… who are you?"

"Don't you recognize me?" the specter asked in a little louder and clearer range.


"In life… I was your father's business partner, Mako Loanshark."

Cera was startled to hear that name. Could it be? No, it was impossible. She and her family were there at Mako's funeral, about three months ago. There was no way he could have just been raised from the grave and allowed to roam free as a ghost.

But it was hard to deny such an existence. The ghost had Mako's voice, Mako's size, and even Mako's blue eyes, which were glowing from the skull's sockets.

"Mako?" Cera inquired, meekly. She started walking up to the ghost with caution. "Mako? Is it… really you?"

"Yes, my dear Cera. It is I," replied the ghost in the gentle voice Cera often heard from him when he was alive. "Do not be frightened. I have no intention of harming you, nor would I have done any as I had lived."

"I… I… I don't understand," Cera put in, now choosing the question carefully. "Why are you here now? How's it possible? I mean, you've been dead for three long months."

"Yes…" Mako began to moan, almost as if he was going to cry. "Three dreadful months I have suffered after death. Not one shred of rest or peace has been given to me. Not once have I looked back on the deeds I have wrought while working with your father. Of the greed I have grown inside me. The misery I have placed on others. I can never forgive myself for those things."

Cera was taken aback. Throughout most of her life, she was led to believe her father's old partner and friend had done his work out of charity. "But… but Daddy said you made some pretty smart ideas for everyone, Mako. You were an icon, a hero, a real…"

"No!" Mako bellowed, furiously. "I was wrong!"

Cera, shaken and confused from the outburst, observed Mako placing his hands on the set of coils that covered him. "And so," he continued, "as punishment, I am forced to wear and carry these heavy chains I forged in life for all eternity!"

"Gee," said Cera, softening up a bit. "I'm sorry that… things aren't going well, Mako…"

Then suddenly, she let a shriek as one of the chains coiled around her and brought her towards Mako in midair.

"Just look at me," moaned Mako, covering his face with his hands. "I'm doomed! Doomed!" His voice then changed in a more scornful tone as he pointed his right index finger at the young threehorn. "And the same thing will happen to you, Cera Jessica Parker Threehorn!"

"M-m-me?" stuttered Cera, her heart beat in a quicker pace from terror. "But… what did I do?"

After a four second pause, Mako chuckled under his breath. "Just like your father, I see," he said, half-mockingly. "Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me for a second. So you will just have to find out on your own, one way or the other."

Then, he motioned the chain holding Cera to lower her down to the ground gently so that she may land on her feet.

"Hear me, Cera," he spoke in a stern voice, "I am simply here to warn you that you still have the slightest chance to escape my fate. You will be taken into some visions of the future."

Future? Cera couldn't believe what Mako was talking about. He must be joking.

"Um…" she said, trying to get herself out of the situation, "I think I may have already had enough magic for one day."

"Indeed," replied Mako, "which is why you shall meet your host… tomorrow."

"But can't I just have this guy here now and get it done with?"

"Learn from what these shadows will show you," Mako continued, casting aside Cera's suggestion. "Do as what your host will say. Or your chains will be – in your kind's case – three times bigger, longer, and heavier than mine."

Cera shuttered to even think about what would happen and before she realized it, Mako had gone, with the sound of his dragging chains heading towards the cave entrance.

"Mako, wait!" Cera rushed outside as the darkness vanished into thin air. "Don't leave me! I'll be all alone!"

"You will never be alone!" called Mako's voice from above. "Just remember what has happened between us! The two of you will meet when the time…is right."

Silence fell. Not a sound of clanking to be heard any longer.

Cera was beginning to wonder what host she would soon encounter when a big roar ran through her ears. She recognized it almost immediately.

Sharptooth! She was so scared that she ran as fast as her feet could carry her. That monster must have been about a mile away from her by now. How could he have gotten out of that big ravine by himself? That didn't matter because what concerned Cera the most was to get out of here.

When Cera caught up with Littlefoot, she warned him about the Sharptooth, but he refused to believe that the beast was still alive. She was about to tell him about Mako's ghost when a thought came into her mind. What was she thinking? Littlefoot would think she was out of her mind. So in order keep prevent any self-embarrassing, she decided to keep this to herself.

Afterwards, the young dinosaurs set off to find the Great Valley. Cera was really not into any introductions with the swimmer Ducky, Petrie the invalid flyer, and the recently hatched spiketail Spike, whom Ducky found when Cera had catapulted her by accident. She was deep in thought about her little encounter with Mako Loanshark.

Was it real? Could Cera have been seeing things? Did the fear from Sharptooth's awakening cause this to happen? Or was it some memories of Mako that made it appear to her? She really didn't know how to put this.

But there was one answer to see whether or not it really happened: the appearance of the host who would show the future. Cera was to meet him, or her, by the next day. "When the time is right" were Mako's last words before he left. By now, Cera was not so sure if she wanted to go through with this…